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See also   Naath Sampradaaya

(1) Genuine Aghoree are adept of Soorya Vigyaan.
(2) They believe in Sampradaha not Sampradaaya.
(3) They owe their allegiance to Lord Dattaatreya, who is also known by the name Aadi Naath.
(4) Unlike the Maayaavaadee they regard the world to be real not illusory.

An Aghoree uses intoxicants, poisons, sex in order to check his level of "spiritual awareness". They burn the seed of Tamas from the most Taamasik of elements, so they are able to perform Karm without passion. They consider nothing as distinct from god, so nothing is good or bad for them, "Manayeva Kaaranam Manushyanam Bandh Mokshah".

Common people (Bhogee) divide Creation into Ghor and Aghor to suite their tastes and sensibilities. Aghoree believe that all manifested things are a creation of God, so everything has to be good and auspicious (Aghor). Thus an Aghoree will consume 50 kgs of Hasheesh and remain unaffected, because his consciousness is not affected by the stimulation of the intoxicant. When the henchmen of the evil Raanaa, offered Meeraa the bowl of poison, she considered it as a Prasaad from Kaanhaa, so the poison could not affect her. This could be an example of Aghor.

To each Aghoree is own, but as an Aghoree Mentor puts it, "genuine Aghoree need not go to a Shamashaan, he carries his Shamashaan wherever nature places him." So Aghoree may, on the surface, seem to be Renegade and many other things, but they are perfected beings who just don't believe in wasting time on the mundane.

Once upon time a hundred wannable salvation seekers sought the spiritual counsel of an Aghoree. To their utter amazement they found a beautiful woman atop the Aghoree's crotch. All of them left except one. The Aghoree wanted to shoo away that one also (the one who remained was "made". Legend has it the one who remained was Parashuraam and the Aghoree was none other than Lord Dattaatreya.

Aghor is Aghor because it refuses to be caged by philosophy, it is non conformist yet does not believe in any form of conformation. Sadly you will never find a genuine Aghoree, on the net. And Yes, Kali Baba was lucky too to have never come across one.
Mainly due to false projection of Aghoree in the movies and in some books, laymen start to think that Aghoree are bad and are a secluded sect who live only in burial grounds and live only by eating the flesh from the burning pyre. I have wandered extensively in the Himaalaya and knowing the various Naagaa and Aghoree in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaraanchal, let me say that Aghoree are a form of Lord Shiv who can even grant salvation or liberation (Mukti) to a person. They are no ordinary people and are highly powerful and have done strictest meditation for longer periods before starting to bless those who approach them.

Originally, when an Aghoree wanted to bless the soul that is going on and on in several wombs taking various births and deaths, the Aghor becomes himself as Kaal Bhairav or Lord Shiv himself and gives his blessings to the body on the burning pyre and takes little flesh from that burning pyre as an offering made to the god (prasad or bhog) and grants liberation. This is no secret and many people who knew Aghoree in North India are aware of this. Some amateurs and others without knowledge started venturing into eating the flesh as a mark of Aghor eating style which is wrong. Branding Aghor as such bad people is disrespect to Aghor.

Geetaa suggests how learned or those who wish to realize the self shall have equal respect to a Braahman, a cow or a person who eats dog's flesh. Let me also inform for the benefit of all that if any native approaches an Aghor with a wish or a desire, even if it is material, a mere positive blessing word from him will get the native what he wants. Truly Aghoree are powerful enough to grant any and everything including Mukti which only gods can grant. Members may be aware that even sages are not powerful enough to grant the boon of Mukti to the natives and only gods can grant Mukti.
[by Pt Arjun from Sacred Objects Group, Feb 22, 2009]
The Aghoree are a Hindu sect believed to have split off from the Kaapaalik order (which dates from 1000 AD to the 14th century AD. Most other Hindus condemn them as non-Hindu because of their cannibalistic rituals. Aghori ascetics, while being devotees of the Hindu God Shiv, are the followers of monists (Adwait-vaad). Aghoree base their beliefs on two principles. First, that Lord Shiv is perfect, second, that Shiv is responsible for everything; every rock, tree, animal, and even every thought. Due to this, everything that exists must be perfect, and to deny the perfection of anything would be to deny the Gods. Aghoree drink alcohol and eat meat.

