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Ashwalaayan Grihya Sootra

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Ashwalaayan Grihya Sootra
Adapted from written by  Vinay Jha

Ashvalaayana Grihya Sutram.  Edited and commented by Dr Jamuna Pathak
Publisher : Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series, (www.chowkhambasanskritseries.comemail :

Relevant portion is in 2nd chapter of Ashwalaayan Grihya Parishishtam, Sanskrit on page 330 and Hindi on page 334. This chapter describes the entire procedure of Graha Yagya for propitiating nine planets. Unfortunately, this Vaidik Yagya for Graha Shaanti is now not practiced by Jyotishee or Vaidik Braahman and short-cuts are used for cost-saving. But this book tells us that a minimum of nine priests can perform this Nava Graha Yagya, which is not too costly. In this Yagya, the invocation (Aavaahan) portion of Yagya requests Raahu to come with Sarp and Kaal (Sarpakaalaabhyaam) to participate in the Yagya.

Since this book is concerned with Yagya and not directly with Jyotish, we cannot expect to get more information about Sarp Kaal or Kaal Sarp, but it is clear that Raahu was propitiated for astrological reasons in Vaidik texts and Raahu was associated with some Malefic thing known as Sarp + Kaal (two separate entities, because "Sarpakaalaabhyaam" is used in dual number). Kaal and Sarp are two different things and are some entities different from Raahu but associated with Raahu. It implies that Sarpakaal is not a permanent attribute of Raahu, and Raahu may or may not come with Sarpakaal.

Another implication of this chapter is that if Raahu with Sarpakaal are worshipped properly through this Yagya, they may turn into Benefics, or at least their malefic attributes may get diluted.

We cannot get more information due to loss of ancient texts. Even BPHS has lost two thirds of its contents according to a verse in Mumbai's Khemraj edition of BPHS. Nearly 2 Lakh Sanskrit manuscripts have already been catalogued in India and more are being done, which need publication. We may hope to get more information after these texts get published. But there is no serious plan to this end from any university or government. Private initiative needs team effort, which is wanting.


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