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Mahaabhaarat contains a total of 18 Parv (18 books). Their names and contents are given below. While writing these original pages, MBH has been divided here in other logical sections - this list is given on Next Page along with respect of the actual divisions of MBH.

 1. Aadi Parv
Aadi Parv (236 sections, 45 pages) contains, Paushya, Paulomaa, Aasteek, Aadivanshaavataran, Sambhaav, Jaatugrih, Hidimb Vadh, Bak Vadh, Chaitrarath, Swayamvar, Vaivaahik, Vidur-gaman, Raajya Laabh, Arjun Vanvaas, Subhadraa Haran, Haranaaharan, and Khaandav Daha short Parv) starts from G-0-Prolog/1  to the G-3-Youth/17. Contains - reasons of Janamejaya's Sarp Yagya, Raajaa Bharat gives his kingdom to an ordinary man of his kingdom in the absence of kingly qualities in his nine sons; King Shaantanu marries Gangaa; Has a son from her named Devavrat; After 16 years he meets a fisherman's daughter Satyavatee; Devavrat vows for lifelong Brahmcharya; Satyavatee has two sons but they die childless; Vyaas produces two children from the younger one's widows and one child from their maid; Dhritraashtra and Paandu are married; Kuntee has a son Karn before marriage; Paandu is cursed and Kuntee gets five sons through Devtaa; Paandu dies, Maadree become Satee with him and Kuntee returns to Hastinaapur along with Paandu's sons.

Jealousy starts between Dhritraashtra's and Paandu's children; Drone is appointed their teacher; Drone and Drupad's story; Story of Eklavya and Raadheya; Parashuraam's curse to Raadheya; Drone's revenge from Drupad; Episode of Baaranaavat; Bheem's marriage to Hidimbaa and birth of Ghatotkach; Killing of Bakaasur in Ekchakraa Nagaree; Coming of Dhaumya Rishi; Arjun marries Draupadee; Partition of the kingdom; Arjun marries Subhadraa; and Burns Khaandav Van.

 2. Sabhaa Parv
Sabhaa Parv (80 sections, 18 pages) starts from G-3-Youth/18 and ends at G-3-Youth/35. Contains - Maya Daanav builds the royal court for Yudhishthir; Yudhishthir intends to do Raajsooya Yagya; Shishupaal Vadh; Paandav and Draupadee laughs at Duryodhan; Dice game; Duryodhan asks Dushaasan to take off Draupadee's clothes in the game hall; Another dice game; Banishment to Paandav for 13 years; and Paandav go to forest.

 3. Aaranyak Parv or Van Parv
Van Parv (313 sections) starts from G-4-Van/1 and ends on the G-4-Van/55. Covers - Paandav live in Kaamyak Van; Then they come to Dwait Van; Arjun collects Divine weapons; Bheem meets his elder brother Hanumaan; Duryodhan does Raajsooya Yagya; Jayadrath misbehaves with Draupadee; and Yudhishthir-Yaksh dialog.

 4. Viraat Parv
Viraat Parv (72 sections) starts from G-4-Van/56 and ends on G-4-Van/68. This Parv covers - Paandav plan for their 13th year of Agyaatvaas at Viraat's place; They go there; Karn's dream and he gives his Kavach and Kundal to Indra; Keechak Vadh; Duryodhan's doubt that Paandav are in Viraat Nagar so plans to expose them; Invasion on Viraat Nagr from two sides; Viraat goes to one side and Uttar, his son, goes to another side with Arjun; Arjun defends Viraat's cows and ins Kaurav army; Yudhishthir's blood; and Abhimanyu's marriage to Uttaraa.

 5. Udyog Parv 
Udyog Parv (199 sections) starts from the G-5-Pre-War/1 and ends on G-5 Pre-War/26. This Parv starts from the council hall of Viraat where Paandav and their other friend kings plan to send a peace messenger to Kaurav as their 13 years of exile are over. Vidur tells Dhritraashtra about ethics. Paandav try their best to make peace with Kaurav but... Krishn and Kuntee try to bring Karn to Paandav's side but are unsuccessful; Both parties prepare for war.

 6. Bheeshm Parv
Bheeshm Parv (117 sections) starts from the G-6-War/1 as the war starts, and ends on Page G-6-War/14 till Bheeshm falls and has a talk with Karn.

