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Second Dice Game: Paandav Lose Again

[2-71] Karn said - "We have never heard of such an act performed by any beautiful woman. When Paandav and Kaurav were angry, this woman brought the salvation for Paandav."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing these words of Karn (that Draupadee saved Paandav), Bheem said to Arjun  - "O Arjun, It has been said that there are three lights in every person - children, acts and learning and from these three the creation has started. When there is no life, body becomes impure and is thrown by relatives, only these three are of use of everybody. But the light in us has been dimmed by this insult to our wife. Can a son born to this wife be of any service to us?" Arjun replied - "Higher people do not pay attention to lower people's words. They remember only their good deeds not the bad ones."

Bheem said - "O King, Shall I slay all these here only or outside this palace? Or why should I need your permission, I will slay them here, and you rule your kingdom without any obstacle." Arjun pacified his elder brother, still Bheem's face was red with anger. Then Yudhishthir pacified him by embracing him, and then proceeded towards Dhritraashtra.

[2-72] Yudhishthir said to Dhritraashtra - "You are our master, tell us what we should do for you, we are always obedient to you." Dhritraashtra said - "O Ajaatshatru, You may go in peace and rule your kingdom with your wealth. Take my advice which I give you. You know Dharm and morality, where there is intelligence, there is forbearance. Axe falls only on wood, not on stone. They are the best people who remember only the merits of their enemies not their faults and never enter into hostilities themselves. Do not remember the harsh words of Duryodhan. If you want to remember good, then remember your mother Gaandhaaree and me who is like father to you. I let this match proceed just to see the weaknesses and strengths of my children. You have virtue, Arjun has patience, Bheem has prowess, and the twins have reverence for their elders. You may go now to your kingdom in peace." Hearing all this Yudhishthir went to Indraprasth with Draupadee and his brothers.

[2-73] Janamejaya asked - "When Paandav had got permission to leave Hastinaapur how Dhritraashtra's sons felt?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing this Dushaasan went out of mind, he went to his brother and said - "These warriors to whom we won with so much trouble, this old man has freed them with their wealth." Hearing this all, Duryodhan, Karn and Shakuni, planned to talk to Dhritraashtra, so they went to him and Duryodhan said to him - "O King, Have you not heard what Brihaspati has advised to Shukraachaarya Jee about mortals and politics? That the enemies who always do wrong, they should be slain by every means. Now these Paandav will surely kill us. Arjun is still shivering with rage, Bheem is shaking his Gadaa frequently, Nakul's hand is on his sword and Yudhishthir and Sahadev are showing signs of their rage. They will not forgive us for the insult of Draupadee. We will again play this game and will send them to forest this time. We are competent enough to control them. Whoever will lose, they or we, will go to exile for 12 years plus one year to spend in an inhabited place unrecognized. Either they will live or we. Let us play once more. Shakuni knows the art of throwing dice very well. Even if they succeed in completing their term of exile, we can prepare ourselves to fight with them during this period. So approve his plan." Dhritraashra said - "Then call Paandav wherever they are. Even if they have gone far, call them back. Let all play the dice game once again."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Drone, Somdatt, Baalheek, Gautam, Vidur, Ashwatthaamaa, Yuyutsu (Dhritraashtra's son from his Vaishya wife), Bhoorishravaa, Bheeshm, and Vikarn, all said - "Do not permit for another game." But Dhritraashtra did not listen to their advice and called for Paandav.

[2-74] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Gaandhaaree said to Dhritraashtra - "When Duryodhan was born, wise Vidur said - "This child is inauspicious, kill him. He cried continuously like a jackal. Do not drown in the sea of your own fault. Who is that who can dare to provoke Paandav. Although you must be remembering it, still I remind you. Nobody can be corrected by teaching by scriptures. A person of immature understanding can never behave like a mature person. So abandon this wretch at my word. You should know that the time of the destruction of this family has come now through him. Whatever prosperity is acquired by wicked means destroys soon, while which is won by justified means continues to last from generation to generation."

Hearing this Dhritaashtra said to her - "If the destruction of our race has to come, let it take place freely. I am unable to prevent it. Let it be as they (these my sons) desire. Let the Paandav return. And let my sons again gamble with the sons of Paandu."

