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Index-Modern History of India

This section gives a brief outline of the history of modern India for reference purpose. The following two files give the description of Indian history according to Bhavishya Puraan.

21. Chauhaan Vansh;
51. History of India in Kali Yug - from Bhavishya Puraan

General Facts About India

1. Introduction to History of India
2. India's Geographical Facts - About India's general information
3. India is Great - Some surprising facts about India.
4. India is Great - Some surprising facts about India
Places to Visit in India - Some important places of India to visit

History of India

11. India-History-BC-1 (1500-1000 BC) and (1000-450 BC)
Aaryan's entry into Indian sub-continent

12. India-History-BC-2 (326 BC-184 AD) - Maurya and Shung Dynasties
Bimbsaar, Ajaatshatru, Alexander's invasion and Poras, Maurya Dynasty - Chandragupt, Chaanakya, Megasthnese, Seleukas, Bindusaar, Ashok; Kushaan Dynasty - Kanishk; Kanv Dynasty, Aandhra Dynasty, Pallav Dynasty, Ajantaa Art.

13. India-History-AD-1 (320-647 AD) - Gupt Dynasty
Gupt Period - Chandra Gupt I, Samudra Gupt, Chandra Gupt II, Kumaar Gupt, Skand Gupt; Harsh Vardhan; Pallav Dynasty (7th century); Elloraa Caves Temples.

14. India-History-AD-2 (711-1526 AD) - Islaam, Khilajee, and Tugalaq Dynasties
Islaam's Birth;  Islaam came to India;   Mahamood Gazanavee's Invasions;  Daas (Slave) Dynasty - Muhammad Gauree, Qutubuddeen Aibak, Shamsuddeen Iltumish,  Raziya Begam, Balaban;  Khilajee Dynasty - Jalaaluddeen Khilajee, Alaauddeen Khilajee; Tugalaq Dynasty - Gayaasuddeen Tugalaq, Muhammad Bin Tugalaq, Feeroz Tugalaq

15. India-History-AD-3 (1526-1605 AD) - Mugal Dynasty
Mugal Dynasty - Baabar; Humaayoon, Shershaah Sooree, Akbar, Foreign Penetration after Akbar - Portuguese, Christians, British East India Company.

16. India-History-AD-4 (1605-1707 AD) - Mugal Glory
Mugal Dynasty Glory - Jahaangeer, Shaah Jahaan, Aurangzeb - Sikh, Marathaa, Raajpoot rebellions.

17. India-History-AD-5 (1707-1764 AD) - Twilight of Mugal Empire and Gradual Establishment of British Raaj

18. India-Histoy-AD-6 British - British Raaj and Independence

19. Modern India-1947- - Independent India

Reference Files

21. History of India in a Nutshell - History of India in a nutshell
22. India-Dates-1 - Historical Dates in Tabloid Form
23. India Dates-2 - Historical Dates of India in Text Form
24 & 25. India-History-BC-1-Buddha - About Bauddh religion, Bodhisattwa Practices
26. India-History-BC-1-Jain - About Jain religion, see also  Teerthankar
27. India-History-AD-4-Islaam - About Islaam religion
28. India-History-AD-4-Sikh - About Sikh religion
29. India-History-AD-6-British Staff - List of some important British Staff during British Raaj
30. Teerthankar - Who are Teerthankar? and how many are they? their names, ages, heights etc
31. Naath Sampradaaya - About Naath Sampradaaya

66. Dynasties - several Dynasties in nutshell
67. Stories of Some Treatments - stories of some strange treatments of illnesses
97. Genealogies of Kings - some genealogies are given here in nutshell
98. Nepal Kings
99. Yaksh and Yakshinee in Jainism -

Historical Sketches
See all sketches   Sketches

Achilles - Whose heel is famous
Akbar, The Great - One of the greatest Emperor of Mugal Empire
Alexander - World conqueror Alexander
Chaanakya - Chandragupt's Minister
Chandragupt Maurya -
Cleopatra - Greek Queen of Egypt: a biographical sketch
Cyrus - King of Persia
Gandhi, MK-1 - Indian National leader
Gandhi, MK-2 - Indian National leader: his preaching
Indiraa Gandhi - India's Prime Minister

Jawahar Lal Nehru-1 - a biographical sketch
Jawahar Lal Nehru-2 - An Insight write up into his origin
Jesua Christ - Founder of Christian Religion
Maan Singh - Akbar's Minister
Muhammad - Founder of Islam
Prithvi Raaj Chauhaan - last Hindu King
Samson - An Israelee
Shivaajee - Maraathaa King who fought alone with Mugal kings, read also  Maraathaa Power
Socrates - A Greek phlosopher, Teacher of Plato (another philosopher from Greece)
Upagupt - a Bauddh



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