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Paandav Go in Exile

[2-77] [Approaching Dhritraashtra] Yudhishthir said - "I bid farewell to all present here, Pitaamaha Bheeshm, King Somdatt, Kin Baahleek, Drone, Kripaa, all, other kings, Ashwatthaamaa, Vidur, Dhritraashtra, his all sons, Yuyutsu, Sanjaya and other courtiers. I will see you." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Because of shame none spoke, just prayed in their heart for their welfare." Vidur Jee said - "Prithaa is a princess by birth, it is not good for her to go to forest. She is delicate and old, so O Paandav, she will live with me and you be well in forest."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir said - "As you wish, you are our uncle and so is like our father. You are our great well wisher. Tell us if we have to do anything else." Vidur e said - "Do not consider yourself as defeated, because who has been defeated by fowl means, is not defeated. You know morality very well Dhananjaya has always won the battles, Bheemsen always kills the enemies, Nakul has alwas collected lots of wealth, and Sahadev is a good administrator. Dhaumya knows Ved very well, Draupadee knows virtue and economy, you are in love with each other and no enemy can separate you from one another. Not even Indra can stand against you. Before, Meru Saavarni had told you on Himvant, Vyaas Jee told you in Baarnaavat town, Parashuraam Jee told you on Bhrigu mountain, and Shambhoo told you on the banks of Drishdwatee River. Now you have listened to great Rishi Asit on the Anjan Hill, and you became the disciple of Bhrigu on the Kalmaashi River. Now on Naarad Jee and Dhaumya Rishi will be your instructors. Never forget the lessons from these Rishi.

You are very intelligent, even more than the son of Ilaa (Pururavaa), then just be quiet and resolve for victory which belongs to Indra; to control your wrath which belongs to Yam; to give in charity which belongs to Kuber; and to control all passions which belong to Varun. Obtain the power of being happy from Moon, power of sustaining all from Water, forbearance from the Earth, energy from Soorya, strengths from winds and affluence from others. I hope to see you safe on our return. Always act properly and duly in all seasons, in those of distress, in those of difficulty, indeed, in respect of everything, O Yudhishthir, with our leave go. We bless you. No one can say that ye have done anything sinful before. We hope to see you return in safety and crowned with success."

Vaishampaayan Jee said- "Yudhishthir said - "So be it, and bowing to Bheeshm and Drone went away."

[2-78] Vaishampaayan ee said - "When Draupadee was leaving, she went to Kuntee to take leave from her. She went to other women also of Kuru family and as she was about to leave that a wailing sound came from the inner apartments of Paandav. Kuntee was very sad seeing Draupadee leaving, she said to her - "Do not think too much about this calamity. You are well conversant with female Dharm, so I do not have to tell you about it. Kaurav are fortunate that they are not burnt by your wrath. You go safely, my prayers are with you. You will soon be out of this calamity. Just take care of my son Sahadev, he should nt be distressed by this calamity." Draupadee said "So be it" and came out in one single cloth with her hair disheveled left her mother-in-law. Kuntee also followed her in grief.

Then she saw her sons not in royal robes but clad in deer skin and their heads down with shame. She went forward and embraced all of her sons and said to them - "You are all virtuous and good mannered, you are all devoted to Devtaa and have done sacrifices then why should you suffer like this? I can't see anybody else whose misfortune has fallen on you, it must be mine. How will you live in woods? f I had known it before that you would have to live in woods, I would not have come to Hastinaapur from Satashring mountain on Pandit's death. Your father was fortunate who died without seeing the pain of his sons. Maadree was also fortunate who died without worrying about her children.

You are all my children, I love all of you, I cannot lave like this, I also want to go with you. It seems that Vidhaataa (Brahmaa) has forgotten to write my death. O Krishn, where are you? People say that you take care of everybody who remembers you, where are you now? Where there are Bheeshm, Drone and Kripaa, how could this calamity fall upon you. O Sahadev, you don't go. You are dearer to me than my body itself. Let your brother go being virtuous, but you stop to earn that virtue which you will get by serving me."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav consoled their weeping mother, and Vidur too consoled her and took her to his home. Women in Dhritraashtra's palace hearing about the whole episode (from playing first dice game, Draupadee's dragging in the court and exile to Paandav) loudly wept and abused Kaurav. They sat quietly for a long time. Even Dhritraashtra was not at peace of mind hearing the threats by Paandav. He got so much disturbed that he ordered to call Kshattaa immediately. Vidur came and Dhitraashtra asked him - "How the Paandav left Hastinaapur?"

[2-79] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "A soon as Vidur came Dhritraashtra timidly asked him - "How Yudhishthir, Arjun and twins left? Did Dhaumya also went with them? And what about Draupadee? How did they leave, I want to hear everything."

Vidur replied - "Yudhishthir went covering his face, Bheem went looking at his mighty arms, Jishnu went following the King spreading the sand grains around, Sahadev was smearing his face, and Nakul the handsome, went staining himself with dust with great grief in his heart. Draupadee went following the King covering her beautiful face with her disheveled hair and weeping. And O King, Dhaumya went along the road with Kushaa grass in his hand uttering he awful Mantra from Saam Ved related to Yam."

