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52-Kalp and Yug

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52-Kalp and Yug in Rig Ved
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Chatur-Yug in Ved
Rig Ved' s 2nd Mandal uses the term "Chatur-Yug" as an integral unit of 4 Yug in one of it's verse, which is another evidence of support to 4 Yug-Kalp measure of our religion, 5-Yrs Yug doesn't seem to have any religious backing.

Matsya Puraan mentions the precession of Ayanaansh in easy terms or one may take the help of a Vaidik Aacharyas to learn what's "Brihat Saam" or the "Third Chariot of Sun". With more study of Vaidik Literature, one can decode Vaidik Chhand System created by Prajaapati, contains measure of Yug too.  Refer to - (a) Shaunak Rishi's Anukramani, and (b) Shatapath Braahman's 10'th Path.

In the Aitareya Braahman pertaining to Rig Ved, the name of all 4 Yug are given, as believed and followed today, both in sequence and in quality attributes, this is the Verse -

Kalih Shayano Bhavati, Sanjihastu Dwaaparah | Uttistha Tretaa, Kritam Charasch Charaiveti ||
Meaning - "In Kali Yug people (consciousness or awareness to ethics and duties) remain in sleeping stage, In Dwaapar they remain in awaken (but inactive), In Tretaa people remain standing and in Satya Yug, they remain active and Dhram moves on.

This verse comes in the context of Indra's talk to Rohit, the Son of Harishchandra, Indra is depicted saying above verse. It also implies that Lagadh's "Vedang Jyotish" is not the first scripture of Vaidic Jyotish, nor it is the only scripture, nor the universally accepted scripture, since, it doesn't carry name of Yug as mentioned in Aitareya Braahman and as explained in Rig Ved, So, no meaning quoting Soorya Siddhaant or VJ for reformation of religious time cycle or Jyotish - Panchaang. Vaidik religion's social codes are given in "Braahman Scriptures" and there is ample predictive Jyotish available.


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