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6-Shashth Ansh

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3-Vishnu Puraan - 6-Shashth Ansh - p 454-459

Vishnu Puraan's Importance and Discipleship

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Muni, Thus I have described you the third type of Pralaya - the Aatyantik Pralaya which is simply Moksh. I told you about the Creation, Pralaya (dissolution), lineages, Manvantar, characters of families. This was Vishnu Puraan. Now ask me whatever you wish to ask for, I will surely tell you." Maitreya Jee said - "Bhagavan, Whatever I asked you, you told me everything, now I don't have to listen to anything. By your grace my all doubts are cleared. I have had the knowledge of Creation, existence and dissolution of Universe. I have known the three types of Raashi - Vibhooti of Vishnu ; three types of Powers; three types of Bhaavanaa. I am satisfied now and I don't want to ask anything else."

Paraashar Jee said - "By listening to this Vishnu Puraan, all sins arisen from any kind of sin and fault are destroyed. In this book Devtaa, Gandharv, Naag, Raakshas, Siddh, Apsaraa (Divine damsels) have been described. Muni, Chaaturvarnya (four Varn division of the society), characters of great people, holy places, holy rivers, seas. mountains, Dharm, Ved etc; Bhagavaan Vishnu all are described. Whatever fruits are obtained after doing Ashwamedh Yagya, the same is attained after listening to this Puraan. Whatever fruit one attains after doing fast in Prayaag (Allaahaabaad), Kurukshetra, Pushakar, etc places, the same is attained by listening to this Puraan. Whatever fruit one attains by doing Yagya daily for one year, the same is attained by listening to it only once.

One attains the fruit of doing Ashwamedh Yagya by worshipping Achyut bathing in Yamunaa River on the Dwaadashee (12th day) of Shukla Paksh of Jyeshth Maas living in Mathuraa Nagaree. It is said in this reference, that some Pitar asked among themselves - "Will somebody in our family will do such a worship so that we can also get so much prosperity? Whoever are fortunate, only those people's descendents do that." The same fruit can be attained by listening to only one chapter of this Puraan.


First Braahmaa Jee told this Puraan to Ribhu (his son)
Ribhu told this to Priyavrat
Priyavrat told this to Bhaaguri
Bhaaguri told this to Stambhmitra
Stambhmitra told this to Dadheechi
Dadheechi told this to Saaraswat (his son)
Saaraswat told Bhrigu
Bhrigu told this to Purukuts
Purukuts told this to Narmadaa
Narmadaa told this to Naag Raaj Vaasuki
Naag Raaj Vaasuki told this to Vats
Vats told this to Ashwatar
Ashwatar told this to Kambal
Kambal told this to Ailaaputra -
at the same time Muni Vedshiraa arrived in Paataal Lok, so he also heard the whole Puraan

Ailaaputra told this to Pramati
Pramati told this to intelligent Jaatukarn, and
Jaatukarn told this to many Rishi

I heard this from Saaraswat in my previous life, but because of the Var of Pulastya Jee I could remember it so I told you as I heard it. Now you will tell it to Shineek in Kali Yug. If somebody listens its 10 chapters, he attains the fruit of donating a Kapilaa cow.

Vishnu Puran-Shashth Ansh Ends Here
Vishnu Puraan Ends Here



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