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Rudram Chamakam-3

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Koti Rudram-3

How can we chant it ONE CRORE times? How many people are needed to chant it? (all of them to be adept in Ved chanting and to be Braahman by birth)? How much time is needed? How many Hom Kund are needed and how to feed so many people? As Hom and feeding are a part of this exercise. Shree Bindu Maadhav Swaamee Jee, of the Temple Town of Belagur, in а Hosa Durga Taaluk, Chitradurga District, Karnataka State, India, has done it. How was it done:

(1) This project was started about 2 years ago.
(2) Any one belonging to Braahman family and eligible to chant Ved and having learned to chant Rudra and Chamakam with proper Swar can join as volunteer. They will give one accounting booklet to keep track of the number of Rudra completed by them. It is like a diary. They make аn entry each day as to the number completed by them. Thousands of such volunteers were enrolled. If professional Shaastree or Purohit are there they were assured payment for every Rudra chanted by them at their home. Others did it as a Sevaa.
(3) Frequently Ved chanting was organized in many towns where a large number of such volunteers would assemble and chant Ekaadash Rudra. This was done many time in Bangalore also.
(4) They used several computers to keep track of the thousands of volunteers and the numbers chanted by them. The complete format including the scanned photo was kept in the database.

When this is completed. The total chanted by altogether completed 1 Crore. To complete the process a huge Hom was now organized in Belaguru village. The details are in websites:, and . On visit to this place on 20 and 21 Jan, 2013, here are the amazing things that were observed: --

(1) Belaguru is a village about 43 Kms from the nearest railway station KADUR, and 30 Kms from the nearest Bus stand Hosa Durga. (there are local buses connecting this village). What is wonderful is that in this remote rural area they made such grand arrangements.

(2) The Rudra Hom is arranged from Jan 18, 2013 to Jan 28. 2013 (11 days). Each Hom Kund is about 5 Meters X 5 Meters. (15' X 15'). There is a matrix of 17 X 8 = 136, such Kund were setup there. 11 people could sit around at each Kund and do the Hom. The whole area was covered by a huge temporary steel structure with covering all around. Corrugated iron sheets were used as ceiling some 40 feet above. All around there was Pandaal covering. It was like 2 football fields large.

(3) Accommodation was arranged for 2000 Ritwik (those who do the Hom and others who only chant). Imagine the Beds, Toilet facilities and water needed for the same. This is a rocky place depending only on ground water.

(4) Food was served for these 2000 Ritwik + another 5000 common village people every day (minimum). They kept on serving batch after batch till evening and then the dinner started. The whole place was maintained very clean.

(5) Coffee, Tea or Bourn Vita was also supplied to any one and everyone who walked in at all times from 4 AM. The food was very liberal. They would give coffee or milk in large tumblers (200cc).

(6) All the Ritwik and volunteers would be liberally given Vastra, Panch Paatra, and also Dakshinaa at the end of the program.

(7) It seems they were always running with nil balance in cash. It seems suddenly someone donates a lorry of vegetables or a tanker of milk or a ton of rice from somewhere. They say it is all the play of Veer Prataap Aanjaneya Swaamee, the local temple there with great power. There is also an ancient underground Shiv temple here. Swaamee Jee Bindu Maadhav Sharmaa is very relaxed and seems to have no anxiety about the need for the crores of Rupees needed for this project. But funds have come in and it is now getting completed. More funds are welcome.

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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/06
Updated on 01/23/13