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What is in a name? Name is very important in everybody's life. As soon as a child is born, a name is assigned to him or her for his or her identification. And most of the time the same name continues to chase him or her up till the moment of death. The association of name and the person is important to recognize a person. It helps to recognize nationality of a person, or even the state in a nation of a person, religion of a person, etc. That is why the importance of name cannot be emphasized.

Many people look for names for their newborn babies. It is really difficult to choose a name, because all the names are not listed anywhere. They come in the mind at random, and thus do not give a whole picture. The list of names is divided under three headings. Girls and boys names are in most used in UP, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar etc. but other states can also use it.

Hindu Boys' Names - lists Hindu boys names.

Hindu Girls' Names - lists some Hindu girls names.

Punjabi Names - lists some Punjabi names. Punjabi names are typical Punjabi and Sikh names and are normally popular in Punjabi and Sikh families. Girls' and boys' names are not differentiated here.

Vaidik Names  -  This is about a new site where many Vaidik names have been given.

Funny Christian Last Names - There is another list of names. In fact they are not the names as such, they are only the last names used by Christians. And they are not all of them too. Sometimes you find some names are so funny in meanings, that you can't resist without smiling. These are those names.

All these lists are not final. Any number of names can be added to them. These lists will be updated time to time. Your cooperation is requested to keep them updated.

Some Sites to Look for Names

Indian Names - This is link to a page where many Indian names are listed. It is a worth-visited site to look for names.



4. - (this site gives you the reference of a book about Hindu names written by Menaka Gandhi.

5. (this site gives Punjabi names in Gurumukhi)



8.  -  (for Vaidik names)



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