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30th Figure's Story-30-Jayalakshmee
Vikram Saves a Deer

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 30th figure whose name was Jayalakshmee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again gathered courage and said - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Raajaa Vikram was a great Yogee. He knew through his Yog that he would live maximum for six months more. So he built a hut in a forest and used to spend his remaining time from royal duties in Saadhanaa.

One day he was going to his hut from his palace, that he saw a deer. That deer was strange. He had never seen such deer before, so he set his bow and arrow to kill him, that the deer came to him and begged for his life. Raajaa stunned to hear a deer speaking like a human. He asked him how could he do this. He told him that this has happened because of his Darshan. Now Vikram's curiosity increased more than ever.

The deer said - "I am not the deer by birth. I was born in a king's family. Like other princes I also liked to go for hunting. I used go very far in forest for hunting. One day I felt that there was a deer nearby, so I aimed at him hearing his sound. But that sound was of a Yogee who was reading Mantra in a very low voice. Luckily he was not hit by that arrow but it passed by his ear and pierced the trunk of a tree. When I reached there to see my hunt, I found that how I was saved from killing a Yogee. But since Yogee's Saadhanaa was disturbed, he got angry with me. When he saw me standing in front of him, he knew that I aimed that arrow at him, so he cursed me - "O foolish hunter of deer, you yourself become a deer from today and protect yourself from hunters."

He cursed me so fast that I could not say anything to explain myself. I trembled with the imagination of the curse and fell on his feet and prayed him to free me from this curse. I told him weeping that I had no intention to disturb his Tapasyaa, all this had happened just unknowingly. Hearing me he pitied me, but he told that the curse could not be reverted, but he could make its effect shorter. Then I requested him to make its effect as short as he could. He said - "You will be wandering as deer till you see Raajaa Vikramaaditya. As soon as you will see him you will start speaking in human voice."

At this Vikram got curious that he was speaking like a human being but he was not converted into a human being, so he asked him - "When you will be converted into your real form?" He said - "When I will take you in front of that Yogee, I will get my own form immediately." Hearing this Vikram was also very happy that this Prince got escaped to be killed by him, otherwise he would have been repenting for it. He said - "Then take me immediately there."

And that deer took him to that Yogee who was doing Tapasyaa in the same forest at some distance. So the deer lead him to that Yogee's place. When they arrived there, Raajaa saw a Yogee hung from a tree upside down. He knew that the deer was talking about the same Yogee. As Yogee saw them coming he got down from the tree and stood in front of them. He thanked him to give him his Darshan.

Vikram knew that that Yogee was waiting for him only, but why was he waiting for him? when asked this, he told him that one day Indra Dev came in his dream and said - "Mahaaraaj Vikramaaditya has got the status like Devtaa because of his Karm. By doing his Darshan, one can get the fruit of doing Darshan of other Devtaa. So I was doing this difficult Saadhanaa only for your Darshan."

Vikram asked him - "Now you have seen me, do you want something else from him?" At this he asked Raajaa's coral necklace which he was wearing, given by Indra Dev. Raajaa gave him that necklace. The Yogee expressed his gratitude to him. The Prince came back into his original form. He first touched Vikram's feet then he touched the Yogee's feet.

Vikram brought that Prince to his Palace. Next day he took him to Prince's kingdom. But as he was about to enter his kingdom a group of soldiers surrounded them and asked the purpose to enter the kingdom. Prince introduced himself and asked them to give way to him. But the soldiers told him that his parents have been arrested and imprisoned and now this kingdom belongs to somebody else. Because at the time of arresting his parents his whereabouts were unknown, that is why secret agents have been ordered to search for him. Now since he himself has come, this new ruler has become stronger.

Till now Vikram had not given his introduction. Now he introduced himself as the Prince's emissary and asked them to take their a message to the new ruler - "The new ruler has only two alternatives - either he should hand over the kingdom to its real owners (the Prince's parents); or he should prepare for the fight." Hearing this message of Vikramaditya, the leader got very angry, he asked them - "Who will fight? Only you both?" and started laughing. Seeing him laughing Vikram also got angry, he took out his sword and cut his head from his trunk. Somebody informed the new ruler about this. He immediately rushed with his army.

Vikram was ready for this attack. He immediately remembered his two Vaitaal and Vaitaal lifted his chariot in the air at his command. Then he smeared his forehead with Chandan and got disappeared and jumped from the chariot. He started killing the enemy's army. People were being killed and the enemy was not in sight. The new ruler was so surprised to see all this, he felt as if some devilish power was fighting with him. He got desperate to kill the enemy, but where was he? Then Vikram came in his real form and kept his sword on his neck.

Then Vikram introduced himself to him and asked him to abandon the kingdom immediately or be ready to die. He knew the power of Raajaa Vikramaaditya, so he left the kingdom at the same time. He freed the parents of the Prince, handed over their kingdom to them and went away to his own kingdom.

On the way another deer came and asked his help to save him from a lion but he did not help him, because he did not want to interfere God's matters. The lion was hungry and other animals could satisfy his hunger that is why he allowed him to eat that deer.



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