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Nava Ratn

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Nava Ratn (Nine Gems)
See also   Ratn

(1) Nava Ratn means nine gems. Normally these nine gems represent nine planets, one gem for each planet. It is believed that if some planet is bad for somebody, wearing its gem pacifies that planet and that trouble arisen from its bad position in one's birth chart either go away or lessened. Sometimes gems are worn to please planets. These nine gems are - 

1. Heeraa (diamond) - Venus
2. Motee (pearl) - Moon
3. Pannaa (emerald) - Mercury
4. Laal (ruby) - Sun
5. Neelam (blue sapphire) - Saturn
6. Pukharaaj (yellow sapphire) - Jupiter
7. Moongaa (red coral) - Mars
8. Cat's Eye - Ketu
9. Hessonite - Raahu

Reference of Nava Ratn in Scriptures
(1) In the Brihat Jaatak is one verse, often repeated.
(2) In Naarad Puraan also there is one verse on Nava Ratn, but the term "Nava Ratn" is never used.
(3) In Garud Puraan, there is a section on gems, but again no mention of Nava Ratn.

Where is the word "Nava Ratn" used in Ved, Puraana, Mahaabhaarat, Raamaayan, Brahm Sootra, Manu Sanhitaa, etc?

(2) Nava Ratn term was assigned to a group of nine extraordinary people in Kings' courts Two kings are famous for this Emperor Akbar and King Vikramaaditya. Both kings had nine extraordinary people in their courts.

Vikramaaditya's Nine Gems
1. Dhanavantari - a great traditional doctor
2. Khapanak
3. Amar Sinh
4. Shanku Bhatt
5. Vaitaal Bhatt
6. Ghatakarpar
7. Varaahmitra
8. Vararuchi
9. Kaali Daas - a great poet

Akbar's Nine Gems
1. Abul Fazal - A great historian, chief advisor and author of Akbarnaamaa
2. Dasvant - A great painter
3. Abdu us-Samad - A brilliant calligrapher and designer of Imperial coins
4. Faizi - A great poet
5. Mir Fateh-ullah Shirazi - Financier, philosopher, physician and astronomer
6. Todarmal - A financial wizard
7. Maan Sinh - For his chivalry
8. Taansen - A famous singer
9. Beerbal - Known for his wits. Read  Akbar Birbal Stories.

Beside These Kings
--Krishn Dev Rai had "Asht-diggaj" (eight very learned) in his court
--Shivaajee had "Asht-pradhaan" in his court

System of Nava Ratn
Nava Ratn should be arranged like this --
If in a necklace - Lahasuniyaa, Pukharaaj, Pannaa, Nelam, Laal, Heeraa, Motee, Moongaa, Gomed
If in a square ring - Pannaa, Heeraa, Motee
                            Pukharaaj, Laal, Moongaa
                            Cat's Eye, Neelam, Gomed
If in a round ring - in the same way as in square ring, except that they will be in round form.

Method of Recognizing Real Red Moongaa
Moongaa is of two types - white and red (from bright red to dark red).  Normally red Moongaa is used for astrological purposes. Besides it should be real also. How to recognize whether it is real or not? A general observation may tell this --
(1) Put the Gem in Cow's milk. After some time the milk should show red spots in it.
(2) The weight of a fake Coral is always more than the real one.
(3) If the Red Coral is placed on cotton and kept in bright sunlight, the Cotton will begin burning due to Heat after sometime .
(4) If fake Coral is scrubbed on stone, it will produce sound as if a glass piece is being rubbed, whereas the real Coral will not give such sound...


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