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7th Figure's Story - 7-Kaumudee
Vikram Donates Annpoornaa

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 7th figure whose name was Kaumudee came forward and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, One day Raajaa Vikram was sleeping in his room, that he woke up hearing the sound of crying. The sound was coming from river side. Some woman was continuously crying. First he could not understand that who could be so worried in his kingdom that she is continuously crying at this hour of night. Then he put on his clothes, took his sword and set off in the direction of the sound.

When he came to the banks of Kshipraa River, he found that the sound was coming from the other side of the river, so he immediately jumped into the river, swam and came to the other bank of the river. He went forward to find the woman, that he saw a woman sitting in a bush crying continuously. He asked her the reason of her crying at this hour of the night. She told that she had told her story to several people but there was no use. Then Raajaa assured her that he would do his best to solve her problem.

The woman told him that she is a wife of a thief. Once he was caught stealing and the Kotvaal (chief police officer) has hung him on the tree upside down. Raajaa asked her - "Are you not happy with this decision?" She told that she had no objection on this decision, but she can't see her husband hanging hungry and thirsty. Because in this decision, there is no mention that he should not be given food or drink then why he should be hungry or thirsty." Vikram asked her why didn't she do this till now? She told him that her husband was hung at such a height that she can't reach up to him without other people's help and nobody is ready to help her because of the fear of the King. Vikram asked her to come with him. In fact that woman was a she-Pishaach and that man was not her husband. She wanted to eat that man climbing upon Raajaa's shoulder.

She agreed to go with Vikram. Vikram came where the man was hanging upside down. The woman climbed upon the shoulder of Vikram and ate that man. Then she asked Vikram to ask for anything he wished for. Vikram said - "Give me Annpoornaa (A Devee whose kitchen is never empty) so that nobody should be hungry in his kingdom." She -Pishaach told that she could not give him Annpoornaa, but her sister could give him Annpoornaa. So she brought Vikram to a hut on the bank of the river. She called her sister and introduced the King to her. Then she told her that the King had the true right to have Annpoornaa, so she should give Annpoornaa to him. She readily gave Annpoornaa to him. Vikram came back to his palace with Annpoornaa.

On the way he met a Braahman who was hungry. He asked him food in alms. Vikram said to Annpoornaa pot to feed that Braahman to his satisfaction. It fed the Braahman to his satisfaction. After he had eaten his food, Raajaa wanted to give him Dakshhinaa. Braahman had already seen the magic of the pot so he asked him to give that pot in Dakshinaa so that he should not beg for food in future. Vikram gave that pot to him without any hesitation. Braahman went to his home, and the King went to his palace.



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