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(1) Pledge

(2) Nyaas word comes from the root "to place" - meaning to place the tips of the fingers and palm of the right hand on various parts of the body accompanied by a particular Mantra. It also means to assign Mantra Beej or letters or words to different parts of the body, that is when the Mantra is said, it is thought of as being located in the head, mouth etc parts, by touching the parts in question by hand.

Nyaas is also of use in effecting the proper distribution of the Shakti of the human frame in their proper positions so as to avoid the production of discord and distraction in worship. Nyaas, as well as Aasan are necessary for the production of the desired state of mnd and of Chitta Shuddhi (Purification of the heart).

Nyaas are of several types --

(1) Shad Ang Nyaas - Shad Ang Nyaas proper is called Hridayaadi Shad Anf Nyaas, means of the six parts of the body, beginning with the heart - heart, the head, the crown lock, the thorax, the three eyes, the palm and back of the hand. The Mantra of Shad Ang Nyaas on the body are used for Kar Nyaas also.
--Ang Nyaas and Kar Nyaas
- Both Ang Nyaas and Kar Nyaas are the forms of Shad Ang Nyaas.
--Angushthaadi Shad Ang Nyaas - When Ang Nyas is done with the five fingers and palms of the hands only,
    it is called Angushthaadi Shad Ang Nyaas. Angushthaadi Shad Ang Nyaas begins with thumb as Kar Nyaas
    and goes to the little finger.
--Hridayaadi Shadang Nyaas - When Shad Ang Nyaas is performed on the body, it is called Hridayaadi
    Shad Ang Nyaas. That is the Nyaas done with six parts of the body, beginning with the heart (heart >
    head > the crown > Kavach (armor - the covered hands touch the arms above the elbow) > the three eyes and
    palm and the back of the hand.

(2) Jeev Nyaas - In this Nyaas the Saadhak infuses his body with the life of the god or goddess, therby identifying himself or herself with the god or goddess. After this the Saadhak becomes Devtaa-maya

(3) Maatrika Nyaas - Matrikaa are the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet; for as from a mother comes a birth, so from Maatrikaa or sound the world proceeds. "Shabd Brahm", or the Sound, or Logos, or Word is the creator of the worlds of name and of form.

The bodies of the Devtaa are composed of the 50 Maatrikaa, that is why the Saadhak first sets mentally in their several places in the 6 CHakra and then externally by physical action the letters of the alphabet, which form the different parts of the body of the Devtaa, which is thus built up in the Saadhak himself. he places his hand on different parts of his body, uttering distinctly at the same time the appropriate Maatrikaa for that part.

According to Tantra Saar, Maatrikaa Nyaas is also classified into four kinds performed with different aims
Keval - where the Maatrikaa is pronounced without Bindu;
Bindu-Sanyut - with Bindu;
Sansarg - with Visarg; and
Sobhya - with Visarg and Bindu

(4) Peeth Nyaas - In Peeth Nyaas, the Peeth are established in place of the Maatrikaa. The Peeth (see Devee for the explanation of Peeth), in their ordinary sense are Kaam Roop.

(7) Rishi Nyaas - In this Nyaas the Mantra is assigned to the head, mouth, heart, anus and the two feet and all the body generally. The Mantra commonly applied are -
In the head, salutation to the Rishi (Revealer of the Mantra);
In the mouth, salutation to the Mantra Gaayatree;
In the heart salutation to Devee Saraswatee;
In the hidden part, salutation to Beej - the consonants;
In the feet, salutations to the Shakti - the vowels ;
In the whole body, salutation to Visarg - the Keelak.

(8) Vyaapak Nyaas - Vyaapak Nyaas means diffusive, comprehensive, spreading all over, which is Yathokt Phal Siddhi Da. By this Nyaas the Saadhak spreads his Isht Devtaa's presence throughout himself. He becomes permeated by it losing himself in the Divine Self.
[From Mahaanirvaan Tantra, p cvii-cxi]

Basic Nyaas

There are 5 types of basic Nyaas -

(1) Kavach Nyaas,  (2) Kundalinee Nyaas,  (3) Bahu Nyaas,  (4) Vishnu Nyaas,  and  (5) Hridaya Nyaas
While performing these Nyaas, one has to recite O.SSS.M or O.SSS.m Namah Shivaaya or Om Namah Shivaaaya, depending upon the particular Nyaas. After the Nyaas is over, you may chant Om - there are 11 different ways of Chanting Om - all are in different tones and produce different effects.


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