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67-Stories of Some Treatments

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67-Stories of Some Treatments

Here are some interesting incidents when Indian traditional doctors (Vaidya) healed kings and foreigners.

(1) Hakeem Luqmaan and a Hakeem of India
In olden days skilled people used to test other peoples' skills living in other kingdoms. Hakeem Luqmaan was the most famous Hakeem of Euoonaan. Once he heard the praise of an Indian Hakeem. So he thought to test his wisdom. He called a man, gave a letter to him and asked him to give it to that Hakeem in India and bring the reply back to him. The man said "all right." and he proceeded on his journey. Hakeem Lukmaan instructed him to always sleep under a tamarind tree when he was in traveling. The man said "all right." and went on his journey.

In those times trains were not there, airplanes were not there, the man started walking. It took him 6 months to reach to that man to whom Hakeem Luqmaan sent him to. Accordingly he always slept under a tamarind tree on the way. When he reached the Indian Hakeem, he handed over the letter to him. Indian Hakeem read the letter - "When this man started from here, he was in perfect health. Now he is sick. Please treat him." The Indian Hakeem smiled. He found that the man was suffering from leprosy. He welcomed him, gave him some rest and sent him back to Hakeem Luqmaan. He also gave him a letter saying - "Your patient is coming and now he is in perfect health as he started from his home town." He instructed him to sleep under the Neem Tree throughout his journey.

The man did as he was asked. So when he reached Hakeem Luqmaan, he was perfectly all right. Seeing this Hakeem Luqmaan got very pleased and he praised that Indian Hakeem very much.

(2) How a Naalandaa Teacher Rahul Treated Bakhtiyaar Khilajee
There was a King Bakhtiyaar Khilajee in India. Khilajee rulers first settled in Qalat, Afgaanistaan and then proceeded to Delhi, India. Khilajee refers to a Afgaan village as Qalaate Khilajee (Fort of Khilajee). Three Sultaan (kings) have been noted for their ferocity and faithlessness. Ikhtiyaaruddeen Muhammad bin Bakhtiyaar Khilajee was a servant of Kutubuddeen Aibaq. It is also said that when he proceeded towards Bihaar in 1203 AD and then Bangaal (Nabh Dweep), he proceeded so rapidly that only 18 horse riders could keep up with him. He started his conquests from Badaayoon and then Avadh in Eastern UP. He had conquered Eastern India at the end of the 12th century AD. He came in India in 1193.

He was the one who destroyed Naalandaa University fully by burning it. In fact he had taken control of some areas governed by Bauddh in Bihaar. Once he fell ill seriously. His Hakeem tried their best to save him, but they could not treat him. Then somebody advised him to consult the Professor of the Department of Aayur Ved, Naalandaa Vishwa Vidyaalaya (University), Rahul Bhadra, and take his treatment. The King did not agree that any Indian could be nore knowledgeable than his own Hakeem; and he should be treated by a Kaafir (means who is not a Muslim). But still he had to invite him to save his own life. He put a condition before Rahul Bhadra that he would not take any of his medicine, and he would have to cure him just like that. If he could not do so, he would be killed.

The Professor came back to his home. he could not sleep the whole night. He continued to think the whole night as what to do of this insane person who does not want to take medicine and wants to be cured at the same time. In the morning he got ready, took a copy of his Quraan and went to the King. He said to him - "If you read its pages from here to here, you will be all right." Bakhtiyaar Khilajee read the pages of those Quraan as instructed and he got cured. he got very angry at this. He was not happy at all at this. He was very angry on his own Hakeem that why they were not so intelligent that they could cure him by reading his own Quraan. How come that this Hindu knew the part of his Quraan to cure him, and his own Hakeem did not know it? In stead of giving any award or any appreciation, he set the fire in Naalandaa Vishwa Vidyaalaya. All books were also burnt in that fire. There were so many books that they continued to burn for three months. He killed many teachers and Bauddh Bhikshu.

Would you like to know how Rahul treated Bakhtiyaar Khilajee?
It was easy. Muslims, while reading their Quraan, turn its pages using their finger smeared with the saliva of their mouth. So Rahul applied some medicine on those particular pages which he asked him to read. As Bakhtiyaar read those pages and turned them with the saliva smeared finger, the medicine went into his stomach and it cured him.



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