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People say that God has a plan for everybody. Somehow I believe in it.  I had a burning desire to write since my early life. I wrote a few poems and short stories before I attended college. They  were published in local papers in India.  Once I was in college, writing for the sake of writing became scant. I graduated as an Electrical Engineer and got a nice job in India. Well, writing became a remote choice for me. I did write some technical papers in line of my profession but writing literature, poems and stories was very rare. I did write some poems for my close friends but that was it.

As I said that God has a plan, when I retired in 2000, I started to work on my long awaited writing interest. The first book I wrote was “Saral Raamaayan” in 2002. This was in Hindi poem.  I received a great encouragement from my friends and thus I became a regular writer. By the grace of God now I am working on my 15th book the “Devee Bhaagvat” in Hindi poem.

Five of my books are available to readers on Web. My encouraging friend Sushma helped me for this endeavor. She created a Web site for me and this is the result of her tireless efforts.  Five of my books are published and these are available to the readers from Aavishkar Publishers and Distributors, Jaipur, India and from I prefer to write on Hindu religion but I have written some novels also in Hindi and English languages.

Works Published on Web

1. Raam Gaan - an English poem
2. Adhyaatm Raamaayan - in Hindi poetry
3. Shri Krishna Leelamrit - a Hindi poem
4. Geetaa - a Hindi poem
5. Rudra Samhitaa (Shiv Puraan) - a Hindi poem
6. Devee Bhaagvat - a Hindi poem
7. Raashtra Dhwaj (Country's Flag) - short poems in Hindi
8. Ganesh - About Ganesh Jee

Works Published in Hard Copy

1. Saral Raamaayan - a Hindi poem
2. Bhaagvat Puran in Hindi, available from Aavishkar Publishers, Jaipur, India
3. Daan - a Hindi novel, available from Aavishkar Publishers, Jaipur, India
4. Vishva Mitra - a Hindi Novel
5. Aakaankshaa - a Hindi novel
6. Mamtaamatee - a Hindi novel
7. Bhaav Saritaa - a collection of poems in Hindi
8. Public Policy - a English novel, available from
9. Ultimate Confession – a English novel, available from
10. Pearl Necklace – a collection of poems in English, available from

Please find some time to read my books and provide a feed back if possible at the E-mail given at the bottom of the page. I will keep on writing offering you some more religious work in Hindi and English.

Hari Om!

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