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1-Braahm Parv

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18-Saamb is Cured

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18-Saamb is Cured
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 144-162

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.


(Chap 127-128) King Shataaneek asked - "Muni, Then how did Saamb worship Soorya and how did he get cured of his leprosy?" Sumantu Muni said - "Hey Raajan, Hearing the importance of Soorya Bhagavaan, Saamb went to his father Krishn and asked His permission to go to forest to worship Soorya Dev to get cured of his terrible disease. Krishn gave him permission, so he went to Mitra Van (present Multaan) area on the banks of Chandrabhaagaa River in the North of Sindhu River and started doing Tapasyaa. He used to worship him with this Stotra - this is Soorya's Sahastra Naam Stotra ( the Stotra is given on p 145-146 ). Soorya said - "I am very pleased with you Bhakti, ask me anything you desire for." Saamb said - "I have my Bhakti in your feet." Soorya said - "Be it so, now you ask any other Var." Saamb said - "Make me healthy by your grace." Soorya said - "Be it so." And Saamb's body had become perfectly healthy. Soorya said - "Pleased with you, I give you another Var that this place will be known now by your name. Now you establish me on this place. I will be appearing in your dream at time to time." And Soorya Dev got disappeared. Whoever reads this Stotra three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening Sandhyaa) or does Havan 121 times in 7 days (18 times a day), he gets whatever he wishes for."

Sumantu Muni said - "When Saamb was doing Tap, he was very sad, so seeing him like this Soorya appeared in his dream and said - "Saamb, There is no need to read my Sahastra Naam Stotra, I tell you a secret Stotra, you do Paath of that Stotra, you will get the same result as of Sahastra Naam Stotra, so he told him his another Stotra - 21-name Stotra ( this 21-name Stotra is given on p 146). Saamb, These 21 names are very dear to me and this Stotra is famous as "Stavaraaj". It makes one healthy, wealthy and famous. Who worships me with this Stotra at both times (morning and evening) he becomes free from all sins. This is my Jaap, Havan and Sandhyaa worship. This Mantra destroys all sins while donating food, taking bath, at the time of greeting me or circumambulating me." After saying this Soorya Dev got disappeared and Saamb got healthy by praying Soorya Dev with this "Stavaraaj" Mantra."

Saamb Gets Soorya Idol

(Chap 129) Sumantu Muni said - "Saamb got very happy to get this Var from Soorya Dev. He took bath in Chandrabhaagaa River along with other Rishi and thought how to get Soorya's idol to establish it here. At the same time he saw an idol flowing in the river coming toward him. He took out that idol and established in Mitra Van with the help of Braahman. One day he did Pranaam to that idol and asked it - "Dev, Who has built your this idol? It is very beautiful." The idol spoke - "Saamb, In ancient times my form was very fiery and powerful. All Devtaa prayed me that I should keep my form in such a way that all beings can tolerate my form, otherwise all will burn." Then I ordered Vishwakarmaa to trim me. Then he made my this beautiful idol with Kalp Vriksh (tree) wood trimming me by putting on his lathe in Shaak Dweep. I ordered him to flow this idol in Chandrabhaagaa River for you only. This place is very holy, everyday people will see me here. In the morning Brahmaa, in the afternoon Vishnu and in the evening Shiv will worship me." After saying this Soorya got disappeared and Saamb got very happy to get that idol."

Types of Idol

Naarad Jee said - "Saamb, Now I tell you the method of making idols. Seven types of Soorya idol can be made - gold, silver, copper, stone, clay, wood, and picture drawing. One should make the idol one-arm tall, or two-arm tall, or three-arm tall or three and a half-arm tall, or according to the size of the door of the temple. One-idol is beautiful, two-arm idol gives wealth, three-arm idol fulfills all wishes, three and a half-arm idol is good for the country. One should make the idol of 1/8th size of temple's door. This idol should be established in auspicious Muhoort."

Note - All information about Soorya's temple and establishing Soorya's idol in it is given here, p 148-156.

