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Some Uses of Tulasee

--It is believed that wherever Tulasee's plants is, there is no malaria.
--Tulasee leaves are put in Panchaamrit and eaten while drinking it; offered to worship Vishnu (Vishnu especially loves Tulasee and does not accept offerings or worship without Tulasee, consider her the wife of Vishnu).
--Bhagavaan Shaaligraam is a form of Vishnu and he is also not worshipped without Tulasee leaves.
--Its leaves are put in the mouth of a dying person, even after he is dead, several leaves are put on various parts of his body. Even its wood can be used while burning the dead body.

--Its many uses can be found at on pages 475-478.

Tulasee Maalaa

Tulsi Maalaa is a necklace made of Tulasee wooden beads. You can get a very delicate one made of Tulasee stems or a heavy one made with strands of beads made from the wood of the Tulasee plant. Tulasee wood, is the most sacred of all wood in the Hindu tradition. The Maalaa is used as rosary beads for chanting Mantra of Vishnu, Raam and Krishn and the names of any other Hindu Gods. The Maalaa is made of 108 beads or stems. Itís usually worn around the neck or wrist. If worn around the neck it is called as Tulasee Kanth Maalaa or Kanthee.

Vaishnavites wear a small Tulasee Maalaa on their necks as a sign of submission to Krishn and carry a larger one with which to count the Lordís names. Since Tulsi was Vishnupriya or Haripriya the Vaishnav believe that wearing the Tulasee Maalaa is a way to benefit from the power of her presence. Always have God with you, this includes psychic protection and spiritual nourishment. They believe that it will increase the spiritual power of prayer, devotion to the lord and increase spiritual growth. Tulasee helps to improve devotion and love in the heart. Help you to go from Aatmaa (soul) to Paramaatmaa (Supreme Soul). Wearing the Tulasee Maalaa will also protect your body and bring you better health.

Since Tulasee is considered as a Goddess, a lot of care has to be taken by the people who wear the Tulsee Maalaa, after the monthly cycle ladies need to take a hair bath on the fourth day and wear a new Tulasee Maalaa. After attending a funeral you need to change the Maalaa.

Other than the religious purpose a Tulasee Maalaa can be worn by anyone to avail its immense health benefits.
--Mental Well-being - It is said to cure the diseases of the mind by providing a feeling of mental well being and the security that God is with you and taking care of you. It maintains the ritual purity and wards off evil. It gives peace of mind and reduces stress. It cures a person from high fever, relieves the disorder of the wind within the system and it is very useful in diseases related to throat.

Medical Benefits of Tulasee

A reincarnation of God as an herb for saving mankind from sufferings and miseries. A true healer of its kind having a great respect in Hindu society and is a part of every Hindu family. Due to its healing powers it is considered equivalent to God and has been associated with Lord Krishn as his beloved. Due to its anti oxidant properties and action against free radicals makes it a wonderful tonic for humans.

