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Our Ved are the basis of our all Dharm and needs and guide us in all walks of life. Ved are very large and huge, so everything cannot be given her, but still some things about them are listed here. Hope these will give you at least some idea about Ved. Each Vaidik verse has three types of meanings : Adhi-bhautik, Adhi-Daivik and Adhyaatmik. The latter meaning is hinted at in some Upanishad, but neglected by commentators. But there is a fourth dimension, which is the real meaning : Pratyog of a Vaidik verse in the form of Mantra. This dimension is beyond discussion. Some Siddhi can be attained with reverse chanting of a Mantra in some specified order. For instance, there are seven types of reverse chanting of Gayatri (esp Savitri) Mantra leading to Siddhi of seven Divyaastra (Divine weapons).

Although traditionally Ved are four - Rig Ved, Yajur Ved, Atharv Ved and Saam Ved, but Mahaabhaarat is considered the 5th Ved (MBH, 1.57.74). Perhaps it is the first interpretation of the Rig Ved through narratives and discourses. Thus Rig Ved should be understood in the light of Mahaabhaarat.

Brahm Sootra
Scientific Explanation of Ved

Ved and Geetaa -
Ved-Resources - Resources for Ved studying
Websites For Vaidik and Upanishadik Literature


1. Ved - What is Ved
2. Structure of Ved - Structure of Ved, Why are they important to us?
3. Vedaang - Ved's six parts
4. Vedaant - What is Vedaant
5. Characteristics of Ved
6. How to Read Ved?
7. How to Study Ved?
8. Origin of Ved

11. Rig Ved
11. Devtaa in Rig Ved
12. Yajur Ved-1
12. Yajur Ved-2
13. Saam Ved
13. Devtaa in Saam Ved
14. Atharv Ved
15. Aayur Ved
16. Dhanur Ved

Prasthaan Traya

Ved-2 Topics in Ved

21. Aatmaa in Ved
22. Devtaa in Ved - many names of Devtaa mentioned in Ved
23. Jyotish (astrology) in Ved
24. Society in Ved
25. Varn Aashram in Ved
26. Women in Ved
26. Women and Vaidik Rites
26. Widow Marriage in Ved
27. Seven in Ved
28. Concept of God in Ved - God in Ved
29. Dharm in Ved

30. Science in Ved-1
30. Science in Ved-2
30. Science in Ved-3
32. Universe in Ved
33. Numbers in Ved
34. Vegetarianism in Ved
35. Miscellaneous Things in Ved - Agni and Jal, Apsaraa, Chhand, Kinds of men, Moorti Poojaa, Raamaayan References, Reiki, Shraaddh, Vimaan

37. Nature in Ved
38. Karm in Ved
39. Economics in Ved
40. Meat eating in Ved


41. Wars in Ved
42. Philosophy of Yagya
43. Literature of Ved
44. Gayatri Mantra of Ved
45. Muhammad in Ved

51. Vaidik Timeline
52. Kalp and Yug in Rig Ved

53. Miracle in Ved Language
54. Nava Graha Mantra in Ved

Notes on Ved - general information about Ved

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Muhammad in Ved
Raashi in Ved - Astrological Signs in Ved
Shaivism in Ved
Vivaah in Ved


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