Description of Mag

(Chap 139-141) Saamb said - "Hey Naarad Jee, I saw Soorya Bhagavaan by your grace, but then who is going to take care of this temple?" Naarad Jee said -"Saamb, No Braahman is going to take up this job, because Braahman who subsist on Dev worship or Dev money, are called Devalak. Who accept Dev money or Braahman money for greed, they fall in Narak. Therefore no Braahman wants to become the worshipper of Devtaa. You better go to Soorya Bhagavaan and ask him only, only he will be able to tell you some way; or alternatively you talk to King Ugrasen's Purohit Gaurmukh." So Saam went to Gaurmukh and said to him politely - "Mahaaraaj, I have built a temple of Soorya, please accept that temple." Gaurmukh said - "I am a Braahman and you are a king. My Braahmanship will be spoiled if I accept your offer. Accepting donation is the Dharm of Braahman, but he should not take Dev temple. Give this Daan to some Mag, only he is eligible for Soorya's worship."

Saamb asked - "Who is Mag and whose son he is? Tell me about him." Gaurmukh said - "Mag is the son of Soorya (Agni) and Nikshubhaa. In previous life Nikshubhaa was the daughter of Maharshi Rigjihn. Once she crossed Agni, so Agni Dev got angry. Later Soorya (Agni and Nikshubhaa had a son who was called Mag. By the Var of Soorya Dev Mag and his descendents wear the Avyang and are Soorya's Bhakt. They were especially appointed to worship Soorya. These Mag live in Shaak Dweep. To get them for Soory'a worship, you will have to go to Shaak Dweep."

Hearing this Saamb went to his father (Krishn), and with His permission, he went to Shaak Dweep riding on Garud. There he saw the Mag busy in Soorya's worship. Saamb said to them - "Blessed are you who are busy in Soorya's worship. I have built a temple on the banks of Chandrabhaagaa River and by his order I have come to take you to give that temple to you." Mag said - "Soorya Dev has already informed us about it." Saamb brought them to Mitra Van riding on Garud. Soorya Bhagavaan got very happy to see Mag and said - "Now you don't worry, these Mag will worship me." Thus Saamb offered that temple to Mag.

Avyang and Its Importance

Once Saamb asked maharshi Vyaas about the Avyang worn by Mag. Vyaas Jee said - "Devtaa, Rishi, Naag, Gandharv, Apsaraa, Yaksh and  Raakshas stay with Soorya according to seasons. His chariot is tied with Vaasuki Naag. Once Vaasuki Naag's sking came off and fell down. Soorya adorned it with gold and gems and wore in his waist. That is why Soorya's Bhakt wear this Avyang to please their Devtaa Soorya. By wearing that Bhojak get cleansed.

Therefore this Avyang should be hollow in the middle like snake's skin. It should be made by cotton thread. This Avyang is the best if it is 200 fingers long, medium if it is 120 fingers long and ordinary if it is 108 fingers long - thus it should not be shorter than this. It should be worn after the age of 7 like Yagyopaveet. This is Bhojak's chief Sanskaar. Soorya Bhakt should always worship Soorya wearing this."

Method of Worship of Soorya

(Chap 143-144) Sumantu Muni said - "Saamb came back to Naarad Jee and told everything and asked him - "How to offer Arghya, Dhoop etc to Soorya?" Naarad Jee said - "First take bath, donate gold and do Aachaman three times, worship Soorya Dev sitting on Aasan. Who worships Soorya thus three times a day, he gets the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya. If one doesn't get good flowers, at least offer leaves, or offer Dhoop only, or offer water only, or do Pranaam only. And if one cannot do Pranaam, he can do mental worship. Otherwise one should worship with all materials."

Sumantu Muni said - "Raajan, Once Vyaas Jee came to Dwaarakaa to see Krishn. Krishn offered him Arghya, worshipped him and made him sit on an Aasan. He asked him about Bhojak brought by Saamb to worship Soorya. Vyaas Jee said - "Bhojak are the worshippers of Soorya Bhagavaan and in the end they get absorbed in Soorya's Kalaa. Soorya has three Kalaa. His first Kalaa exists in Agni which completes all Karm. His second Kalaa exists in Aakaash (sky), and the third Kalaa exists in Soorya Mandal.

