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3-Pratisarg Parv (2)

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12-Satya Naaraayan (2)

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12-Satya Naaraayan Kathaa - Shataanand Kathaa
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 302-304

Note - Satya Naaraayan story is very popular in Bhaarat Varsh. Normally every auspicious event is started with the worship of Ganesh Jee and completed with Satya Naaraayan Kathaa. In present times this Kathaa is known as from Skand Puraan, Revaa Khand and it is available in five or seven chapters. This Bhavishya Puraan Kathaa is very similar to Skand Puraan Kathaa and is very interesting. Along with the Kathaa several doubts are also got cleared in it. While listening to this Kathaa, people ask that which story Saadhu Vaishya, wood seller, Shataanand, Ulkaamukh, Tungdhwaj heard and where those stories are now? Since when this story came into use in public? But people should understand that only Paramaatmaa has been explained through these stories. Thus they they should do His worship with Shraddhaa.

In North India this Vrat is very common and popular. It is done normally on Poornimaa (full moon day), or Sankraanti (when Sun changes his sign), or sometime on new moon day also. Who listens to its story with great attentiveness and Bhakti and Shraddhaa gets considerable benefits.

Story of Shataanand Braahman

(Chap 25) Soot Jee said - "Hey Rishi, Now I tell you how Bhagavaan Naaraayan Himself propagated this Vrat through Naarad Jee. There lived a good learned Braahman named Shataanand who was a great devotee of Vishnu. He had a wife and a son and was poor. He used to live upon alms. At one time when he was going for alms, he saw an old Braahman who was actually Shree Hari Himself. Hari asked - "Hey Braahman, Where are you going and what is your purpose?" Shataanad said - "Hey beautiful faced, I am going to rich people for alms to bring up my family." Naaraayan said - "Braahman, You have taken up this method for long time just because of your poverty. If you agree with me you should take the refuge in the feet of Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan. He will destroy your all poverty, sorrows and grievances and will give you Moksh."

Shataanand asked - "Who is this Satya Naaraayan?" Hari said - "Who can take various forms, the same Satya Dev is standing before you in the form of Braahman. Learned people take the refuge in Bhagavaan's feet, but who are lusty for worldly pleasures they live in this world only. Therefore Hey Dwij, you yourself do this Vrat and ask others to do this for the welfare of the world." As Hari finished His speech, Shataanand did Darshan of Bhagavaan's Chaturbhuj form. Hearing Bhagaav's speech and seeing His Chaturbhuj Roop Shataanand got extremely happy. He did Saashtaang Pranaam and prayed Him.

Then he said - "Hey Naath, Tell me now then how one should do this Poojan." Naaraayan said - "Hey Vipra, There is no need of much wealth in my Poojaa. Whatever one gets easily one can spend that to do my Poojaa. As Gajendra, Ajaamil got freed from their troubles through my prayer, in the same way a human being gets freed from his worries by doing this Vrat. Now you listen to the method of doing this Vrat.

One should collect Poojaa materials to fulfill one's desire and do Poojaa of Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan. Take one and one quarter Seer (about 900 gms) wheat flour, fry it in Ghee, and mix milk and sugar. Offer this to Bhagavaan as His Naivedya, this is Bhagavaan's favorite. Give bath to Shaaligraam with Panchaamrit and worship Him with all Poojaa materials. Then listen to my Kathaa, king Tungdhwaj story, Bheel and Vaishya stories with full devotion. At the end of the Kathaa, one should distribute my Prasaad and then have food. I am pleased not with materials but with Shraddhaa and Bhakti. Hey Vipra, Whoever do my Poojaa with this method, they get sons and grandsons, wealth and enjoy all kinds of pleasures. Whatever desires of a Vratee are all are fulfilled." After saying this Bhagavaan disappeared.

Shataanand bowed down to Him in his heart and went away for his alms, and decided that whatever I will get in alms today, I will worship Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan with that material. On that day he got a lot of money without asking and easily. He got surprised at this. He came home and told everything to his wife. She also dittoed him and bough all materials from market. She invited their friends and neighbors also to participate in this Poojaa. Shataanand did Poojaa with great devotion. As the Kathaa was over, Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan appeared to fulfill his desires. Shataanand asked for His Bhakti and said - "You make your servant." Bhagavaan said "So be it" and got disappeared. Seeing all this who were sitting there got surprised. They all Saashtaang Pranaam to Bhagavaan, took Prasaad and went away to their homes saying "This Braahman is blessed." Since then this news spread that Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan's Vrat fulfills all desires, gives Siddhi and Moksh.

[Satya Naaraayan Kathaa Dwiteeya Adhyaaya Samaapt]

King Chandrachood Kathaa

(Chap 26) Soot Jee said - "Hey Rishi, In ancient times, there lived a kind king named Chandrachood in Manipoorak city in Kedaar Khand. He was a great devotee of Naaraayan. The Mlechchh who lived in Vindhya Desh, became his enemy. He had great battle with them. A lots of Chandrachood's army got destroyed in that battle but Mlechchh army didn't get hurt much. Chandrachood abandoned his kingdom and went to forest alone. Once he arrived in Kaashee. There he found that most people were doing Satya Naaraayan's Kathaa and the city was as prosperous as Dwaarakaa.

Seeing the prosperity of that city, king got very surprised. He heard the story of Shataanand Braahman also. So he went to Shataanand Braahman and asked him the method of doing this Vrat and told him about losing his kingdom. He said - "Hey Brahman, With whatever Vrat Bhagavaan Janaardan is pleased, please tell me that Vrat." Shataanad said - "Hey Raajan, There is one Vrat to please Him - that is Satya Naaraayan Vrat. It gives all kinds of pleasures and comforts - prosperity, children, Saubhaagya etc. It can be done on any day in Pradosh Kaal (72 minutes before sunset and up to the time when stars rise). Build a Mandap with banana trunks, put Bandanvaar on it, and establish five Kalash and five flags. Build a Vedee in the center of that Mandap and establish Shaalgraam stone, and worship it with Poojaa materials. He should sleep on ground for seven nights meditating Bhagavaan."

Hearing this Chandrachood worshipped Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan in Kaashee itself. Pleased with his worship, Bhagavaan gave him a sword in the night. King came back to his city after greeting Shataanand Jee carrying his sword. He killed 6,000 Mlechchh from that sword and got lots of wealth from them. After that he again did Bhagavaan' worship on the banks of Narmadaa river. He started doing this on every Poornimaa. Because of that Vrat he became the Lord of thousands of villages. He ruled for 60 years and attained Vishnu Lok in the end.

[Satya Naaraayan Kathaa Triteeya Adhyaaya Samaapt]



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