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5-Pancham Ansh

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4-Govardhan Poojaa

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Govardhan Poojaa
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 335-342

Sharad Ritu and Govardhan Worship

After some time winter season set in. Krishn noticed Brij people making preparations for Indra worship, so He asked His elders - "What is this Indra Yagya for which you are so much happy?" Nand Jee replied - "The Lord of clouds and rains is Indra and we live on the things produced by the same rain and use the same to worship Devtaa. Our cows also grow eating the same food and give us calves and milk. Where there is rain, there is no dearth of grains and vegetation; nor people suffer from hunger there. This Parajanya Dev makes rains for the benefit of Prithvi that is all why worship him in the rainy season through Yagya."

With the intention to make Indra angry, Krishn said - "O father, Neither we are farmers, nor we are traders, our Devtaa are only cows, because we live in forests. There are four types of knowledge - logic, Karm Kaand (art of performing actions), Dand Neeti (policy of punishment), and Vaartaa (technique of conversation). This knowledge is the base of agriculture, commerce and husbandry. Among them, agriculture is the job of farmers, commerce is the profession of traders, and cattle rearing is our profession.

Whoever has whatever knowledge, that is his Isht Devtaa (whoever worships whoever is his Isht Devtaa). The same should be worshipped and the same should be beneficial for him too. Who takes benefit from one, and worships another, he spoils his future here and hereafter.

At the end of farms is border, and beyond the border are forests, and after forests are mountains. Those mountains are our ultimate Devtaa. Neither we live in houses, nor we live at one place, we are nomads and are happy living with other human beings. That is why we have no reason to worship Indra like other farmers. We have heard that the mountains of this region can assume any form according to their wish. Whenever the people living here disturb them in any way, they kill those people assuming the form of lion etc. That is why we will start performing Giri Yagya (mountain worship), or Gau Yagya (cow worship). We have nothing to do with Indra. Our Devtaa are only mountains and cows. Braahman do Mantra Yagya (worship by Mantra), farmers do Seer Yagya (plough worship), in the same way who live in forests and on mountains should worship only mountains and cows.

Therefore you worship Govardhan Parvat by sacrificing animals. Today you collect all milk from the whole Brij and feed Braahman and beggars with that milk. There is no need to think about this twice. After Govardhan worship all cows should circumambulate Govardhan Parvat. If you will do the same according to my advice, I will be very happy."

All Gop became very happy to hear this and they started making preparations for Giri Yagya. They sacrificed yogurt, Kheer (rice pudding), meat etc to Govardhan. Thousands of Braahman were fed and cows and bulls circumambulated Govardhan. At that time Krishn appeared in the form of Govardhan Parvat on its peak and accepted all their offerings. Krishn also worshipped His another form appeared on the peak of Govardhan. After that they all came back home.

Indra'a Anger and Krishn Lifts Govardhan

Thus at that time nobody worshipped Indra. Indra got very angry at this. He called his Samvartak clouds and said to them - "Listen to me very carefully and do whatever I say without thinking. Krishn has spoiled my worship, so you go and trouble them and their cows by rains and winds. I will also help you when you will do this."

At the order of Indra, rain started pouring heavily and gusty winds started blowing . The rain was so much that immediately water filled every place. Because of continuous rains and winds cows body got started being numb and subsequently they started dying also. Calves also started dying. The whole Gokul got worried seeing this condition of their living place. Krishn thought, "Only Indra is doing this because he has not been worshipped that is why now it is my duty to protect Brij from this calamity. I will lift this mountain like an umbrella." Thinking thus He lifted the mountain on His one hand only and asked all Brij people to come under it. All including animals came under the mountain and saved themselves from rains and winds. 

Rains continued for seven nights. But when Indra found that he couldn't harm anybody, he stopped clouds to rain. All people came to their places, Krishn also kept the mountain back at its place.

Indra Krishn Dialog

Now Indra (Shakra) had a desire to have Darshan of Krishn, so he came to Gokul riding on his elephant Airaavat and found Krishn grazing His cows. He also noticed that Garud was providing Him with shade flying over Him secretly. He dismounted from his elephant and said to Madhusoodan - "Hey Krishn, Please listen to the reason why I have come here, do not take it otherwise. You have incarnated only to lighten the burden of Prithvi. I did this only because my Yagya was hindered, but you saved cows by lifting the mountain. I am very pleased with your wonderful act. So I have come here to offer you special honor. I will perform your Abhishek now according to cows only. You are the Indra (Lord) of cows that is why one of your names will be Govind also."

Then Indra took the bell from his Airaavat elephant, filled it with holy water and performed Abhishek of Krishn. At that time cows also quenched earth with their milk. Indra again said - "I fulfilled my vow made to cows, now I wish you to ask for something. My part has appeared on Prithvi as Arjun, please always protect him. He will help you in accomplishing your objective therefore you protect him like yourself."

Krishn said - "I know that your part has incarnated as Arjun in Bharat Vansh. Till I will be here on Prithvi, I will be protecting him. Nobody will be able to win him. After Kans, Arishtaasur, Keshee, Kuvalayaapeed and Narakaasur Daitya have been killed, there will be Mahaabhaarat war. At the same time you should take Prithvi's burden off her face. You may go now and do not worry about your son Arjun. For the sake of Arjun only, in the end of Mahaabhaarat war I will give all Paandav to Kuntee with their indestructible body."

Indra went to his Lok and Krishn also came back to Brij.



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