Soorya's Mandal is eternal. In the center of this Mandal, Paramaatmaa exists in the form of Purush. This Purush is in the form of Kshar and A-Kshar who is called Mahaa Soorya. He is of two types - Sakal and Nishkal. Situated in all Bhoot along with His elements, that Paramaatma is called Sakal; and when He is without elements, he is called Nishkal. When this Paramaatmaa exists in the second Kalaa then He makes rains, and when He exists in His third Kalaa, Taijas Kalaa, gives His Bhakt Moksh. This Paramaatmaa is a form of Omkaar. Omkaar has 3 and a 1/2 letters. Among these who meditates on the 1/2 M (the third letter M in Omkaar), he obtains good knowledge. Soorya's form is that M, and because they meditate upon M, that is why they are called Mag. They worship Soorya in various ways and offer various kinds of Naivedya to Soorya that is why they are called Bhojak."

Yog and Gyaan in Bhojak

(Chap 145) Ktishn said - "Hey Muni, Now please tell about the Gyaan of Bhojak." Vyaas Jee said - "This body is made up of bones, flesh. blood etc, one should not love it. Living under the trees, keeping clay pot to eat food, wearing ordinary clothes, not to take any help from anyone, and treating everybody same - these are the characteristics of a detached person. Soorya's color in the morning is red and Rig Ved and Saatwik in his form, in the afternoon his color is white and Yajur Ved and Saatwik in form, and in the evening is black and Saam Ved and Taamasik in form. Beyond these three forms, there is a fourth form also which is subtle and in flame form.

Good and Bad Bhojak

(Chap 146-147) King Shataaneek asked - "Muni, These worshippers of Soorya, Bhojak, are Divine, are born from Soorya and are very dear to him. That is why they are respectable, but how they are called A-Bhojya?" Sumantu Muni said - "Raajan, I tell you the dialog between Vaasudev and Kritvarmaa. Once Naarad and Parvat Muni went to Saambpur, ate food in the house of Bhojak, and came to Dwaarakaa Puree. Kritvarmaa got some doubts in that and asked Krishn, "How could they take Bhojak's food?" Krishn said - "Whoever Bhojak do not wear Avyang and worship Soorya without wearing Avyang and taking bath, takes Shoodra's food, adopt farming abandoning Soorya worship, whose Sanskaar are not performed, do not have conch and do not shave their heads - they are the low grade Bhojak. All religious Karm done by such Bhojak become useless. Who take food without offering to Bhagavaan, their food takes them to Narak. That is why a Bhojak should take food after offering to Soorya Dev, this purifies their body."

Krishn further said - "Kritvarmaa, What Soorya told Arun in this regard, listen to that also. Whoever Bhojak, take other' women, or wealth; tell bad words about Devtaa and Ved; do not do Havan of Bhagavatee Mahaashwetaa; do not know Soorya Mudraa (poses) and the names of my Paarshad attendants); are not eligible to worship me. Contrary to that, whoever Bhojak worship Devtaa, Pitar, human beings; shave their heads; wear Avyang; are not angry; take bath and worship three times a day; do Panch Mahaa-Yagya (Dev, Pitar, Rishi, A-Tithi, and Bhoot); keep Nakt Vrat (eating once in the night) on Shashthee falling on Sunday and complete fast on Saptamee and Sankraanti; worship Braahman who read Puraan; are dear to me." After saying this Soorya Dev went toward Sumeru Parvat."

Sumantu Muni said - "Raajan, What is the use of saying it further, as there is no Shaastra greater than Ved, no river like Gangaa, no Yagya like Ashwamedh Yagya, no happiness like getting a son, no resting place like mother and no Devtaa like Soorya; in the same way no other person is dearer to Soorya than Bhojak."



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