[2-75] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav had gone far by that time, but Dhritraashtra's messenger came to them and said - "Dhritraashtra has called you back and asked you to cast dice once again." Yudhishthir said - "All creatures get the fruits, whether good or bad, from the Creator, and these fruits are inevitable whether I play or not. It is a call for the game as well as it is the order of the King. In spite of knowing that it is not good for me, I cannot refuse it."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Although Raam knew that there is nothing like golden deer, still He suffered from its temptation. Who have to suffer, their minds are deranged." Saying this Yudhishthir returned to Hastinaapur with his brothers and Draupadee. Compelled by their fate they sat in the assembly room, played the dice game to destroy themselves.

Shakuni said - "The King has given your wealth back to you, that is all right, but there is still greater stake. Whosoever will lose he will go to exile for 13 years, 12 years exile and one year incognito, wearing deer skin. If he is recognized in his 13th year then he will have to repeat the whole period of exile. After the completion of 13 years each will have his own kingdom. This time this is the stake." At these words who were present in the assembly got restless and spoke - "Fie on Duryodhan's friends who cannot convince him that there is a danger in this for Duryodhan. If Dhritraashtra does not understand it, you should explain to him."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Even after hearing all this, Yudhishthir sat to play the game in spite of fully knowing about the consequences of this game; and said to Shakuni - "How can I disobey my great father, so I will play with you." Shakuni said - "We have many cows, servants etc etc, but this time we will play with one stake - living in the woods. Whoever will lose will spend 13 years in exile - 12 years in woods and the 13th year in an inhabited place without being recognized." Yudhishthir accepted it and Shakuni started playing. He cast the dice and said - "Lo, I have won."

[2-76] Yudhishthir had lost so he started preparing for his exile. They changed their royal attire into deer skins and got ready to go. Dushaasan spoke - "Now Duryodhan is the whole sole King. Who laughed at Duryodhan now they are going in exile deprived of their wealth. Who always basted of themselves, now do not have anything. Although Paandav still look powerful persons in this attire as if they are installed for a sacrifice, but are not entitled for doing sacrifice, because they are wearing such a guise. Yagyasen has given his daughter Yagyasenaa to Paandav, this is very unfortunate, they are eunuchs. O Yagyasenee, what kind of pleasure these men will give you in the forest, you may select one from among the present here, to save yourself from their wretchedness. Why should you stick to Paandav now?" Thus Dushaasan spoke such harsh words for Paandav and Draupadee.

Hearing this Bheem got filled with rage and said to Dushaasan - "O wicked-minded, As you have pierced our hearts, I will also pierce your heart in the battle reminding you all your words. And whoever will follow you, I will kill them too." Hearing this Dushaasan shamelessly danced around Kuru saying, "O cow, O cow." Bheem again said - "To whom you are saying these words? You are boasting only at those whose wealth you have taken by foul means. I tell you once more if I do not drink your blood in the battlefield, let me not attain my ancestors' Lok."

Vaishampaaya Jee said - "As Paandav were going, Durodhan also copied the steps of Bheem. Bheem said - "Don't think that you will be spared, I will answer you also." And while stepping out he said - "I will slay Duryodhan, Dhananjaya will slay Karn, and Sahadev will slay Shakuni. I repeat these words in this assembly and gods will make my words true. I will slay this wretched Duryodhan in battle with my mace, and prostrating him on the ground I will place my foot on his head. And as regards this wicked person (Dushaasan) who is audacious in speech, I will drink his blood like a lion."

Arjun said - "Bheem, On the 14th day from this day they will see what happens." Bheem again said -"This Earth will drink Duryodhan, Karn, Dushaasan and Shakuni's blood." Arjun again spoke - "To please Bheem I will slay Karn with all his followers, I take the vow today. All this will happen in the 14th year from today if Duryodhan does not return our kingdom upon our return."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Arjun spoke thus, Sahadev also spoke - "O Shakuni, disgrace on Gaandhaar Desh, You must be thinking that you have defeated us, but it is not so. I shall certainly slay you in the battle as Bheem has said. If you wish to do anything, do it before then." Then Nakul also spoke - "I shall kill all the sons of Dhritraashtra who are desirous of going to Yam's abode because they pleased Duryodhan and spoke harsh words to Draupadee." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "All Paandav then came to Dhritraashtra."


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