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2-Dwiteeya Ansh

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1-Lineage of Priyavrat

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1-Lineage of Priyavrat
3-Vishnu Puraan, 2-Dwiteeya Ansh, p 105-
See also 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 5/1-4

Lineage of Priyavrat 

Maitreya Jee said - "Hey Muni, You told me about Manu's son Uttaanpaad's son Dhruv, but you have not told me about Priyavrat - his another son. I wish to hear about him." Paraashar said - "Priyavrat married Kardam Rishi's daughter. He had two daughters - Samraat and Kukshi, and 10 sons from her. His 10 sons were - (1) Aagneedhra, (2) Agnibaahu, (3) Vapushmaan, (4) Dyutimaan. (5) Medhaa, (6) Medhaatithi, (7) Bhavya, (8) Savan, (9) Putra and 910) Jyotishmaan. Among these 10 sons, Medhaa, Agnibaahu and Putra were Yogee and knew about their previous lives. They had no desires so they used to enjoy all pleasures without any indulgence in them. So Priyavrat distributed his kingdom into seven Dweep (island) to his rest of the seven sons. Aagneedhra got Jamboo Dweep, Medhaatithi got Pluksh Dweep, Vapushmaan got Shaalmal Dweep, Jyotishman got Kush Dweep, Dyutimaan got Kraunch Dweep, Bhavya got Shaak Dweep, and Savan got Pushkar Dweep.

Aagneedhra had nine sons - (1) Naabhi, (2) Kimpurush, (3) Harivarsh, (4) Ilaavrit, (5) Ramya, (6) Hiranyavaan, (7) Kuru, (8) Bhadraashwa, and (9) Ketumaal. Aagneedhra gave him Varsh (southern part of Jamboo Dweep - today's Bhaarat) to Naabhi; Hemkoot Varsh to Kimpurush, Nishadh Varsh to Harivarsh; Ilaavrit Varsh (which has Meru Parvat in the center) to Ilaavrit; and the Varsh close to Neelaachal to Ramya.

He gave Shwet Varsh (northern part of Jamboo Dweep) to Hiranyavaan and the Varsh which is north of Shringvaan Parvat to Kuru; and the Varsh which is located in the east of Meru to Badraashwa; and Gandhmaadan Varsh to Ketumaal. After giving these Varsh to his nine sons, he went to Shaalgraam Teerth.

Hey Muni, Among them Kimpurush etc eight Varsh have lots of comforts and pleasures and people get everything without doing anything. They have nothing like pain, untimely death, or old age. There is no difference between Dharm and A-Dharm, or highest, medium and lowest etc. In these eight Varsh, there is no change of Yug.

Naabhi had Him Varsh. He married Meru Devee and had a son named Rishabh. Rishabh had 100 sons among whom Bharat was the eldest. He gave his kingdom to Bharat and went to Pulah Aashram for Tap. There he did many kinds of Yagya and vows etc. In the end he put a stone in his mouth and went to Param Lok in nude condition. Since then this Him Varsh has been named as Bhaarat Varsh. Bharat had a son named Sumati. He gave him his kingdom and died in Shaalgraam area. He then took birth in a Braahman family. I will tell you later about him.

Sumati's son was Indradyumn; 
Indradymn's son was Pratihaar; 
Pratihaar's son was Pratihartaa; 
Pratihartaa's son was Bhav; 
Bhav's son was Udgeeth; 
Udgeeth's son was Prastaav, 
Prastaav's son was Prithu; 
Prithu's son was Nakt; 
Nakt's son was Gaya,
Gaya's son was Nar; 
Nar's son was Viraat; 
Viraat's son was Mahaaveerya; 
Mahaaveerya's son was Dheemaan; 
Dheemaan's son was Mahaant; 
Mahaant's son was Mansyu; 
Manasyu's son was Twashtaa; 
Twashtaa's son was Viraj; 
Viraj's son was Raj; 
Raj's son was Shatjit; 
Shatjit had 100 sons. Among them Vishwajyoti was main. These 100 sons increased the number of people a lot. This Bhaarat Varsh was divided in nine divisions and they all ruled over these nine divisions. In ancient times they enjoyed it for 71 Chatur-Yug (almost for one Manvantar).

This is the family of Swaayambhuv Manu of first Manvantar of this Varaah Kalp.



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