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4-Chaturth Ansh

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5-Lineage of Ikshwaaku-4

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5-Lineage of Ikshwaaku-4
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 252-253
see also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/7;

Lineage of Nimi

Paraashar Jee said - "[Ikshwaaku had three sons - Vikukshi, Nimi and Dand. You have already heard about Vikukshi's or Kukutsth's lineage.] Now you listen to his another son Nimi's lineage. he started a Yagya which was supposed to finish in 1,000 years. He chose Vashishth Jee as his Hotaa for that Yagya. Vashishth Jee said - "Indra has already chosen me for a 500-year Yagya so you just wait. When I will come back then I will be your Hotaa." Raajaa did not reply anything, and Vashishth Jee thought that Raajaa has accepted his offer, so he went to do Indra's Yagya. Here Nimi started his Yagya with Gautam Rishi as his Hotaa.

When Indra's Yagya was over, Vashishth Jee came to Nimi with the intention to do his Yagya for which he promised. When he came he found Rishi Gautam performing his duties, so he gave Shaap to sleeping king - "Because he has ignored me and chose Gautam as his Hotaa, he will be without body." After Nimi woke up, he also said - "He has given me Shaap without talking to me, so his body will also be destroyed." and he left his body.

Because of Nimi's Shaap, Vashishth's body entered the semen of Mitraavarun. As they saw Urvashee Apsaraa, their semen fell and Vashishth Jee was reborn from that semen only. Nimi's body remained like that only because of preservation. When the Yagya was over, Devtaa came to take their share, Rishi asked them to give Var to their Yajamaan. By the inspiration of Devtaa Nimi said - "There is no other pain like the pain of separation of body and soul, so I do not want to born again. I wish to live in people's eyes." Devtaa said - "So be it", and since then people started blinking their eyes.

Then because of fear of agitation in public without king, Rishi churned the body of the king by Arani (Shamee Dand - by which sacred fire is ignited). It produced a son who was named Janak. Because his father was without body, he was called "Videh"; and because he was born from Churning (Manthan) he was called "Mithi".

Janak's son was Udaavasu
Udaavasu's son was Nandivardhan
Nandivardhan's son was Suketu
Suketu's son was Devaraat
Devaraat's son was Brihadukth
Brihadukth's son was Mahaaveerya
Mahaaveerya's son was Sudhriti
Sudhriti's son was Dhrishtketu
Dhrishtketu's son was Haryashwa
Haryashwa's son was Manu
Manu's son was Pratik
Pratik's son was Kritarath
Kritarath's son was Devameedh
Devameedh's son was Vibudh
Vibudh's son was Mahaadhriti
Mahaadhriti's son was Kritaraat
Kritaraat's son was Mahaaromaa
Mahaaromaa's son was Suvarnromaa
Suvarnromaa's son was Hriswaromaa
Hriswaromaa's son was Seeradhwaj - When he was tilling land with the desire of getting a son,
    a girl was born from the front part of his plough, she was named as Seetaa. He had a brother
    also Kushdhwaj, he was the king of Saankaashya.

Seeradhwaj's son was Bhaanumaan
Bhaanumaan's son was Shatadyumn
Shatadyumn's son was Shuchi
Shuchi's son was Oorjnaamaa
Oorjnaamaa's son was Kriti
Kriti's son was Anjan
Anjan's son was Kurujit
Kurujit's son was Arishtnemi
Arishtnemi's son was Shrutaayu
Shrutaayu's son was Supaarshwa
Supaarshwa's son was Srinjaya
Srinjaya's son was Kshemaavee
Kshemaavee's son was Anenaa
Anenaa's son was Bhaumarath
Bhaumarath's son was Satyarath
Satyarath's son was Upagu
Upagu's son was Upagupt
Upagupt's son was Swaagat
Swaagat's son was Swaanand
Swaanand's son was Suvarchaa
Suvarchaa's son was Supaarshwa
Supaarshwa's son was Subhaash
Subhaash's son was Sushrut
Sushrut's son was Jaya
Jaya's son was Vijaya
Vijaya's son was Rit
Rit's son was Sunaya
Sunaya's son was Veetahavya
Veetahavya's son was Dhriti
Dhriti's son was Bahulaashwa
Bahulaashwa's son was Kriti

Kriti was the last king of Nimi Vansh (family).



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