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52-Chauhaan Vansh

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52-Chauhaan Vansh (Bhavishya Puraan)
Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg Parv, p 326

Chauhaan Vansh in Raajpootaanaa and Delhi

Vayahaani (Chapahaani or Chauhaan) named king ruled in Madhya Desh, and inhabited Ajamer built by Brahmaa Jee. 

Vayahaani (10 yrs)
Vayahaani's son was Tomar - he worshipped Shiv for one year and got Indraprasth city. His descendents are known as Tomar Vansh.
Tomar's youngest son was Chyahaani (Chauhaan) (7 yrs) - got famous as Saamaldev
Saamaldev's son was Mahaadev (7 yrs)
Mahaadev's son was Ajaya
Ajaya's son was Veer Sinh (50 yrs)
Veer Sinh's son was Bindusur (25 yrs)
Bindusur's son was Veervihaattak (50 yrs) - he had a daughter also named as Veeraa - married to Vikram.

Veervihaattak's son was Maanikya (50 yrs)
Maanikya's son was Mahaasinh (50 yrs)
Mahaasinh's son was Chandragupt (25 yrs)
Chandragupt's son was Prataapvaan
Prataapvaan's son was Mohan (30 yrs)
Mohan's son was Shwetaraaya
Shwetaraaya's son was Naagavaah
Naagavaah's son was Lohdhaar
Lohdhaar's son was Veersinh
Veersinh's son was Vibudh (50 yrs)
Vibudh's son was Chandraraaya (50 yrs)
Chandraraaya's son was Harihar (50 yrs)
Harihar's son was Vasant (50 yrs)
Vasant's son was Balaang (50 yrs)
Balaang's son was Pramath (50 yrs)
Pramath's son was Angaraaya (50 yrs)
Angaraaya's son was Vishaal (50 yrs)

Vishaal's son was Shaarngdev (50 yrs)
Shaarngdev's son was Mantradev (50 yrs)
Mantradev's son was Jayasinh (50 yrs) - he inhabited Jayapur city
Jayasinh's son was Aanand Dev (50 yrs)
Aanand Dev's son was Someshwar - he married the daughter of Anangpaal - Keertimaalinee.
Someshwar had three sons from her - the eldest son Dhundhukaar became the King of Mathuraa the middle one Krishn Kumaar got the
        kingdom of his father, and the youngest one Maheeraaj (Prithvee Raaj Chauhaan) became the ruler of Delhi.

Prithvee Raaj was killed by Sahoddeen (Shaahbuddeen Gauree) by cheating.

Chauhaan was a clan of Raajput who ruled between 700-1200 AD over parts of Raajasthaan near Ajamer. Prithvee Raaj Chauhaan (1180-1192 AD) was the most known king of Chauhaan Vansh. He was the son of Someshwar who died in 1179.



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