Dhritraashtra asked - "Tell me O Vidur, why Paandav went in varied guise?" Vidur replied - "Although they were ordered by your sons and robbed of their kingdom, still Yudhishthir has not left the path of Dharm, he is still very kind to your children,. he is filled with wrath, still he does not open his eyes. He thinks that he should not hurt other people by looking at them, that is why he has covered his face. Bheem does like this because he thinks that none is equal to him in his mighty arms, so he is going showing hem that he will do to his enemies worthy of his arms. Arjun, capable of using his both arms, is following the King scattering sand grains as if he is telling that this is the way he will shower his arrows in the battle.

Sahadev is smearing his face with sand to hide his face so that none can recognize him in these days of calamity. Nakul is staining himself with dust because he does not want that he does not steal the hearts of women who look at him. And Draupadee is going in one piece of stained cloth and her hair disheveled showing that the wives of those because of whom she is in this condition will also be in the same condition after 13 years. Dhaumya, O King, is under his full control. He is holding Kushaa grass pointing it towards southwest walks before them singing Mantra of Saam Ved related to Yam. Thus he is trying to tell that when these Bharat will be slain in battle, the priest of Kuru will also sing such Mantra (for the benefit of the deceased). The public is going after them weeping because today they have become without master. Thus all are going showing their feelings by signs. When they were going, the lightning was shining in the sky without clouds, the Earth was trembling and Raahu came to eat Soorya although there is no Amaavasyaa. All these bad omens were occurring because of your evil counseling."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Dhritraashtra and Vidur were talking like this that there came the best of the celestial Rishi in that assembly before everybody. He said to them - "In the 14th year, Kaurav will be destroyed by Bheem and Arjun because of Duryodhan's evil acts." and then disappeared. Duryodhan, Karn and Shakuni handed over the kingdom (Indraprasth) to Drone considering him their sole refuge. Drone addressing all said - "Braahman have already said that Paandav cannot be killed, still when Kaurav have sought my protection, I will protect them to the best of my power. Destiny is supreme, I cannot abandon them. Paandav are going to forest because they know to keep their promise. They will live in the forest for 12 years observing Brahmacharya for this whole period and when they come back one will has to tolerate their anger.

I took Drupad's kingdom in a friendly dispute, so he performed a Yagya to get a son who could kill me. He took the help of Yaaj and Upayaaj and got a son named Dhrishtdyumn and a daughter Draupadee from that Havan Kund. The same Dhrishtdyumn is the brother-in-law of Paandav and is very to them. I very much fear for him. His birth is Divine and was born with bow and arrow and Divine coats of mail, while I am mortal. With this relationship he will be with Paandav, and if he and I ill face each other in battle, I will be killed. Everybody knows this, that he is born to kill me. Because of you only, O Duryodhan, now the time for destruction has come, so do whatever you like for your benefit. Do not think that everything is finished by sending Paandav to forest. Do Yagya and give donations whatever you can. You will b in trouble in the 14th year."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Dhritraashtra said - "O Kshattaa, Guru has told the truth. You go and bring back the Paandav. And if they don't come back, let them go with respect and affection. Let them go with weapons, chariots, army, and let them enjoy every good thing."

[2-80] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Paandav left, Dhritraashtra got very anxious, and while he was sitting in grief, Sanjaya came to him and asked - "O King, After becoming the King of the whole Earth and sending the Paandav away to forest, why are you so sad and worried?" Dhritraashtra said - "I am worried for that who is going to face those mighty warriors when they will come to fight with us?" Sanjaya replied - "Nobody can stop that because of the evil actions and the whole world is going to be destroyed. Although Bheeshm, Drone and Vidur warned him, still your shameless son sent his Soot messenger to bring Paandav's beloved wife in the court. When destruction is near, Devtaa first take away people's wisdom, evil looks good to their understanding, improper things look proper and proper things look improper. Those wretched have committed a great mistake by dragging Draupadee in the court. Who else other than Duryodhan, could do this to that fire-born Divine woman. When she was brought to court in single blood stained cloth, she looked at Paandav who had lost their everything, even their royal clothes. And before everybody present in assembly, Duryodhan and Karn spoke harsh and cruel words to Krishnaa. All this is surely going to bring its consequences."

Dhritraashtra said - "Draupadee's rage can destroy the whole Earth. Is it possible that even my single son can live. Bharat Vansh women are still weeping for Krishnaa. Braahman are not performing Agnihotra any more because they are angry at the behavior with Krishnaa. Many kinds of bad omens are happening now. When Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Somdatt and Baalheek had left the assembly, then at the advice of Vidur, I said to Krishnaa - "I will give you three boons. She asked me to liberate Paandav. Then from my own side, I asked them to return to their kingdom with their weapons on their chariots. At that time Vidur told me that this itself proves that destruction is near. Krishnaa is faultless Shree Herself. Paandav will never be going to forgive for this insult of Draupadee, nor the warriors of Vrishni race, nor the people of Paanchaal Desh. Arjun will surely come back with Vaasudev and Paanchaal Desh. Bheem will also be there with his mace and these kings will not be able to suffer his mace's prowess. Paandav are stronger than Kuru, so Hey Raajan, it is better to make peace with Paandav. You already know that how Bheem had killed Jaraasandh in fight only with his hands. That is why make peace with them. If you will act in this way you will surely be in a better situation." Vidur told me thus which was in my favor, but I did not accept his counsel, because I was moved by the affection of my son."

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2-Sabhaa Parv Ends Here
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