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5-Pancham Ansh

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2-Raakshas Vadh-1

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Raakshas Vadh-1
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 319-330

Pootanaa Vadh

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya, As soon as Vasudev Jee got freed, he went to Nand's Chhakadaa and found him very happy because he had got a son. Vasudev Jee said - "This is good that you have seen at least your son's face in this old age. You came here to pay your annual taxes, and that you have already paid it, so better you go back to Gokul as soon as possible. It is not appropriate to stay here for longer time than required. Please protect my son also from Rohinee as you will protect your son." At this Nand and other Gop paid the taxes through pots brought in their Chhakadaa and went back to Gokul soon.

At night Pootanaa came to Nand's house and breastfed Krishn. Whoever child she breastfed during that night, had died. Krishn held her breast very tightly and sucked it through her soul. Pootanaa got weaker and weaker and at last died making a terrible sound. That sound woke up Brij people. They found that Pootanaa had died and Krishn was in her lap. Yashodaa got frightened see all this. She fanned Krishn with the tail of a cow and Nand Jee smeared His forehead with some cow dung paste. Then he made Krishn sleep on a bed under a Chhakadaa.

Shakat Bhanjan and Yamalaarjun Uddhaar

One day when Krishn was sleeping under the Chhakadaa, He hit the Chhakadaa to get some milk. The Chhakadaa turned down, the clay pots which were in it were broken. All Gop who were around there got worried and came there only to see the child sleeping there comfortably. "Then who turned this Chhakadaa?" Some children who were playing around said - "Krishn turned it, we have seen it with our own eyes. He was weeping and at the same time He just hit it with His foot. It is not of anybody else' work."

All Gop became very surprised to hear this and Nand Jee picked up his child. Yashodaa worshipped the Chhakadaa and the broken pots. As per request of Vasudev Jee, Garg Muni performed Naming ceremony of both the children (Balabhadra and Krishn) secretly. He named the elder one as Raam and the younger one as Krishn.

Soon both children started crawling around. Yashodaa and Rohinee could not stop them running around, so one day Yashodaa tied one end of rope around Krishn's waist and the other end to a pestle; and then angrily said - "If you can go now, then go." and got busy in her house work. After she had left, Krishn pulled the pestle and took it between the Yamalaarjun trees. The pestle got horizontal so it could not pass through the trees. Krishn pulled it so hard that the trees got uprooted and fell down. Hearing the sound of felled trees Gop came running there and found the two large trees felled and Krishn smiling still tied with the pestle. Thus because of being tied with the pestle Krishn was called "Daamodar"

After this incident, Nand etc Gop thought that it was not appropriate for them to live there. They should move somewhere else. Because these life threatening incidents were happening continually, such as Pootanaa's attack, turning over of Chhakadaa, uprooting of such large trees without any reason. They thought to move to nearby place Vrindaa Van until all was well in Gokul. Immediately all Gop left Gokul for Vrindaa Van. Krishn meditated on His own Vrindaa Van Dhaam, and all kinds of greenery appeared there to increase the number of cows. They set a boundary made of Chhakadaa in half Moon shape and started living there.

Raam and Krishn also grew up there and started guarding their cows and bullocks. They wore peacock feather on their heads and wandered around. Thus they became eleven years old. Then came rainy season. Both children continued their wandering with their cows and bullocks. They came back home in the evening.

Kaaliya Naag Daman

One day Krishn alone, without Balaraam, went on the banks of Yamunaa. There He saw a pond of poison of Kaaliya Naag (serpent) in the River Yamunaa. The trees stood on the banks of Yamunaa and even birds also were got burned because of the fumes of that poison. Seeing that poison pond, Madhusoodan thought - "Kaaliya Naag lives here. Whose weapon is only poison and who has run away from the sea after being defeated by me (my Vibhooti Garud). he has spoiled this Yamunaa water and now it cannot be used even by human beings and animals for drinking. I should defeat him so that Brij people can live happily and comfortably."

Thinking thus, Krishn jumped in that poisonous pond. Hearing the sound of Krishn's jumping, Naag Raaj Kaaliya came to face Him immediately. He had hundreds of beautiful wives with him. Snakes coiled around Him and started biting Him. Gop saw this so they rushed to report it in Brij. All Gop, Yashodaa and Nand etc came running to Yamunaa shore. There they saw Krishn fighting with Kaaliya Naag. He was getting weaker in comparison to Kaaliya Naag. All Gope got unconscious seeing Krishn in this condition.

Gop said - "What we will do now to return to Brij? What is there for us now?" Seeing all in sad condition, Balaraam made a secret sign to Krishn - "Don't you consider yourself the Almighty? Then why are you acting like this like a human being? You are everything, you are here only to kill wicked people. I am also your part. These Gop are Devtaa. Gopee are Devtaa's wives. When we are here, they are our brothers, sisters and friends; then why are you ignoring their sorrows? Leave your childlike games and defeat him."

Soon Krishn freed Himself from Kaaliya's grip and started dancing on Kaaliya's head. Kaaliya could not tolerate Krishn's feet on his head. In a short time he became unconscious vomiting blood. Seeing his condition his wives came there and prayed Krishn to release their husband. Kaaliya also requested  Him to leave him. He prayed Krishn and asked what he should do. Krishn said - "Hey Naag Dev, You should not live here in Yamunaa's water. You should immediately leave for sea along with your wives and sons and family. When Garud will see my foot marks on your head, he will not attack you."

Kaaliya Naag immediately left that pond and went to sea. Krishn came out of Yamunaa and all Gop, Nand, Yashodaa lved Him very much. All went back to Brij.



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