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Nadee means River.  Saritaa.  In Hindu Dharm, many rivers are regarded as Devee. Why?

(1) The current of a river changes constantly, but in the distinct body of the river, a spirit dwells and controls the flow of the water. As such they are deified as Goddess. Bathing ritually in their purifying water is considered sacred.

(2) Many Rivers were either the daughters or wives of some Devtaa or Rishi before turning into rivers. They turned into rivers for the welfare of the people. For example,
--Satyavatee, wife of Richeek Rishi and the mother of Jamadagni turned into Kaushikee River.
--Soorya's daughters, Yamunaa, Tapatee, and Vishti, all turned into rivers.

In the same way there are many rivers who were daughters or wives of somebody and turned into river. Such great personalities cannot be ordinary human beings. They should be regarded as Devee and worshipped. Taking a dip in those rivers is a matter of honor for people.

Although for Indians all waters are sacred, still there are seven sacred rivers - Gangaa, Yamunaa, Godaavaree, Saraswatee, Narmadaa, Sindhu and Kaaveree. Among these Saraswatee is not visible nowadays, and Sindhu is in modern Paakistaan.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/06
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