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2-Uttar Bhaag

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17-Other Teerth-2

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17-Other Teerth-2
6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 735-

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Lakshman Teerth

Mohinee then desired to know about Lakshman Teerth, so Vasu Jee further said - "Now I tell you about Lakshman Teerth. In ancient times, at the request of Brahmaa Jee, Vishnu appeared in Dasharath's house in four forms - Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn. After some time Vishwaamitra Jee came to Ayodhyaa and took Raam and Lakshman to protect his Yagya. Raam killed Taadakaa and Subaahu by Maanav Astra and threw Maareech far away. Then Vishwaamitra Jee took them to Videh Nagar. The king Janak asked him about these two boys. He told them that they were King Dasharath's sons. Janak got very happy to see them. Vishwaamitra Jee asked Janak to show them that Shiv's bow which was kept to be broken for Seetaa's marriage. Janak got it there carried by 300 people. Raam lifted that bow with His left hand and broke it soon. Janak Jee married his two daughters - Seetaa and Urmilaa, to Raam and Lakshman respectively. Then he invited king Dasharath and married his brother's two daughters to Bharat and Shatrughn also. On the way to Ayodhyaa, Raam pacified Parashuraam Jee on breaking Shiv's bow.

After some time, Dasharath wanted to install Raam as crown prince, but king's youngest queen Kaikeyee intervened Raam's coronation and asked Dasharath to coronate her own son Bharat on that position [and asked him to send Raam to forest]. Raam Lakshman and Seetaa went to forest and stayed on Chitrakoot Parvat for some time. [Dasharath couldn't tolerate this and died after Raam had left for forest.] Hearing this Bharat came back from his maternal grandmother's house, fie to his mother and went to forest to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa, but Raam returned him after giving His Paadukaa (shoes). Then Raam went to many Rishi's Aashram and passed there 12 years. Then He went to Panchvatee and lived there.

In Janasthaan lived Raavan's sister Shoorpankhaa. She got attracted to Raam, so He asked Lakshman to cut her nose and ears. She sent her two brothers, Khar and Dooshan along with 14,000 army and Trishiraa to kill Raam, but Raam killed all of them. Hearing this Raavan asked Maareech to keep away Raam and Lakshman from their hut by assuming the form of a golden deer, and he himself abducted Seetaa Jee. When Raam and Lakshman came back they did not find Seetaa in the hut. As they went out to search for Her, Jataayu told them that Raavan had taken Her and he died. From there they came to Rishyamook Parvat, extended friendship with Sugreev through Hanumaan, killed Baali and returned Sugreev's kingdom to him.

Then with Sugreev's permission, He started searching for Seetaa. Hanumaan succeeded in searching Seetaa. He went to Lankaa at the suggestion of Sampaati. There he found Seetaa Jee. He burned the whole Lankaa and brought back the news of Seetaa to Raam. so they collected millions of Vaanar, built a bridge on sea and crossed the sea to kill Raavan. Raavan's younger brother explained him a lot to return Seetaa to Raam but he did not hear anything, so Vibheeshan defected to Raam. Lakshman killed Indrajit and Raam killed Raavan and Kumbhkarn. Raam tested Seetaa by Agni Pareekshaa (fire test), appointed Vibheeshan as the king of Lankaa and came back to Ayodhyaa in Pushpak Vimaan.

He was coronated as the king of Ayodhyaa and started ruling but because of public defame, Raam abandoned Seetaa. She went to Vaalmeeki Rishi's Aashram. There She gave birth to two sons - Lav and Kush. Vaalmeeki Jee taught them everything. He taught them to sing his own written Raamaayan also. At that time Raam did an Ashwamedh Yagya. Both brothers went there and sang Raam's life account. Raam got very happy to hear that and He called Vaalmeeki Jee along with Seetaa. Seetaa handed over His sons to Him and She herself entered Prithvi. After that Raam passed his life as a Brahmchaaree.

After long time passed, Brahmaa sent Kaal to request Raam to return His Lok. Kaal said - "I wish to talk to you in a lonely place so keep watch that nobody comes in, and if somebody does, you should kill him." Raam appointed Lakshman as a watchman. At the same time Durvaasaa Muni came there and desired to see Raam, but Lakshman asked him politely to wait for a while. At this Durvaasaa Muni threatened to burn him. Lakshman Jee got afraid of him and immediately rushed to inform Raam about Muni. Seeing Lakshman entering the room, Kaal said to Raam, "Now you kill him." Raam pleased Durvaasaa Muni, fed him and bade farewell to him. Raam said to Lakshman - "I am in a great flux. I have to kill you. "I have abandoned you." This is your death by me, so you can go wherever you like to go."

Lakshman went on a mountain and started doing Tapasyaa. Raam also went to His Dhaam along with His family and people of Ayodhyaa. Laksman did Tapsayaa for some time then followed his elder brother. Lakshman bestowed a boon to that Parvat that he would always be with him so that Parvat is now a great Teerth. Whatever auspicious Karm is done there becomes immortal there."

Mohinee said - "Now I wish to hear Raameshwaram's glory." Vasu Jee further said - "Here lives Raam and whoever does Darshan of this Teerth becomes immortal. There are Chakra Teerth, Seetaa Kund, Hanumat Kund, Shiv Teerth, Koti Teerth, also here. Whoever takes bath here his all sins are destroyed and he goes to their respective Lok.

