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Khaandav Dahan-3

Agni Dev Saves Birds

(1-232) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When the Khaandav forest was burning, the birds were in a very distressed situation. They could not see any escape. Their mother Jaritaa started crying helplessly - "Oh, This fire is spreading all over and these infants are still immature. My children and I are not able to escape from here anyhow. Besides I cannot take all the four with me, then to whom I should leave behind, to whom I should take with me? Your cruel father left me saying that "on this eldest son, Jaritaari, my race will depend. My second son Saarisrikwa will have children to expand my ancestral race. My third son, Stambamitra, will be a great ascetic, and my fourth son Drone will become the knower of Ved." I am unable to decide what is my duty, now what should I do? I cannot see any escape also for my children."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Her children said - "If you love us, then go to some other place where the fire is not there, because if you will be alive, you might have other children; but if you are killed, we will not have children in our race. If you will save yourself, father will be able to achieve the desired regions. It is now the time to do what is beneficial for our race. Don't be affecyed by the affectikon of your children, because it will destroy both of us." Hearing this Jaritaa said - "There is a hole here in the roots of this tree belonging to rats, so you go and hide there immediately. You will be safe there. When you have entered the hole I will cover the mouth of the hole with dust. This is the only way to save you from fire. When the fire will be put out, I will come and take you out of this hole."

The children said - "Without the wings we are just the balls of flesh. Some rat will come and will eat us, so we cannot enter this hole. There seems no escape for us. We don't know how our father's wish will be fulfilled. We remain where we are. A death by fire is better than the death by eaten up by a mouse."

(1-233) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing her children, Jaritaa said - "A little mouse came out of this hole was taken away by a hawk, so you can go there without any fear." Her children said - "But we are not sure that if there is any other mouse inside. If there are some other mice there, we fear from them. How are we sure that there was only one? If we go inside we are surely gong to die while if we stay outside we might survive, so we should stay outside." Jaritaa said - "I myself have seen the hawk taking the mouse. I even followed him and blessed him too. I said to him - "You are taking our enemy, may you live without enemy, live in Heaven with a golden body." After this he devoured mouse's body and I cam back, that is why you can go in this hole fearlessly." Thus both continued to talk about gong into the hole and staying outside.

At last the children asked - "Why do you protect us at the cost of your life? Who are we for you? You are beautiful and young. You can find your husband. Go to your husband, you can have other children. You let us burn in the fire and attain the Lok of happiness. God willing, if we are saved we shall meet again." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Jaritaa flew away from there and went at a safe place where there was no fire. Agni Dev proceeded to the place where those four children were sitting. Seeing Agni coming nearer the eldest son of Mandpaal Jairataree said -

(1-234) Jaritaari said - "That person is wise who remains wakeful in view of death. So when the time of death comes, he feels no pangs; but who dose not stay awake, at the time of death feels pangs and does not attain Moksh." The second brother Saarisrikwa said - "You are very patient and intelligent. But now our lives are in danger, only one among many is wise." The third brother Stambhamitra said - "The eldest brother is called the protector. It is the eldest brother who saves younger brothers from danger. If the eldest one himself is unable to protect himself what the younger ones can do?" The fourth youngest brother Drone said - "The cruel god of Fire with seven tongues and seven mouths is quickly coming towards us consuming everything on his way."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus talking to each other, they started praying Agni Dev - There are a few Shlok here in praise of Agni Dev. Agni Dev got very pleased hearing his prayer. He remembered Mandpaal's words and replied to them - "You are a Rishi, O Drone, because what you have said is the Vaidik truth. I will please you, do not fear. Mandpaal has already talked to me about you that I should save his sons. I am very pleased by your hymn. Be blessed." Drone said - "O Hutaashan, These cats trouble us everyday. Eat them along with their relatives and friends." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Agni Dev did what Shaarngak said to him. Growing in strength he started consuming everything."

(1-235) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Rishi Mandpaal became very anxious about his children, although he had spoken about them to Agni Dev, still he was worried about them. he said to his second wife  Lapitaa - "My children are still unable to move. I don't know how they will be tolerating Agni's heat? How their mother will be taking care of them? They are still very young. How their mother will be taking care of them?" Hearing this Lapitaa said to him with jealousy - "Do not worry about your children, since you were saying that they are all Rishi and are of great energy. They don't have any fear from fire. And you spoke to Agni Dev also in my presence. Didn't he promise to save them? Agni Dev should not lie to you. You are not worried for your children, but for my that rival Jaritaa. You still love your first wife more than me. You may go to her, I will wander alone thinking that I had the relationship with a wicked man."

Mandpaal said - "I am not that type of person which you are thinking about. I came here because of my children. And even those my children are in danger. He who leaves what he has for the sake what he may acquire, he is the wicked person, that is why I must go, you may do whatever you like."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Meanwhile Agni Dev spared that spot where those four children were sitting. Jaritaa came back to see her children and got very happy to see them safe. Seeing mother the children broke into tears. Jaritaa also started weeping. In the meantime Mandpaal also arrived there but none of his son showed any sign of joy seeing him. He tried to talk to them but none of them talked to him - good or evil. Mandpaal again said - "I am asking you, who is the eldest and who is after him, and who is after him and who is the youngest? It is true that I left you but I was not happy where I was."

At this Jaritaa said - "What you have to do with the eldest or the second one or the third one or the youngest one. You go to Lapita who is young. Leave us like this." Mandpaal said - "For a woman, whether in this world or otherworld there is nothing more painful like having co-wife. Even illustrious Arundhatee suffered with jealousy with pure Muni Vashishth Jee. She even insulted him among the Saptarshi. Because of this insult she became a little star like fire mixed with smoke, sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. I look to you for the sake of my children, I have not done anything wrong to you as Vashishth didn't do any wrong to his wife. Men should never trust women even when they are their wives. Women when they become mothers do not mind serving their husbands " Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then his children started talking to him and he also talked to them."

(1-236) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Mandpaal said to his children - "I told Agni Dev to protect you and he assured me that he would protect you. You have a great energy, so do not have any ill thoughts about me. You all are Rishi and are knower of Ved, your mother is also virtuous. Agni Dev also knows about you, that is why I did not come to you before." The he took his wife and sons and went away in some other country.

Thus Agni Dev became resplendent with the help of Arjun and Krishn. He was highly gratified. Indra also got very pleased with Arjun, so he showed himself to Arjun and said - "You have done such a feat which was not possible for any celestial. I am very pleased with you, ask for any boon, you wish for." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun asked him his all weapons. Indra said - "When Maadhav will be pleased with you, I will give those weapons to you. Even for your austere asceticism I will give you all my weapons of Fire, Vaayavya weapon and others."

Vaasudev asked Indra to grant Him the boon that His friendship with Arjun might be eternal. Indra said - "So be it". Agni Dev also, pleased with them, granted them a boon that they could go anywhere wherever they wanted to go." After Agni Dev left, the trio, Arjun, Krishn and Maya took a stroll on the banks of Yamunaa.

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