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32-Infinity and Universe

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32-Infinity and Universe
By   Lalit Mishra

Infinity and Universe has already been seen by our Vadik Sages

Chhaangogya Upanishad lists out 18 Vidyaa (branches of studies) including Ganit (Maths) and Jyotish (Astronomy and Astrology), thereby creates opportunity to explore their concept of infinity and universe.

To begin with, I would like to mention Eashaavaasya Upanishad's Mantra which gives definition to Infinity and which further gets explained in Naad Bindu, Brihadaaranyak Upnishad and various other limbs of Vaidik literature.

The Eeshaavaasya Mantra is well known but when it's seen in connection with Chhaandogya Upanishad's concept of "Hiranya Garbh" or cosmic egg, gives rise to Vaidik view of universe and infinity. Look at the Eeshaavaasya Mantra -
"Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaat Poorn Mudachyate | Poornasya Poornaamadaaya Poornamev Vashishyate"

Let's dissect this Mantra -
"Poornamadah" - "That is complete",
"Poornamidam" - "This is complete",      thus   "Poornamadah Poornamidam" - "That is complete, this is complete",
"Poornaat Poorn Mudachyate" - "From that completeness comes this completeness",
"Poornasya Poornamadaaya" - If we take away this completeness from that completeness'
"Poornamev Vashishyate" - "Only completeness remains".

So, what do you understand by this? Are you still an ordinary mortal?  or in essence the complete instance or unit of the same God who Himself is Complete?
Lok in Ved
There are only three Lok mentioned in Ved viz.
(i) Dyu Lok (celestial bodies emitting light),
(ii) Antariksh Lok (space), and
(iii) Prithvi Lok (the Earth)

No Swarg, Narak, or angels etc exist in the sky as per Ved. After death, no soul helps us. Soul has to take next birth within fourteen days based on his good or bad deeds as per Yajur Ved chapter 39.

Ved has mentioned 400,000 species of human throughout the Universe - Yaksh, Raakshas, Vaanar etc. In many of the species, they are automatically born with various powers. By reciting certain Mantra and performing austerities one's consciousness expanded and one develops supernatural abilities. One attains powers depending on the object of meditation. One who meditates on the Sun gains complete knowledge of the planetary system, or meditates of the relationship between the ear and the Ether attains the ability to hear anything. Patanjali says - "Warning - By giving up even these powers the seed of evil s destroyed and and liberation follows - ths is the last test of the Yogee. All these powers will automatically come to one whose mind is spontaneously enlightened through purity.


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