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(1) Heroine of a drama or novel. 
(2) Naayikaa is also a Taantrik term for a young girl of 14 years, personating Shakti in the Vaamaachaar ritual.

(3) Naayikaa are inferior forms of Shakti. They are 8 in number - (1) Ugra, (2) Chandaa, (3) Prachandaa, (4) Chandogra, (5) Chand Naayikaa, (6) Ati-Chand, (7) Chaamundaa, and (8) Chandvatee.
[Mahaanirvaan Tantra, p 18]

(4) Mahaanirvaan Tantra (p 84) describes 8 Naayikaa thus - She who is auspicious, she who is victorious, she who is gracious she who conquers, and she who is unconquered, she who pleases, the woman-lioness (Narasinh is the Avataar of Vishnu), and Vaishnavee. The Naayikaa are Shakti (power) of Durgaa.

It gives their names like this - (1) Mangalaa,  (2) Vijayaa,  (3) Bhadraa,  (4) Jayantee,  (5) Aparaajitaa, (6) Nandinee,  (7) Narasinhee, and  (8) Vaishnavee. These Devee look like from the same 52 Devee whose Peeth are established at 52 places.

Among these names Vijayaa, Bhadraa and Aparaajitaa do not appear to be included in the list of Kalki Puraan. Narasinhee and Vaishnavee are Yoginee or attendants of Durgaa


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