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16-Other Teerth-1

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16-Other Teerth-1
6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 721-735

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Prabhaas Kshetra

Mohinee then desired to know about Prabhaas Kshetra Teerth, so Vasu Jee further said - "Now I tell you about Prabhaas Kshetra where Vishwanaath is famous as Somnaath and where there are innumerable Teerth. Its extent is 12 Yojan (108 mile). In the middle of this is its center which is five Yojan wide. In the middle of the center is Go-Charm (2,100 arm-length long and wide land) Teerth. Its importance is more than Kailaash. There is an Ark Sthal where there are thousands of Ling along with the Siddheshwar Ling. There is Agni Teerth on the sea shore; one should worship Kapardeeshwar there. Then there are Kedaareshwar, Bheemeshwar, Bhairaveshwar, Chandeeshwar, Bhaaskareshwar, Angaareshwar, Gurveeshwar, Someshwar, Bhrigujeshwar, Shaneeshchar, Raahveeshwar and Ketweeshwar. Who worships Bhooteshwar etc 14 Ling, he enjoys pleasures here and then goes to Rudra Lok.

Who worships Balraam, Krishn and Subhadraa near Nagaraaditya, he attains Krishn's Saayujya. By worshipping Chhaayaa Ling one destroys his sins. By worshipping Gangeshwar, one gets Gangaa Snaan Punya. There are many Teerth on Raivatak Parvat. There is no other Teerth like Prabhaas Kshetra in the three worlds."

Pushkar Teerth

Who lives in Pushkar Van even without reason, he gets the fruit of Ashtaang Ashtaang Yog. There is no other holy land like this on Prithvi. There are three peaks, there are three waterfalls, and there are three ponds - Jyeshth, Madhya and Kanishth. There is a Teerth named Nandaa Saraswatee which is about one Yojan far from Pushkar. Besides these, there are Koti Teerth, Agastya Aashram, Saptarshi Aashram, Manu Aashram etc. If there is Krittikaa Nakshatra on Kaartik Poornimaa, it is considered a great day. At that time one should take bath in Aakaash (sky) Pushkar. When Sun is in Vishaakhaa Nakshatra and Moon is in Krittikaa Nakshatra, it is called Aakaash Pushkar Yog. Who takes bath in this Yog, he goes to Swarg.

To the south of Pushkar pond there is Saavitree Devee on one peak. Who worships her, he becomes the knower of Ved. There are separate Teerth for Varaah, Nrasinh, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, Soorya. Chandramaa, Kaartikeya, Paarvatee and Agni. Whoever takes bath in them and donates to Braahman, he attains good Gati. It is difficult to have a bath, or Tapasyaa opportunity, or to donate, or to live in Pushkar, so who thinks about Pushkar with Bhakti, he attains the fruit of bath in it."

Gautam Aashram

Vasu Jee further said - Gautam's Aashram destroys all sins. Who lives in Gautam Aashram for 12 years with Bhakti, he goes to Shiv Dhaam. Once when Gautam Rishi was doing Tapasyaa, it didn't rain for 12 years. As the dry season started, many Muni came to him from many places and asked him for food to survive. He said to those Rishi who believed in his Tapasyaa - "You may stay here in my Aashram, till this famine is there, I will provide you with food." After saying this he meditated up on Gangaa Devee and she appeared from the ground. Rishi sowed the seed of Agahanee rice and by the afternoon the plants grew and started bearing fruits. Thus 12 years passed for those Rishi eating that Agahanee rice. It was over after 12 years and those Rishi went to their respective places.

One day Shiv gave him Darshan pleased with his Tapasyaa and said - "Ask for a Var." He said - "Please give me this Var that I should always have Bhakti for you and I should always see you on this Parvat near my Aashram." Thus Shiv gave him his Saameepya. Shiv started living there in the same form. Since then that Parvat was called Tryambak. Who take bath in Godaavaree, they attain Moksh; and who worship Maheshwar after taking bath in Goadaavaree, they are Maheshwar themselves. Thus there are several Teerth on Godaavaree. Godaavaree is somewhere seen and somewhere hidden. But in Panchvatee she can be seen properly. When Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa came here to live here, since then it became holier than before."


Vasu Jee further said - "Mahaadev always are in control of their Bhakt. Once upon a time, Vyaas Jee's disciple Jaimini came to Pundareekpur along with his disciples - Agniveshya etc. It was as beautiful as Amaraavatee Puree. Jaimini got very happy to see that city, they took bath there, did Sandhyaa, Tarpan etc. He made a Shiv Ling there and worshipped it. As he finished his worship, Shiv appeared before him. Jaimini prostrated before him and said - "Today I am blessed that you have appeared before me." Shiv Jee said - "Son, tell me what do you want?" Jaimini said - "Bhagavan, I wish to see you along with Maa Paarvatee, Ganesh and Kaartikeya." Shiv Jee then appeared before him in that way and asked him again - "Speak, Now what do you want?" Jaimini said smilingly - "Now I wish to have a glimpse of your Taandav dance."

Shiv Jee showed him that too. Jaimini was just lost in the joy of seeing that dance. He then prayed him with Ved Stotra. (It is a very long Stotra - p 728-733, but no Mantra are given here) Jaimini got the leadership over Shiv Gan. Who reads one, or half, or even one fourth Shlok of this Stotra, he attains Shiv Lok. Thus where Shiv danced, that place became a Teerth place. Who donates anything in that Teerth, it becomes immortal."

Gokarn Kshetra

Vasu Jee further said - "Hey Mohinee, There is a Gokarn Teerth on the coast of Western sea. It extends up to two Kos (4 and 1/2 miles). When Sagar's sons had dug the earth, then sea came up to there and covered it with its water up to 30 Yojan land. The people, Devtaa, Asur etc moved from there to Sahya Parvat and Gokarn Teerth was also submerged into water. Rishi thought to bring it out again, so they went to Mahendra Parvat to see Parashuraam Jee. Parashuraam Jee welcomed those Rishi and asked the purpose of their coming there. They said - "We live in Gokarn Aashram. Sagar's sons dug Prithvi, so we had to leave that place. Please help us to resettle us there."

Parashuraam Jee picked his bow and arrow and went to that place and said to Devtaa of sea - Varun - "I have come to see you with a special purpose, please appear before us." But Varun didn't appear before him so Parashuraam picked his bow and prepared Agni Vaan (Fire missile) to dry the sea. Frightened with that missile, Varun Jee came there and fell on his feet. Parashuraam Jee asked him to move from that place so that Gokarn Terth could be seen and people can live there again." Sea moved from there, Parashuraam Jee worshipped Gokarn's Lord Mahaadev and went away. Paarvatee, and other Devtaa live there. All Karm done in this Teerth are million times more fruitful.



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