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Sinhaasan Batteesee-Introduction

Sinhaasan Batteesee tales may be found in several version, besides, all of them are not in the same order too. Originally they were written in Sanskrit language, but because of their popularity they have been translated into several languages, though they are less popular than Vaitaal stories. It is said that these stories were originally written by a Muni named Kshebhendra. Vararuchi wrote these stories in Bangaal approximately at the same time. It seems that these stories were written after the Vaitaal stories, but it is not certain. But this much is certain that they were written after the ruling period of Raajaa Bhoj in Dhaaraa Nagaree - after the 11th century (maybe after those 32 figures had already told their stories).

Their prolog is also a story in itself. These 32 stories have been told by 32 figures carved on the throne of Vikramaaditya. This throne was found by Raajaa Bhoj in a strange situation. One day Raajaa Bhoj came to know that a herdsman was very famous for his justice while he was completely uneducated. Even his father and grandfather etc were also herdsman in his kingdom. He tried to find out details about him, so he came to know that he takes all these decisions sitting on a hillock. Raajaa Bhoj himself saw him doing so. He got very impressed with his decisions that he asked him about as how he did this. Chandrabhaan, that was his name, told him that when he sits on that hillock, he gets this power itself.

Raajaa Bhoj ordered for the excavation of that hillock. There he found a golden throne which was adorned with 32 female figures. He brought it to his palace. It was cleaned and when he tried to sit on it, all female figures burst out in a loud laugh. When he asked the reason of their laughing, they told him stories one by one. Their purpose of telling those stories was that they wanted to tell him that only that person could sit on this throne who was like the King Vikramaaditya. All the stories told by those 32 figures are about the qualities of the King Vikramaadiya. In the end every figure asked Raajaa Bhoj if he considered himself equal to Vikramaaditya, and Raajaa Bhoj had to admit that he could not compare himself with Vikramaaditya in any way. At last all figures fly away in air and the throne loses its grace and shine. Raajaa Bhoj had to bury that throne at the same place from where he had got it.

All collections give the names of these figures, but their names, and the order of their names and their stories vary. All stories are about the various qualities of the King Vikramaaditya. There are some other stories found elsewhere which are different from these 32 stories, they are also given here under the heading Sinhaasan Battesse-2 stories as and when they were found.

Tamil Version

These stories are popular in Tamilnaadu also, but their names and their order are different. PR Ramachander has retold them at . Their figures are called "dolls".



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