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5-Pancham Ansh

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5-Raas and Vrishabhaasur Vadh

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Raas and Vrishabhaasur Vadh
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 343-352

Raas and Vrishabhaasur Vadh

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya Jee, After Indra had left, Gop of Gokul said to Krishn - "You have helped us a lot to protect ourselves as well as our cows. You are a child, we are Gop and being a child you have done this Divine act. What is this, tell us clearly. We are confused in our hearts. You defeated Kaaliya Naag, killed Dhenukaasur, lifted Govardhan mountain. We are thinking that you are not a human being. Hey Keshav, All women, children etc love you very much. Your this action was difficult even for Devtaa. Whether you are Devtaa, Daanav, Yaksh, or Gandharv , we have nothing to with it, for us you are like our own child. We greet you."

Hearing this Krishn was silent for a few moments, then spoke - "If you are not embarrassed from my relationship, then why do you worry about all this? If you love me then consider me your own dear. Neither I am Devtaa, nor I am a Gandharv, nor I am a Yaksh, nor I am a Daanav. I am born only as your kinsman therefore do not worry about all this at all." Hearing Krishn all Gop went away to forest.

Then Krishn thought to enjoy with Gopee, so He started singing without Balaraam. Hearing His sweet song Gopee came there leaving their households. Some started singing with Krishn, some started meditating on Him in their houses only. Some Gopee got freed themselves from this world meditating on Him. Krishn thus played with Gopee. Then He moved somewhere else, so Gopee got worried about Him. One Gopee said - "See, I am Krishn, see my style of walking." The other Gopee said - No, I am Krishn, just listen to my song." Yet another said - "O Kaaliya, I am Krishn, just wait." And all started repeating the events of Krishn's life.

Then they started looking for Krishn, but soon they got tired and sat down on the shores of Yamunaa. Then appeared Krishn and He danced with them in a circle.

Vrishabhaasur Vadh

One day, in the evening, When Krishn was busy in His Raas game with Gopee, Arisht named Asur came in Brij in the form of a Vrishabh (bull). It was black in color and its horns were very thinly pointed. He was very large in size, thus he was frightening cows. Seeing that bull Gopee started calling Krishn. Hearing His name, Krishn clapped loudly, so the bull ran towards Krishn, but Krishn didn't move from His place and just smiled. As soon as he came near Him, He caught Him by his horns and hit him in his stomach with His knee. Then He twisted his neck and broke his one horn. Vrishabhaasur vomited blood from his mouth and died at the spot.

Kans Sends Akroor to Brij

Killing of Arishtaasur, Dhenukaasur, Pralambaasur etc lifting of Govardhan, defeating Kaaliya Naag, uprooting of the huge trees, Pootanaa Vadh - when all this had happened, then one day Naarad Jee told everything about Devakee from her seventh pregnancy, change of fetus, Krishn's birth etc. Hearing this Kans got very angry with Vasudev. He scolded him badly in Yaadav's court and insulted all Yaadav. He thought that "I should kill Raam and Krishn now only, because if they will grow older, I might not be able to kill them. I have many brave mighty people like Chaanoor and Mushtik. I will ask them to fight with these boys and kill them. I will send Shwaphalk's son Akroor Jee to go to Gokul and bring them here. I will ask Keshee to kill them on their way here. If somehow they could not be killed there, then my elephant Kuvalayaapeed will kill them here."

Thinking thus he said to Akroor Jee - "Please extend one favor to me, go to Gokul and there are two sons of Vasudev. They are born to kill me, bring both of them here. I am performing a Dhanush (bow) Yagya on coming Chaturdashee (14th day). You bring them here for wrestling on that day. Our Chaanoor and Mushtik are very good at wrestling, so all people will be able to see their wrestling on that day. Or Kuvalayaapeed elephant will kill Him. After I have killed them I will kill Vasudev, Nand and my father Ugrasen also. All Yaadav will feel jealous of me except you. After having killed all of them I will rule without any trouble. Now you go and bring them here soon."

Akroor Jee got very happy to hear all this because now he would be able to see them and went out of Mathuraa.

Keshee Vadh

Kans sent Keshee Daitya also with the desire to kill Krishn, so he came in Vrindaa Van in the form of a horse. He dug the earth's surface with his feet, scattered clouds by his neck's hair and ran towards Gop. Gop got frightened and rushed to Krishn for help. Krishn said - "Don't be afraid of this Keshee horse. You are Gop, then why are you afraid of this horse. He cannot harm you at all." Then He said to Keshee - "Come here to me. As Shiv extracted teeth of Pooshaa, I will also extract your teeth." and came in front of the horse. Keshee also ran towards Him with open mouth. Krishn put His arm in his mouth and his all teeth fell on the ground. Now Krishn's arm started growing in his mouth, and it grew so much that his mouth burst out , eyes came out of his sockets and he died.

Gop and Gopee prayed krishn. Naarad Jee was also seeing this from behind the clouds, he also, prayed Krishn and said - "Because of killing Keshee you will be known as Keshav from today." and he went away to his Lok.



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