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2-Uttar Bhaag

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6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 709-720

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth


Mohinee then desired to know about Kurukshetra Teerth, so Vasu Jee further said - "Now I tell you about Kurukshetra. These four  types of people  attain Moksh - (1) Brahm Gyaanee, (2) who has done Gayaa Shraadh, (3) dying while saving a cow and (4) living in Kurukshetra. The land between Saraswatee and Drishdwatee is called Brahmaavart or Kurukshetra.. Long before, a Brahm Sarovar appeared here, then there was Parashuraam Kund, and after that it became famous as Kurukshetra. The Sarovar which was built by Brahmaa Jee here, that is there even today. Where Maarkandeya Rishi did Tapasyaa, there appeared Saraswatee River from a Pluksh tree, filled the pond with its water and went to Westward. Then king Kuru ploughed that place (five Yojan) with his plough. Since then that Samant Panchak Kshetra has started being called Kurukshetra. Whoever dies here goes to Brahm Lok. All fasts, Daan, Hom, Jap, and worshipping Devtaa give immortal Punya here. Who dies in Brahm Vedee, he never takes birth.

Kurukshetra consists of several forests and rivers. Its seven forests' names are - Kaamyak Van, Aditi Van, Vyaas Van, Phalakee Van, Soorya Van, Madhu Van, and Seetaa Van. There are Saraswatee River, Vaitaranee River, Mandaakinee Gangaa, Madhusravaa, Drishdwatee, Kaushikee and Hairanyavatee rivers. All rivers except Saraswatee flow only in rainy season. Because they flow in a Punya Kshetra, they never become unholy.

One should start his journey by first saluting Rantuk, then go to Aditi Van. If any woman takes bath here with Bhakti, she gives birth to a mighty son. In fact there are many Teerth there. In Shaalkinee Teerth, one should worship Hari and Shankar and get his wishes fulfilled. In Panchnad Teerth Shankar roared five times to frighten Asur. If one takes bath there and does Daan, he becomes fearless. In Som Teerth, Chandramaa got healthy, so one should take bath there. There is a Vaaman Teerth there where Vaaman Bhagavaan came to ask alms from Bali. One should take bath in Sapt Saaraswatee Teerth where seven Saraswatee meet. The names of seven Saraswatee are - Suprabhaa, Kaanchaakshee, Vishaalaakshee, Manoharee, Sunandaa, Suvenu, Vimalodakaa. There are Kapaalmochan, Vishwaamitra Teerth, Vashishth Teerth, Kuru Teerth, Shukra Teerth, Brahm Teerth etc etc.


Vasu Jee said - Long time ago, Daksh Jee did a Yagya of Yagyeshwar Bhagavaan where Alaknandaa had descended on Prithvi following Bhageerath. The same place is called Haridwaar. He invited all Devtaa except Shiv Jee. When Satee Jee, his daughter, came to know about his Yagya, she also expressed her desire to go to her father's Yagya, but Shiv Jee refused her saying that since he did not invite them, it was not appropriate to go there. Satee went there ignoring his advice, but nobody welcomed her there, so she immolated herself. Since then it became a Teerth place.

Hearing the news of his wife Satee from Naarad Jee, Shiv Jee created Veerbhadra and he destroyed Daksh's Yagya. Then on Brahmaa's request, Shiv Jee completed that Yagya. Who takes bath in Haripad Teerth (Hari Kee Paudee) he attains worldly pleasures and Moksh. East to it is Tri-Gang place where Gangaa can be seen. South to it is Kanakhal Teerth. If somebody keeps fast for a day and night and takes bath there, he becomes free from all sins. West to it is Koti Teerth where one should do Darshan of Koteeshwar. If somebody lives there for one night, he gets the fruit of Pundareek Yagya. To its North is Sapt Gang (Sapt Sarovar - seven ponds). It destroys all sins. There are Saptarshi's Aashram. By taking bath in all ponds, one goes to Rishi Lok. When Bhageerath was bringing Gangaa, she divided herself in seven streams to please Saptarshi.

