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5-Pancham Ansh

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3-Raakshas Vadh-2

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Raakshas Vadh-2
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 331-335

Dhenukaasur Vadh

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya, One day Balaraam and Krishn happened to come to Taal Van grazing their cows. There lived a Daitya named Dhenukaasur in the form of a donkey subsisting of deer meat. Gop told them that that Van was guarded by Dhenukaasur Daitya and that is why there were so many ripen fruits. So if He liked He could pluck some Taal fruits for them.

Hearing this Balaraam felled some some fruits from trees. When Dhenukaasur heard the sound of fruits falling on the ground, that evil soul (Gardabhaasur) came running at that spot where Balaraam felled the fruits and hit Balaraam's chest with his hind legs. Balaraam held his legs quickly and started revolving him around in the sky. He got dizzy and died. When he died, Balaraam hit him on Taal tree itself. Because of that many fruits fell from the tree. Other donkeys were also dealt with in the same way and their bodies were dumped on Taal trees. Immediately both Taal fruits and donkeys fell o the ground. Since then cows started grazing there comfortably.

Pralambaasur Vadh

Now that Taal forest became comfortable for Gop, Gopee and cows. After killing Dhenukaasur, both Krishn and Balaraam came to a banyan tree named Bhaandeer and started playing there. At the same time, Pralamb named Daitya came there with the intention to take them from there. Although he was in the form of a human being, still he assumed the human form and joined the children playing there. While playing he knew that he could not win Krishn, so he decided to kill Balaraam.

Children were playing a game named Harin Kreedaa * (see below). Krishn and Shreedaamaa were together, Balaraam and Pralamb were together. Others were also in pairs. Krishn defeated Shreedaamaa and Balaraam defeated Pralamb. Then all losers had to give ride to their winners on their back up to Bhaandeer tree. As Pralamb gave ride to Balaraam, instead of taking him to the tree, he flew in the sky carrying him on his back. Balaraam was very heavy for him so he had to expand his body. Now Balaraam found himself on a Daitya's body not a child's body, so he said to Krishn - "Krishn, see, Some Daitya is abducting me, tell me what to do. He is flying very fast."

Krishn said to Balaraam - "Hey the soul of all souls, Why are you behaving like a human being? Remember your that form which is the cause of the whole Universe and which stays in the Pralaya Kaal (at the time of the deluge) also. Don't you know that both of us are the sole cause of this Universe and have come here to lighten the burden of Prithvi? Hey Anant, Nobody else knows your Divine form except you yourself. It is only you who has kept this Prithvi on your head, so you remember your that form and kill this Daitya. Hearing this Balaraam started afflicted that Daitya. He hit his forehead with his fist which caused his eye to come out. Blood started flowing out from his head and he fell down on the ground. All Gop became very happy to see him dead."

* In this game two children go jumping like deer towards a fixed point and whoever gets there first, he wins. Then the loser one gives a ride the winner back to the point from where they started.



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