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see also   Darshan   Yog Sootra of Patanjali;   

(1) Thread.   (2) Mathematical or chemical formula.

(3) Aphorism
According to Padm Puraan, "A Sootra is "a Sootra should have few alphabets (Alpha = Akshar or letters) of an unambiguous meaning, be full of essence (Saar-yukt - said only after considering all arguments for and against it, infallible and without blemish). Or in other words, Aphorism or a book of instructions in the style of aphorism. A condensed work which carries meaning of immeasurable strength without mistake or fault. Numerous Hindu religious and secular books subsidiary to main Ved Sanhitaa were written in Sootra style. These Sootra can be for any subject. Read below ome Sootra which are on various subjects --

(1) Kalp Sootra
One set of such books is called Kalp Sootra. Kalp Sootra can be divided in four types - Shraut Sootra, Shulva Sootra, Grihya Sootra, and Dharm Sootra. The first two have ceased to be of any significant value. Grihya Sootra describes procedure for Sanskaar (sacraments) throughout the life of a person - see Sanskaar. The other one, Dharm Sootra, prescribes the law and rules of social and moral behavior and include some 20+ works.

(2) Vedaang Sootra
Besides Kalp Sootra, the other famous Sootra style compositions are Baadaraayan's "Vedaant Sootra" (also called "Brahm Sootra") and Paanini's "Ashtaadhyaayee" Sootra composed in prose. The reason for this style of composition was that in the absence of printing facilities, everything was to be memorized and therefore was needed to be condensed in as few words as possible. Sometimes this condensation made it difficult for a reader to understand what the author really meant. Baadaraayan's "Vedaant Sootra" is a typical example of this difficulty.
[Aangiras, p 396-397]

Some Other Sootra
Aagam Sootra -
Aagam Sootra is related to Shaivites.

Ashwalaayan Grihya Sootra -
Ved rituals Sootra for Grihasth - read Ashwalaayan Grihya Sootra

Ashwalaayan's Shraut Sootra -
a Vaidik manual of sacrificial ceremonies composed for the use of the class of priests called Hotaa, or Hotar, or Hotri, whose main function was to invoke the gods.

Baadaraayan's Vedaant Sootra (Brahm Sootra)

Grihya Sootra
There are many Grihya Sootra - social laws.

Kaatyaayan's Sulabhaa Sootra
Written by Kaatyaayan. One of the later Sootra - a series of nine texts on the geometry of altar constructions, dealing with rectangles, right-sided triangles, rhombuses, etc.

Paanini's Ashtaadhyaayee Sootra -
Sootra for Sanskrit grammar

Patanjali's Yog Sootra -
Patanjali text contains 195 Sootra - brevity and conciseness (Laghutar), for example - The pain which is yet to come is to be avoided. Patanjali is believed to be the incarnation of Anant serpent Bhagavaan. When he decided to teach Yog to world, he fell from sky and fell into the open palms of Anjalee (Pat mean fall and when two open palms are joined together side by side, it is called Anajalee), that is why he is known as Patanjali. Read a Story About Patanjali)

Vaatsyaayan's Kaam Sootra
This Sootra is for art and practice of love.


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