Abdominal problems :
--Children suffering from roundworm infection can be safely given a quarter of a teaspoon of crushed Tulasee seeds at bed time for at least three consecutive days.
--Basil leaves or juice can help digestion and flatulence. A decoction of 10 to 20 leaves taken along with a pinch of rock salt abates digestive problems like flatulence and anorexia.
--In chronic dysentery when a patient passes stool mixed with mucous, taking
Tulasee leaves twice a day after mixing them with a pinch of rock salt >and half a teaspoon of roasted Jeera powder (cumin seeds) in a bowl of curd acts as a good digestive. This treatment if continued for a week or 10 days also helps to dispel persistent wind and abdominal distension.
-One of Tulasee's traditional uses has been in the treatment of digestive disorders ranging from heartburn to bloating. Holy basil has been shown to have significant anti-ulcer activity. It reduces the effect of peptic acid or irritating drugs on the stomach lining and increases the production of protective stomach mucous.
Anti Aging, Cough, Cold, Asthma : Tulasee, also known as Holy Basil is especially beneficial in respiratory tract infections because of its anti-inflammatory, anti microbial and anti-allergic properties. It is helpful in relief from symptoms of flu like common cold, wet and dry cough. Tulasee works as a powerful immunomodulator and restores balance of body and mind.
--If you have got common cold and associated fever then Tulasee could be a good choice of medicine. Take pieces of 7 Holy Basil leaves and 5 cloves and mix them well in one glass of water and boil them until the volume of water becomes half of the original. Add rock salt into it and drink it hot and make the whole body sweat by covering with clothes. Fever immediately gets alleviated and the symptoms of cold also get improved. For children Tulasee juice with 5 to 7 drops of honey could give instant relief from the symptoms of cold and stringy mucus in the respiratory tract.
--For cough and cold, take half a teaspoonful of dried leaves of Tulasee and black pepper, added with a little of honey, works well.
--Chewing Tulasee leaves relieves cold and flu, the decoction of the leaves cures common cold.
--Due to its Kaph removing properties, it is an excellent medicine for common cold. Tea >made from leaves of Tulasee controls nasal catarrh, cures body-ache and gives a refreshing feeling. Similarly, taking a few leaves mixed with a teaspoonful of ginger juice and honey immediately controls bouts of dry cough and removes any bronchial spasm.
--To make basil tea, take five leaves of basil or half a teaspoon if using dried and some grated ginger in a glass of hot water. Add a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. Drink this three to four times a day to relieve cough and infection.
Ear problems : For earache a few drops of Tulasee extract, if instilled, relieves the symptoms promptly.
Eye problem : This herb is often used for treating eye disorders. A thick liquid prepared by crushing Tulasee leaves is often applied to the eyes for healing up night blindness and inflammation.
Fever : The juice of Tulasee leaves can be used to bring down fever. Extract of Tulasee leaves in fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours. In between, one can keep giving sips of cool water. Tulsi leaves are specific for many fevers. In the case of malaria and of other tropical infections, a decoction of Tulasee leaves boiled with powdered cardamom in a cup of water and strengthened with sugar and milk brings down the temperature. In children, it is every effective in bringing down the temperature. For children, one or two leaves steeped in hot water with honey is enough to help fever.
--For chronic fever ancient Aayurvedic texts have extolled the use of Tulasee leaves and its seeds. Regular use of its leaves during the season of viral fever acts as a good preventive >medicine

Jaundice : Tulasee is one of the best remedy for jaundice. Prepare a combination of 10 Tulasee leaves and radish juice (10 gm) and take it thrice daily on a regular basis with jaggery for one month. It would alleviate jaundice completely.
Mouth ulcer : Tulasee effectively cures mouth ulcers, lesions, and other related disorders. It is quite useful for sensitive teeth and gums. Tulasee extract in the paste form or by simply chewing Tulasee leaves could give you relief from these mouth problems.
Piles : Tulasee is also useful for treating piles. Soak five Tulasee leaves in drinking water for 30 minutes and drink the water afterwards. By following this process regularly you could get rid of piles.
Skin Disorders : Applied locally, Tulasee juice is beneficial in the treatment of ringworm and other minor skin diseases. Tulasee has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The paste of the Tulasee leaves cures almost all skin diseases.
--It is used to treat ringworm of the skin. Tulasee leaves crushed with a little salt and rubbed over the affected part works very effectively on ringworms.
--Tulasee seeds are used in anti-leucoderma preparations.
--Juice of Tulasee leaves is be applied for minor skin infections.
--Above all, holy basil promotes a beautiful skin and heals acne and other skin conditions.

Stomachache : Prepare Tulasee and ginger juice and take one spoonful of each of these extracts daily for healing up cramps and stomachache.
Worms in Stomach : Take one spoon of hot Tulasee and ginger juice after every interval of 3 hours and continue this for two days in order to remove worms with stools.
Seminal Problems : Tulasee is also useful for seminal problems. Prepare a mixture of 50 gms of sugar candy and Tulasee seeds and take 2.5 gms of this mixture with milk on a daily basis. In absence of Tulasee seeds you could also use Tulasee roots. Regular use of this medication would help in thickening and strengthening sperms.
Urinary Problems : Its seeds are given in chronic urinary infections and with their mucilagenous action they are also helpful in treating diarrhea, habitual constipation and piles. The dose of Tulasee juice is 10 to 20 ml whereas the seed powder can be taken from one to three gm twice a day.  5-10 leaves can be added to a cup of tea. The juice of its leaves can be taken up to 10 ml whereas the powder of its seeds can be taken in varying doses of 1 gm to 3 gms in a day.


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