Then there is Lalit named Teerth where king Shaantanu got Gangaa in human form and where Gangaa threw seven Vasu in her stream. Where those Vasu fell, a tree grew there. Who takes bath there and takes that herb, he never gets a bad Gati. Who takes bath in this region while Brihaspati (Jupiter) is in Kumbh Raashi (Aquarius Sign) and Sun is in Mesh Raashi (Aries Sign), he becomes like Brihaspati and second Soorya. Who donates on Sankraanti, Amaavasyaa, Yugaadi Tithi even a little, it increases a million times. Who reads Gangaa Sahastra Naam there, he gets immortal children. Who reads Puraan there he attains Parampad.

Badarik Aashram

Badaree region destroys all sins and Kali related ill-wills. Hear Nar and Naaraayan took Avataar from Dharm and Moorti. They went to Gandhmaadan Parvat for Tapasyaa and there is a tree of sweet Ber (a kind of Indian berry). Both have been doing Tapasyaa for the whole Kalp. Who live in Kalaap Graam, Naarad and other Siddh surround them. There is Agni Teerth where there are five hills. The first one is Naaradee Hill. Here is Naarad Kund where one gets whatever he wishes. Whatever Hom, Daan, Vrat etc are done here, they are all immortal. The second hill is Vainateya, where Garud did Tapasyaa for 30,000 years and Vishnu gave him Var "Be my ride who will be invincible for Asur and fearful for Naag. This Hill will be known by your name and Gangaa will also appear here." The third hill is Varaahee Hill where Varaah Avataar killed Hiranyaaksh. The fourth Hill is Narasinh Hill where Narasinh Avataar killed Hiranyakashyap. And the fifth one is Nar-Naaraayan Hill. 

In Sat Yug, Nar-Naaraayan Avataar were visible to everybody, in Tretaa Yug they were visible only to Yogee, Muni nad Devtaa, in Dwaapar Yug there visible only through Gyaan Yog. At that time Devtaa, Brahmaa, Tapaswee etc pleased them by their prayer to see their form, so They said in Divine voice - "If you wish to see my form, take my stone idol lying in Naarad Kund. Devtaa etc took out that idol and established it there. After they had worshipped it they went to their Dhaam. Every year they begin their worship in Kaartik Maas and go back to their Dhaam in Vaishaakh Maas. Thus that idol is worshipped by Devtaa for six months and by humans for six months. Who worships that idol with Bhakti, and takes Naivedya he certainly attains Moksh. In Badaree Teerth, if one takes even a little Prasaad, it destroys all sins. Thus there are five auspicious stones are established.

There is another Teerth there. Who takes bath in it, he becomes good at Ved. Once when Brahmaa Jee was sleeping, Ved came out of his mouth and Hayagreev named Asur kidnapped them. Then Vishnu appeared as a fish on request of Brahmaa Jee, killed him and returned all Ved to him. Since then it became a Teerth place. Its name is Taimingil Teerth. Later Madhu and Kaitabh named Asur also took away Ved, so Vishnu killed them assuming Hayagreev Avataar.

From here, towards South-west, five streams fall - Prabhaas, Pushkar, Gayaa, Naimish Aranya, and Kurukshetra. Taking bath in those streams separately one gets their fruits. Then there are "Chatuh-Srot", and "Saptpad". There is Dev Prayaag where Bhaagerathee meets Alaknandaa. Who lives in Badrik Teerth for one month observing Brahmcharya and with discipline, he has Darshan of Nar and Naaraayan.

Kaamaakshaa Devee

Kaamaakshaa Devee lives in east. She fulfills people's desires in Kali Yug. Who worships her living there in disciplined way eating regulated food and passes one night sitting in an Aasan, he can do Devee's Darshan. She appears in terrible forms. At that time who doesn't get frightened seeing her, he gets his desired Siddhi. There lives Paarvatee's son Siddhnaath. He never appears in front of anybody. In Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug and Dwaapar Yug people could see him in person but in Kali Yug he disappears. Who lives there for one year worshipping Kaamaakshaa Devee and meditating up on Siddhnaath Jee, he gets his Darshan in dream. At that time he gets the list of Siddhi and becomes Siddh on Prithvi. He can get everything through the effect of Var. In fact Yogee Matsya Naath is present here with the name of Siddhnaath. He is busy in Tapasyaa. fulfilling people's desired wishes. 



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