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6-Shashth Ansh

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Aatyantik Pralaya-1
3-Vishnu Puraan - 6-Shashth Ansh - p 443-446

Story of Keshidhwaj and Khaandikya

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya, That Purushottam can be seen by Swaadhyaaya (self-study) and self-control, since they help to attain Brahm, that is why they are also called Brahm. Do Yog from self-study, and do self-study from Yog. Brahm cannot be seen by these worldly eyes, to see Him one needs the two eyes of Self-study and Yog."

Maitreya Jee asked - "After knowing which I can see Parameshwar, I wish to know that Yog." Paraashar Jee said - "I tell you the same what Keshidhwaj described to Khaandikya Janak." Maitreya Jee again asked - "Bhagavan, Who were these Keshidhwaj and Khaandikya Janak and why this discussion took place between them?"

Paraashar Jee said - "In earlier times there was a king named Dharmdhwaj. He had two sons - Amitdhwaj and Kritdhwaj. Kritdhwaj always used to be busy in Aadhyaatm Shaastra. He had a son named Keshidhwaj. Amitdhwaj also had a son named Khaandikya Janak. Khaandikya was very good at Karm Path, while Keshidhwaj was good at Adhyaatm Vidyaa. Both wanted to defeat one another. At last, Keshidhwaj defeated Khaandikya and took his kingdom. After the defeat, Khaandikya went to forest along with his Purohit and ministers and a few things.

Keshidhwaj was Gyaanee, still he performed many Yagya to win Death by Karm (A-Vidyaa). One day when Keshidhwaj was busy in performing a Yagya, a lion killed his Dharm cow (a cow that gives milk for Yagya). Hearing this Keshidhwaj asked Braahman - "What Praayashchit I should do for this?" Braahman said - "We do not know, you ask Kasheru." Raajaa asked the same from Kasheru. Kasheru also told that he did not know it, and Raajaa should ask Bhrigu's son Shunak Jee, he must be knowing it." Raajaa asked the same from Shunak Jee too, Shunak Jee said - "At this moment, on the Prithvi, neither I know this, nor anybody else knows it, only he, whom you have defeated, knows it." Hearing this Keshidhwaj said - "Hey Muni, It means that I should go to ask this from my enemy. If he had killed me then I will get the fruit of my Mahaa-Yagya, or if he had told me the way to do Praayashchit, then my Yagya will be completed without any hurdle."

So Raajaa Keshidhwaj put on black deer skin and went to Khaandikya. When Khaandikya saw his enemy coming, he got ready with his bow and said angrily - "Will you kill us by wearing the armor of black deer skin? Don't dare have black skin on their body on whom we have together showered arrows? Today I will surely kill you. You have taken my kingdom that is why you are an Aatataayee."

Keshidhwaj said - "Hey Khaandikya, I have come to you to ask a question, not to kill you, therefore you do not be angry with me." Khaandikya consulted his ministers and Braahman. Ministers advised him to kill the enemy so that he could be the king of whole Prithvi." But Khaandikya said - "No doubt that after killing him I will be the king of the whole Prithvi, but on the other hand if I do not kill him then I will win the other world, and he will get only Prithvi I do not consider the kingdom of Prithvi greater than the victory over the other world, that is why I will not kill him, rather whatever he will ask, I will tell him."

Khaandikya came to Keshidhwaj and said - "You may ask anything, I will reply it." Keshidhwaj told him the whole story and asked the Praayashchit for it. Khaandikya told him whatever he had to do in this situation. Keshidhwaj came back to his kingdom and completed his Yagya. After the ritual bath at the completion of the Yagya, Keshidhwaj thought - "I honored Braahman, I gave all kinds of desired things to beggars, and did whatever I was supposed to do, but why do I feel that something lacking somewhere." He pondered and pondered and came to remember that he had not given Guru Dakshinaa to Khaandikya.

So he went to Khaandikya again. When Khaandikya saw him coming again, he also got ready to kill him again. Keshidhwaj said - "Do not be angry O Khaandikya, I have not come here to do anything bad to you, I have come only to give you Guru Dakshinaa. I have completed my Yagya according to your instructions, so I wish to give you Guru Dakshinaa now, ask me whatever you desire." Khaandikya consulted his ministers and Braahman - "He wants to give me Guru Dakshinaa, what should I ask for?" Ministers said - "Why not you ask for his whole kingdom? Wise people ask only kingdom without giving any trouble to their army." Khaandikya said smilingly - "How a short-lived man like me can ask for kingdom? You are good only to advise me on my selfish interests, but you do not know about Paramaarth."

He came to Keshidhwaj and asked - "Do you really want to give me Guru Dakshinaa?" Keshidhwaj said - "Sure, I will definitely give." Khaandikya said - "You are very knowledgeable in Aadhyaatm Gyaan - Paramaarth Vidyaa, so if you really want to give me Guru Dakshinaa then tell me about that Karm (action) which can destroy my all sorrows."



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