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Vaidik Names

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Vaidik Names
Taken from   US Brahman Group, by Ravi Narasimhan, on Aug 19, 2012

This website of ultimate collection of spiritual Vedic names, originating from ancient Indian subcontinent with their meanings. Here you will find a collection of most authentic, bonafide, rare and uncommon names for your baby, loved ones and for those going for Hari Naam Deekshaa

Names are arranged alphabetically and segregated for Boy and Girl categories. Each name has its meanings and they have been picked up from the most bonafide Vedic religion, the Gaudiya Vaishnavism

These names are very useful for newborn babies. Traditionally in Vedic times, the names given to the babies were always linked to Krishn  and His energies. Even today in many parts of India, it is a tradition to give spiritual names to babies, because a name is for life and it influences much of a character and growth.

These names are also given during Deekshaa to Krishna  devotees in ISKCON  who promise to follow certain minimum spiritual standards ie - Daily chanting of sixteen rounds of Hare Krishna   Mahaa Mantra - Following the four regulative principles ie no meat eating, no intoxication, no gambling and no illicit sex.

We have published 21,702 Vaidic names along with their brief spiritual meaning. This is world's largest collection of spiritual names.

Names of Sri Krishna  -
Names of Sri Radha  - 
Names of Sri Balaraam
Names of Sri Raam    -
Names of Sri Vishnu  -

Names of Sri Narasimha -
Names of Lord Shiv   -    -
Names of Lord Ganesh -  -
Names of Sri Lakshmee  -
Names of Sri Durgaa  -   -

Names of Sri Chaitanya  -
Names of Sri Nityananda -

Names of Sakhaa of Krishn -
Sakhee of Radharani -    -

Pet animals of Krishn  -
Pet animals of Radharani -

Sons of Krishn  -   -   -   -
Relatives of Krishn  -    -
Servants of Krishn  -    -
Other Associates of Krishn
Paraphernalia of Krishn and Radharani

Associates of Nand Jee   -
Associates of Yashodaa  -

Associates of Krishn’s paternal grandfather

Associates of Krishna’s paternal grandmother

Associates of Krishn's maternal grandfather

Associates of Krishn's maternal grandmother

Braahman in Brij and their wives

Twelve Aaditya   - 
Associates of Chaitanya   -

Associates of Lord Nityananda  -

Other Personalities in Gaura Lila  -

*Hint: Type at least first three alphabets of a spiritual name that you are looking for. As you type out the search term in few seconds a drop-down underneath the search bar will appear. This will show a list of spiritual names having the words that you typed. Alternatively you can type the word and press enter.



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