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Draupadee in the Gambling Court

[2-68] Draupadee said - "Wait O evil-minded Dushaasan. I have to do something which I have not done yet. Since you were dragging me forcibly, I forgot to do that. I wish to salute all Kuru present here." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dushaasan started dragging her again forcibly and Draupadee crying said - "Before being the daughter-in-law of Kuru family, people saw me only once, that was in the Swayamvar hall, and after that nobody saw me. Today I have been brought here in this assembly. To whom, even the wind and the Sun have never seen, the same has been brought in this assembly. She, to whom even Paandav cold not tolerate even touched by the wind, the same Paandav today are seeing her seized and dragged by this wretch. Even these Kuru also have to see this with their daughter-in-law. It is such distressful for me  that being born in a high family I have been brought in this public court. It has been heard that respectable kings did not see their wives in the public court, where is their nobility now? Otherwise how I, the chaste wife of Paandav, the sister of Prishat's son (Dhrishtdyumn), and the friend of Vaasudev could be brought in assembly like this? I am the wedded wife of the King Yudhishthir the just, who belongs to the same dynasty to which the King belonged, and now I am the serving maid? Tell me the answer. Tell me if I am won or I am not won? I will accept whatever you will say."

Hearing Draupadee, Bheeshm said - "I have already said to you, O Putree, that the path of morality is very subtle. Even the wise people cannot always understand it, because it depends. When a strong man calls it a morality, it is a morality, although it may be not; but when a weak man calls it a morality, it may be not, although it is morality. I am unable to answer your question. But, yes, I can say this that whatever foolish act Kaurav has done, it will surely bring the destruction of our race in near future. The family in which you have been wedded, whatever the conditions are, does not deviate from its path of morality. Drone etc are sitting here lowering their heads, so it seems that only Yudhishthir can answer your question. It is he who has to answer you question whether you have been won or not won."

[2-69] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "The kings sitting there did not say a word because of fear of Duryodhan, although everybody was seeing Draupadee crying piteously. Duryodhan said to Paanchaalee - "O Yagyasenee, The question you have put, its answer depends upon your husbands. Let them reply your question. Let them say in this assembly that Yudhishthir is not their Lord, so let them make Yudhishthir, the just, a liar, and you will be free from the slavery. Let Yudhishthir say that he is not your Lord. And then you decide that you are theirs or ours. All others are unable to answer to your question."

All the kings sitting there approved this statement and looked at Yudhishthir with the curiosity as what would he say, or what Arjun or Bheem would say. Everybody was quiet and anxious to hear the answer from Paandav. Bheem said - "If this Yudhishthir, the just, has not been our Lord, we would have never forgiven the Kuru race [for all this]. So if he regards himself as won, it means we are won. If it has not been so, then who could have escaped from our hands. I am not doing anything terrible because of the respect towards our eldest brother and repeated requests made by Arjun. If Yudhishthir permits me I can just now kill all these wretched sons of Dhritraashtra." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing Bheem, Bheeshm, Drone and Vidur all pacified him saying that indeed he could do anything."

[2-70] Karn said - "Of all the people present in this assembly, Bheeshm, Vidur and Drone behave as the wicked people do - they always speak against their master and never wish for his prosperity The slave, son and wife, all are dependent. They cannot have any wealth of their own, as whatever they have, it belongs to heir master. You are the wife of a slave who cannot have anything because he is also a slave. Go inside the palace and serve the King's relatives. This is your duty now. Now all the sons of Dhritraashtra are your masters not the sons of Prithaa. You may select anyone as your husband who will not make you maid in gambling. Whoever women are slave are free to choose their husband. Your all husbands have been won, so you are also now a slave."

Hearing Karn Bheem filled with rage and said - "I cannot be angry with this son of Soot, because we all are indeed slave, except when my enemies had said it, or if you have not put Draupadee on stake." Hearing this Duryodhan said to Yudhishthir - "Bheem, Arjun and the twins are under shock, so you answer Draupadee's question, "Do you consider Krishnaa unwon?" And immediately after saying this with the intention of instigating Karn, and insulting Bheem, he uncovered his left thigh and showed it to Draupadee. Bheem filled with rage spoke - "Let me not attain the worlds attained by his ancestors if I had not broken your thigh in war."

Vidur said - "O Kuru kins, Beware of Bheem's vow which is pointing towards your destiny. First you played with cheating and now you are disputing over a lady. If Yudhishthir had put her on stake before he himself was won, he is her master; but when somebody himself is unable to hold an wealth, winning it is like winning it in a dream." At this Duryodhan said - "I am ready to agree with Bheem, Arjun and the twins, if they say that Yudhishthir is not their master, and Yagyasenee will be freed." Arjun said - "Before he started playing, he was our master, but after he has lost himself, let all Kaurav decide whose master he was?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "The then jackals, donkeys etc started making sounds. Hearing them Vidur and Gaandhaaree understood their meaning. Bheeshm, Drone and Kripaa tried to pacify it by saying "Swashti, Swashti". Gaandhaaree and Vidur then told everything to Dhritraashtra. So Dhritraashtra said - "O wicked Duryodhan, Destruction has already taken place when you used abusive language to Paandav's wedded wife." Then he started consoling Krishnaa by saying - "Ask me any boon, O Paanchaalee, you are my first daughter-in-law."

Draupadee said - "If you want to give me a boon, then please free Yudhishthir from slavery. My son Prativindhya should not be called the son of slave." Dhritraashtra said - "Let it be as you say. Ask for another boon, I wish to give you another boon." Draupadee said - "Bheem, Arjun and the twins should also be freed from slavery along with their chariots and weapons." Dhritraashtra said - "Let it be so, O blessed daughter. Ask for the third boon also, because two boons are not sufficient for you." Draupadee said - "Greed is not good. I do not deserve the third boon, therefore I do not ask for any more boon. It has been said the a Vaishya may ask only one boon, a Kshatriya woman can ask for two boons, a Kshatriya male can ask for three boons, and a Braahman can ask for hundred boons. When my these husbands will be free, they may prosper by their own virtues."


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