 7. Drone Parv
Drone Parv (199 sections) starts from the G-6 War/15 after Karn has met Bheeshm on his bed of arrows and Drone has been appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of Kaurav army, and ends on the Page 29 of G-6 War when Ashwatthaamaa wants to take revenge with Paandav of his father's killing.

 8. Karn Parv
Karn Parv (69 sections) starts from the G-6-War/30 after Drone has fallen, and ends with Karn's death on the G-6-Wa/35. Karn comes in command on 16th day; Shalya the Charioteer of Karn; Death of Dushaasan; The death of Karn; With his grandfather.

 9. Shalya Parv
Shalya Parv (59 sections) starts from G-6-War/36 after Karn has fallen, and ends with his death on the G-6 War/39". Kripaa and Duryodhan; Death of Shalya and Shakuni; Dwaipaayan Lake; Samantpanchak; Fall of Duryodhan and Balaraam's wrath; Paandav send Krishn to Hastinaapur to comfort Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree.

10. Sauptikaa Parv
Sauptikaa Parv (18 sections) starts from G-6-War/40" after Duryodhan has fallen and he has appointed Ashwatthaamaa as his Commander-in-Chief; and ends with when Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritvarmaa come to the lake to see Duryodhan; Ashwatthaamaa asks him for his last wish; he said he wanted that all Paandav should be killed; Ashwatthaamaa kills all Paanchaal, Draupadee's all sons in sleep; tells this news to Duryodhan and Duryodhan dies; Arjun, Bheem, Krishn and Yudhishthir follows him; Ashwatthaamaa and Arjun release Brahmaastra; Vyaas and Naarad intervene; Arjun calls off his own but Ashwatthaamaa redirects it to wombs of Paandav's women; Uttaraa is pregnant, Krishn assures to revive it; Yudhishthir's doubts about the killing of so many brave people by Ashwatthaamaa; Krishn explains it on G-6 War/43.

11. Stree Parv
Stree Parv (27 sections) is a very short Parv, of only 27 chapters, in which men and women weep for their dears and nears and perform their last rites. This Parv starts from G-7-Post-War/1 after everything is over in battlefield, and ends with G-7-Post-War/3.

12. Shaanti Parv
Shaanti Parv (339 sections) is all about knowledge (Gyaan) Yudhishthir takes from Bheeshm before he leaves this world. It is divided in three sections. Very few pages are given at G-8-Shaanti.

13. Anushaasan Parv
Anushaasan Parv (148 sections) - only a few pages are at G-9-Anushaasan.

14. Ashwamedh Parv
Ashwamedh Parv (92 sections) contains 92 sections. It starts from  G-7-Post-War/4  and ends on G-7-Post-War/24" and describes Upanishadik material, called as Anu-geetaa, told by Krishn to Arjun; Story of Uttank, a disciple of Krishn; The story of Ashwamedh Yagya performed by Yudhishthir; At the end of the Yagya a mongoose pops out of the ground saying that the Daan of a handful of barley in the famine time is superior than this Ashwamedh Yagya; Who was he and why did he come there?

15. Aashramvaasik Parv
Aashramvaasik Parv (39 sections) starts from G-7-Post-War/25 and ends on  G-7-Post-War/30. Dhritraastra, Gaandhaaree, Kuntee and Vidur go to forest. Vyaas Jee shows him his sons. Later he dies there.

16. Mausal Parv
Mausal Parv (8 sections) starts from G-7-Post-War/31 and ends on G-7-Post-War/33. Yaadav princes mock with Rishi; Rishi give them Shaap; Yaadav fight among themselves and die; Krishn saves remaining people in Dwaarakaa; Krishn and Balaraam leave this world.

17. Mahaaprasthaanik Parv
Mahaaprasthaanik Parv (3 sections) starts on G-7-Post-War/34 and ends on G-7-Post-War/34. This is about after Yudhishthir had heard the news of Krishn's leaving the world, Paandav also leave this world.

18. Swargaarohanik Parv
Swargaarohanik Parv (6 sections) starts on G-7-Post-War/35 and ends on G-7-Post-War/37. This is about after Yudhishthir has ascended to Swarg; and ends with concluding remarks, such as what are the fruits to a reader and a listener?; What should be given to Braahman during recitation? etc.



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