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Touch Read Project

Visually Handicapped

  Under the Folktales Project there is a Touch Read Project for Visually Handicapped people under which about 160 folktales in Hindi language from all over the world are made available for visually handicapped people.
Hindu Religious Literature  

Puraan -   with Index to Puraan
    Agni Puraan,
    Bhaagvat Puraan,   
    Bhavishya Puraan,  
    Naarad Puraan,  
    Padm Puraan,  
    Vishnu Puraan,

Upanishad -  
    Brihadaaranyak Upanishad
    Chhaandogya Upanishad
    Eesh Upanishad
    Kath Upanishad
    Ken Upanishad
    Maandookya Upanishad
    Mundak Upanishad
    Stories of Upanishad
   Teachings of Upanishad

Tulasee's Raam Charit Maanas

Vaalmeeki Raamaayan

Other Raamaayan

Vyaas' Mahaabhaarat - with Index to MBH




Ganesh Jee -  Stories  

Hanumaan - Sundar Kaand sung by Sushma Gupta

Krishn - All about Krishn

Shani Dev - with Index to Shani

Shiv Jee - StoriesJyotirlingTemples,



Vrat and Festivals Here you will find lots of information about Fasts, Snaan, Festivals, Temples etc.

Panchaang Sites -
Hindu Panchaang - North Indian,        Panchaang in Hindi,      My Panchaang,
Drik Panchaang,      Pro-Kerala Panchaang,       Vaakya Panchaangam from Srirangam,

Biographies - Short and detailed description of many personalities appeared in Raamaayan, Bhaagvat, and Mahaabhaarat - Devtaa, People, Asur, Rishi, and Others.  See also 
Names - A brief description of more than 1,500 names from general Hindu religious literature
Sketches - This section gives many biographies related to modern historical India
Sketches of Saints - Biographies of some popular Sant (saints)

Preachers' Diary - Here is some material found in a preacher's diary. That preacher was using it for his discourses. It is presented here for your good.

Stories - Many uncommon stories from   General,   Inspirational,   MahaabhaaratPuraanUpanishadVed are given here. Some Topics  are also discussed in the light of our scriptures. You will enjoy them.

Spiritual Topics - Some spiritual topics are discussed here. It contains a section on quotes under the title Subhaashit where many ethical quotes are given.

Religious Dictionary
As its name depicts, it contains many Hindi and Sanskrit words and information used in Hindu religious sources -
Avataar (Incarnation) - Stories of all incarnations of Vishnu etc
Dictionary of Words - Meanings and explanations of religious and some non-religious terms
Genealogies - We have two main genealogies - Solar Dynasty (Soorya Vansh) and Lunar Dynasty (Chandra Vansh). Here are the lists of the kings in both the dynasties according to various sources.
History of India - Here is a brief history of India to understand the religious literature better
Literature - This section gives a brief description of Hindi, Sanskrit, English and foreign literature, and authors.
Locations - Names of places, rivers, mountains etc to understand Hindu religious literature better. It is not limited to the words used in my own site but may be used to understand this literature from other sources also.
Names - A brief description of more than 1,500 names from general Hindu religious literature
Sketches - This section gives many biographies related to modern historical India
Sketches of Saints - Biographies of some popular Sant (saints)

Information - This section has collected many related facts together under very funny headings - a quiz section, but answers are not expected from the readers, they are given then and there, so read them increase your knowledge, and enjoy. There are lots of other general miscellaneous information also - about Curses, Boons, Mahaabhaarat, Raamaayan. You will not regret it.
, Religious Serials, Religious Sites and TV Serials and Tidbits are its main attraction.

Special Presentations - Here are some special presentations, you may love them to see, some are general, while some are religious.

Special Stories - These are some special stories scattered here and there -
AkbarAurobindo GhoshBuddhaPatanjaliRabindra Naath TagoreSocratesTukaaraamTulasee Daas


Other Material


Shishu Sansaar - Materials for children -

Stories  -

Akbar and Birbal, Mythological, Animal Great Indians, Science,
Arabian Nights, Religious, Children Great People, Games,
Vikram and Vaitaal, Asur Educational, Indian Reformers Sayings,
Sinhaasan Batteesee, Gods, Folktales in Hindi   Quizzes,
Jaatak Stories, Rishi, Historical,   Other Websites for Children
Panchtantra Mahaabhaarat Love Stories,   Videos for Children
    Sheikh Chillee    

Touch-Read - This is about the new Project "Touch Read", material produced in Hindi Braille language provided free of charge to all Braille readers.

Folktales in Hindi - A list of about 300 titles of folktales from about 15 countries translated in very simple Hindi is given here. It is open for publication. Whoever wishes to publish them, may contact on the e-mail address given below.

Canada-US - Some information about about Canada and USA

Gayatri Siddh Peeth - This is about Gayatri Siddh Peeth, Kharesar, Kanpur, UP, India. Gives the importance, greatness, and meaning of Gayatri Mantra. Most Gayatri Mantra are also given.

Das Kriti - Here are Bhagwan Das Lahoti's works.
(1) Adhyaatm Raamaayan
(2) Raam Gaan -
Raamaayan written here in English Language poetry. 
(3) Rudra Sanhitaa -
A section of Shiv Puraan, in Hindi Language poetry.
(4) Krishn Leelaamrit -
Bhaagvat Puraan's 10th Skandh in Hindi Language poetry.
(5) Devee Bhaagvat -
Devee Bhaagvat in Hindi language poetry.
(6) Ganesh

Sarvesh - This is about my grandson


Web Colors - here are many web colors are given to choose, helpful in building your websites.
Jokes - here are many sophisticated jokes on all aspects of life
Baby Names - want to choose Hindu baby name, to browse funny Christian names, go to this place
Miscellaneous Pages - here is a lots of miscellaneous interesting information
Useful Web Sites - Here are listed many useful sites including Ved, Puraan, Upanishad, Indian music etc.
About Me
My Interests,
Favorite Sites,    

My Blog Site

List of Published Works,
List of Unpublished Works,
List of Conference Attended,

Special Material


Disclaimer - I am not an astrologer. These pages have been created out of my passion towards Indian Vaidik astrology. Out of this passion I have collected lots of information from various sources and is presented here for the information of common men.



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