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9-Gangaa on Prithvi

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9-Gangaa Comes on Prithvi
6-Naarad Puraan, 1-Poorv Bhaag, p 66-72

Bhrigu and Bhageerath

Naarad Jee asked - "Hey Muni, What did Bhageerath do on Himaalaya Parvat and how did he bring Gangaa on Prithvi?" Sanak Jee said - "Bhageerath decided to do Tapasyaa on Himaalaya so while going there he came to Godaavaree River.*

* Note - It seems that at that time Bhageerath used to live in southern Bhaarat even beyond Godaavaree River, that is why Godaavaree could come in his way. Because if he had lived in Soorya Vanshee's capital Ayodhyaa, then this river could not have come in his way in any way.

There he saw Bhrigu's Aashram. His disciples had surrounded him. Bhageerath saluted him and asked the way for the upliftment of people from this world. Bhrigu Jee said - "I know your intentions. Who wishes to uplift his whole family, he should be considered as Naaraayan in the form of human being. With which Karm Vishnu is pleased and gives desired Var, I tell you that now. Follow Satya (truth), and Ahinsaa (nonviolence); never tell lies, never sit with evil people, always do Punya Karm and always meditate upon Vishnu. Do Jaap of 12-letter Mantra or 8-letter Mantra. God will bless you."

Bhageerath asked - "Bhagavan, What is Satya? What is good for all Bhoot (living being)? What is a lie? Who is an evil person? Who are saints? What is called Punya? How to meditate on Vishnu and how to worship Him? What is Shaanti? What \is 8-letter Mantra, 12-letter Mantra?" Bhrigu Jee said - "Learned people take Satya what is actually there. The followers of Dharm should speak the truth like that so that it should not contradict Dharm. That is why saints speak whatever truth according to place and time and not contradicting their Dharm, that is called Satya. Not to give any kind of sorrow or trouble is called Ahinsaa. This fulfills all kinds of desire. Always helping in Dharm Karm and opposing A-Dharm Karm is called doing good for all Bhoot. When something is said according to one's own will without considering Dharm or A-Dharm, it is called telling a lie. This should be considered against all kinds of welfare.

Hey Raajan, Whose mind is always busy in treading wrong paths, who are always jealous with everybody and are fools, they should be known as evil people. Who can distinguish between Dharm and A-Dharm, and tread on Ved prescribed path and are busy in doing good to others, they are called saints (Saadhu). Whatever is helpful in Bhagavaan's Bhakti, whatever saints follow, whatever is good for oneself also, that is called Dharm. This whole Universe is the form of Vishnu, Vishnu is the cause of all, and I am also Vishnu - who has this knowledge, consider it Vishnu's remembrance. Vishnu is the Devtaa of all Devtaa and I will worship Him properly - this Shraddhaa is called His Bhakti. When one's all Indriyaan (senses) are under his control, he treats friends and enemies alike, and is satisfied whatever is available to him - such situation is known as Shaanti (peace).

8-letter Mantra destroys all kinds of sins. It pleases Vishnu and gives all types of Siddhi. "Aum Namo Naaraayanaaya" is that 8-letter Mantra. One should do its Jaap. "Aum Namo Bhaagvatey Vaasudevaaya" is the 12-letter Mantra. Both Mantra give the same fruit. Both Pravritti and Nivritti paths followers can follow them. For both Mantra one should meditate Him in His Chaturbhuj form. Now you may go to do Tapasyaa."

Bhageerath Brings Gangaa on Prithvi

Hearing all this Bhageerath got very happy and he went away to forest. He came to Naadeshwar Kshetra on Himaalaya and did a very severe Tap. He used to take bath three times; eat roots and fruits; do Hom everyday; worship Hari with leaves, flowers, fruits and water. Then he lived on dry leaves. After that he held back his breath for 60,000 years. At that time a fire arose from his nose, it started burning Devtaa. So they went to Hari and prayed Him. Hari told them the purpose of Bhageerath's Tapasyaa and went to Bhageerath. He appeared before him and Bhageerath did Saashtaang Pranaam to Him.

Hari said - "Your purpose will be fulfilled, your great grandfathers will certainly go to My Lok. Bhagavaan Shiv is my another form. You please him through Stotra, He is very kind and he will fulfill your wishes." After saying this Hari got disappeared. The king thought, "Was it a dream or it was real?" A Divine voice said - "This was all real, don't worry." Hearing this Bhageerath worshipped Shiv through Stotra. And Shiv appeared before him. He had five heads and 10 arms. Bhageerath did Saashtaang Pranaam to him also. Shiv said - "I am pleased with you, ask for any Var you wish for." Bhageerath said - "If you are pleased with me, then please give us Gangaa for the Mukti of our Pitar." Shiv said - "I give you Gangaa. She will give your Pitar Mukti." And Shiv disappeared.

After this Gangaa came out of Shiv's Jataa (matted locks of hair) and followed Bhageerath. Since then Gangaa has been known as Bhaageerathee also. As Gangaa flowed from the place where Sagar's sons were burned, they all got Mukti. Yam Raaj saluted them and sent them to Vishnu Dhaam.



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