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Vishnu's consort. According to Puraan, Lakshmee sprang from ocean, in full beauty, with a lotus flower in her hand at the time of Saagar Manthan. Everyone present there wanted to marry her, but she chose Vishnu as her husband. She is considered goddess of prosperity and thus is worshipped many times during the year. Her main day is Deepaavalee day People especially worship her on this day.

There are numerous names of Lakshmee, but her most common names are - Haripriyaa, Indiraa, Kamalaa, Padmaa, Padmaavatee, Ramaa, Shree. Some unknown author has composed Shree Sookt in her praise on the pattern of the Sookt of Rig Ved Sanhitaa. It is very popular among the devotees of Lakshmee. She is known as Vajreshwaree, the 8th Nityaa of Chandramaa's Kalaa Devee, also.

How Many Lakshmee?
There are said to be nine Lakshmee - (1) Dhan Lakshmee, (2) Dhaanya Lakshee, (3) Dhairya Lakshmee, (4) Raajya Lakshmee, (5) Asht Lakshmee, (6) Shaurya Lakshmee, (7) Vijaya Lakshmee, (8) Keerti Lakshmee, and 9) Vidyaa Lakshmee.
Some say that there are eight Lakshmee. The eightfold prosperity has been represented by Vaidik Symbolism as the Asht Lakshmee, they are ---

(1) The Original Prosperity (Aadi Lakshmee ). This is the Original Lakshmee or Mahaalakshmee, the Great Lakshmee. She gives protection to the devotee and sits with Abhaya Mudraa (protection gesture ) and Varad Mudraa welcome gesture).
(2) Wealth as Prosperity (Dhan Lakshmee ). She is the bestower of Wealth.
(3) Dhaanya Lakshmee - Agricultural Prosperity. She is the giver of Agricultural Wealth.
(4) Gaja Lakshmee - The Giver of Royal Power. Mythologically, She is the goddess who brought back the wealth lost by the King of Heaven, Indra
(5) The Santaan Lakshmee or Progeny Lakshmee. She is the giver of offspring. Isn't the fortune of having children a great Prosperity? The son is he who saves the parents from Hell (poothi thranat tatha putrah ).
(6) Dhairya Lakshmee - Guts as Prosperity. She is the greatest Lakshmee. Without guts a man is nothing. She is the giver of guts.
(7) Vijaya Lakshmee - The Victorious Prosperity or rather the bestower of Victory.
(8) Vidyaa Lakshmi - Isn't Education or Wisdom prosperity? She is the bestower of the knowledge of all arts and sciences.

Veracity, Equanimity, Fixity, Non-irritability, Adaptability Humility, Regularity, Absence of Vanity, Sincerity, Simplicity, Tenacity, Integrity, Nobility, Magnanimity, Charity, Purity, Generosity and Serenity- the eighteen "ities" associated with Wisdom. These 18 ities can confer Self Actualization.

The Octagram - Emblem of Asht Lakshmee. The Octagram is the Emblem of the Eightfold Prosperity. Two rectangles. The Octagram (the Eight Pointed Star) symbolizes Asht Lakshmee. Known in the West as the Star of Lakshmee, this star figure is used in Indian Philosophy to represent the eight forms of Wealth. Mathematically, it is a complex star figure with two rectangles with the same center at 45 degrees.

Jains add one other Lakshmee name to this list, that is Moksh Lakshmee.

Padm Puraan, p 927-928 gives her names like this --

Anant Lok Naabhi,   Bhoo,   Bhooteshwaree,   Gauree,   Ksheerod-Tanayaa,   Kamalaa,    Lakshmee,   Leelaa,    Maataa,   Mahaadevee,   Naaraayan Varaarohaa,   Nityaa,   Padmaakshee,   Padmaalayaa,   Padmahastaa,   Padmasundaree,   Ramaa,   Rati,   Rukminee,   Saraswatee,   Sarvagataa,   Sarvasukhpradaa,   Sarvavedvatee,   Satee,   Satyaa,   Shaanti,   Shree,  Shubhaa,   Swaahaa,   Swadhaa,   Vidyaa,   Vishnor Nityaanu Paayinee,   Vishnupatnee,   Vishnupriya.

Who reads these names in the morning, he gets lots of wealth.


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