An Aghoree is one who follows the path of Aghor, and he may or may not be a Saadhu - although what we think of normally as Aghoree are indeed Sadhus. It is a matter of lineage as well; there were many left-handed Baabaa in Taaraa Peeth but few Aghoree. An Aghor is not bound as in there is no dogma. Even the rules prescribed for him are for just conditioning only not really to bind. So apparently an Aghoree is as free as a bird to fly to any destination of his choice. Most Aghoree need a pre-requisite of Tantra though its really not a rule, but normally all Aghoree have the knowledge of Tantra.
Books about Aghoree
1. Aghoa : At the left hand of God.
2. Aghora ii: Kundalini.
3. Aghora iii : The Law of Karma.

Shiv Bhakt have not yet fully understood who is an Aghoree. let me explain in more simple language.

Aghor is one of the names of Lord Shiv and in application, Aghor is a state of a native for whom nothing is difficult. in ancient days, Lord Dattatreya preached such philosophy. Aghor is an antonym of Ghor which means not difficult or not terrible. Sadly, some people paint an Aghor a Ghor which is their ignorance. typically a Saadhu or a renounced person goes through strictest meditations for long and reaches such an Aghor state where he is as good as an Avadhoot or a form of Lord Shiv. Shiv Puraan has glorified the forms of Aghor and Avadhoot.

Typically these Aghor live in secluded places and do not care for the modern people who are slaves of comfort and are dependant on perishables. some of them live in Kaashee, Allaahaabaad and Ujjain and other pilgrimage places where they bless those who approach them. they themselves never go to any person.

An Aghoree precludes the hell faced by the natives by taking various births and deaths which is illustratively described in Shiv Puraan, hence, according to my best knowledge, only an Aghoree can grant Mukti or salvation to a dead person. Avadhoot, gods and god incarnates too can grant salvation. for this reason, most sinners these days are pining to find an Aghoree with a view to get salvation.

Aghoree are a form of Lord Shiv who typically wear mostly a small black cloth and few of them even wear red. Like Naagaa, they too are barefoot and have a daily fire, be it Agnihotra, Havan or anything else.

To explain what an Aghoree is, in detail is beyond the scope of explanation, but I will try to just give you a rough outline of what he is supposed to be.

An Aghor is the destructive form of Lord Shiv, votaries of this form are called Aghoree. This is a sect that performs Taantrik Saadhanaa with the aim of attaining Mukti while in human form. The Aghoree is the de facto, toughest type of Saadhak on the planet. He lives a life of complete seclusion in the cremation grounds (this is the original temple of Lord Shiv) as it is both a gateway to other dimensions of energy and the easiest place to contact the energy of Lord Shiv.

The purpose of this type of Saadhanaa is to do several things:

(1) To get rid the mind of conditioning (by remaining in seclusion and free from social constructs; the mind acquires clarity and serenity)
(2) Development of power - by remaining in a intensively focused state over a period of time (12 years), the Aghoree develops what is known as the "unmani" state of mind ( seeing no differentiation). When Saadhanaa is successfully completed, the mental constructs of such a person becomes purified and he is able to unfold the higher functions of the mind. Such a person can then learn how to manipulate energy and transmute it from state to state. What "appears" as bad/impure to a normal person has no significance to an Aghoree, he only sees energy.
(3) When a Saadhak develops himself to this level, he is able to transform his own nature. To those that have mastered their Mantra, they become beings to truly respect as they are able to destroy their own imperfections and advance toward divinity in a truly meaningful way. Such beings while they may appear outwardly vile (to most people), inwardly are the most advanced in terms of their consciousness as they break the knots of the mind that keep humans fettered as animals.

Note: This is NOT a type of Saadhanaa that can be accomplished by all and sundry, it is only the toughest of people that can endure this as they have no physical comforts, only the support of Lord Shiv to sustain them.
[by Dev Maharaj, in "Aum Namah Shivay Group", on June 1, 2009]


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