Narmadaa River, Avantee (Ujjain), Mathuraa

On Narmadaa's northern shore are 11 Teerth, and on its southern shore are 23 Teerth. Narmadaa's Sangam at sea is said to be its 35th Teerth. There are 35 million (3 and 1/2 Crore) Teerth on both sides of Omkaar Teerth up to two Kos distance in all directions from Amarkantak Parvat. At Narmadaa Sangam with sea alone, there are 150,000 Teerth. Whoever donates at the shore of Narmadaa, it becomes immortal.

Now you listen to about Avantee (present Ujjain) Teerth. Mahaakaal Van is another Teerth. Here is Kapaalmochan named Teerth. By taking bath here one destroys all his sins. By worshipping Pancheshwar, one attains all Siddhi. By circumambulating Kushsthalee one attains all kinds of Siddhi. There is no definite number of Shiv Ling in Mahaakaal Van. One can please Shiv Jee by worshipping him any where. Who after taking bath in Kshipraa River, worships Maheshwar, his all desires are fulfilled. Who prays Vishnu by "Vishnu Sahastra Naam Stotra" after taking bath in Vaaman Kund, he is like Hari himself.

Mathuraa, where Vishnu Himself incarnated at Brahmaa Jee's request is another Teerth. There are Madhu Van, Taal Van, Kumud Van, Kaamya Van, Bahulaa Van, Bhadra Van, Khadir Van, Mahaa Van, lohjangh Van, Bilva Van, Bhaandeer Van, Vrindaa Van. Mathuraa's extent is 20 Yojan. Wherever one takes bath there, he attains Vishnu's Bhakti. Whoever worships here Goparn named Shiv he attains Shiv Lok. In Mathuraa, Vishnu lives in Chatur Vyooh form. Among them the first one is Varaah Moorti, second is Naaraayan Moorti, the third one is Vaaman Moorti and the fourth one is Balraam Moorti. Who worships all four, he attains Moksh.

Among the 12 Van in Mathuraa, Vrindaa Van is special. Where Vishnu preached  Brahmaa Jee, it is known as Brahm Kund. Who takes bath in that Kund ,meditating upon Krishn, he sees some Krishn related strange things there. There are many Teerth in this Kshetra and it extends up to five Yojan. In an ancient Kalp, a Braahman named Govardhan did severe Tapasyaa there. Vishnu came to give him Var. Brahman saw that Deveshwar had taken Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa and Padm in His hands and is looking very beautiful. He prostrated in front of Him. When asked for a Var, that Braahman said - "Prabho, Please stand here only on my back. This is my Var." Bhagavaan thought at this strange request for a while and then stood on his back. Now Braahman said - "Hey Prithvipati, Now I cannot put you off my back, therefore be like this only." Since then Vishnu goes to Yogee Van everyday to Govardhan Braahman in Parvat form. Now you go and attain all Punya from all these Teerth.

Soot Jee said - "After saying all this Vasu went to Brahmaa Jee and told everything about Mohinee. Brahmaa Jee got very pleased with him, so he asked him to ask for a boon. Vasu asked him that he wanted to live in Vrindaa Van. Brahmaa Jee said, "So be it." There he started doing Tapasyaa. 5,000 years passed him doing Tapasyaa. One day Krishn Bhagavaan came to him and said - "I am very pleased with you, ask for any boon." Vasu said the same thing again - "Prabhu, I wish to live in Vrindaa Van." Krishn said, "So be it." Since then Vasu has been living there assuming his desired form.

One day Vasu was sitting on the banks of Yamunaa River, that Naarad Jee came there. He told Vasu Vishnu's future events. "Brahman, One day I went to Shiv Jee and asked him about some future events. Shiv Jee said - "I also asked the same question from Surabhi. She said - "He will incarnate in Mathuraa and play in Vrindaa Van. He will be born in Vasudev's house, but because of Kans, He will go to Brij and will kill many Asur. Then He will kill Kans, free His parents, marry eight princesses, marry 16,000 princesses after killing Bhaumaasur, kill many other kings, kill Kaurav themselves and their army, and Paandav's army. In the last He will kill His own family too and will go to His Dhaam. Now you go there and see all this with your own eyes." When the time comes you will also see all this. Thus I came back from Shiv's place. This is a future event which I have told you." After saying this Naarad Jee went away and Vasu waited for Krishn to come there.

Soot Jee said - "Mohinee also went to all Teerth and tried to destroy her sins. Then she entered Yamunaa's waters and never came out. She got established herself in the ending part of Dashmee, so if there is Dashamee at sunrise on Ekaadashee day, she spoils that fast. In the same way she spoils Ekaadashee of Vaidik people too if Dashamee is at sunrise time; and she spoils Ekaadashee of Vaishnav if Dashamee is at the night time. Therefore O Braahman, Always keep fast on Ekaadashee which is without Dashamee and worship Vishnu on Dwaadashee.

Thus I told you this Naarad Puraan which is very holy. Vyaas Jee told me not to tell this to everybody. In earlier times, Sanakaadi Muni told this to Naarad Jee, Hari told this to Sanakaadi Muni. Naarad Jee told this Vyaas Jee, and today I have told this to you.

Naarad Puraan-Uttar Bhaag Ends Here



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