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1-Pratham Ansh

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5-Story of Dhruv-2
3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 40-52
see also 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/3

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Paraashar said - "Hey Maitreya, Hearing this, Dhruv went away from that forest and came to Madhu Van situated on the banks of Yamunaa River. Later Madhu named Daitya started living there, that is why it became known as Madhu Van. At the same place Shatrughn, Raam's brother, killed his son, named Lavan, and inhabited Mathuraa named city. Dhruv started his Tap at the same place. He did all as Rishi had told him to do. Then Hari appeared in his heart.

When Vishnu entered Dhruv's heart, Prithvi could not bear the weight of Yogee Dhruv. Since Dhruv was standing on his left foot Prithvi's left part bent a little. Later when he stood on his right foot, its right part bent a little; and when he stood on his big toe, the whole Universe moved. This situation troubled Devtaa also. Yaam named Devtaa, with the consultation of Indra tried to disturb his meditation. Kooshmaand named Devtaa along with Indra tried to disturb his meditation. They created such Maayaa (illusion) that Maayaa  appeared before him as Suneeti (his mother) and said - "O Son, Abandon this Tap which is drying your body. I have got you after so much efforts. It is not good to abandon your mother only just because of your stepmother's harsh words. This is the age of your enjoyment, study, playing and you are doing Tap in this age? If you will not abandon this Tap, I will commit suicide in front of you."

But Dhruv could not see all this because he was so much engrossed in the meditation of Bhagvaan Vishnu. Then she ran away from there saying, "Run from here, see, these Raakshas are coming here with their dangerous weapons." And many Raakshas appeared there carrying dangerous weapons. They made a lot of noise before him, but Dhruv could not see anything. He was solely meditating on Vishnu.

Defeated by a child, Devtaa got very upset. They went to Hari and prayed Him to grant a boon to the child free him from Tap. Shree Hari said - "Hey Devtaa, He does not desire for any of your status. Whatever he desires I will surely fulfill it. You may go to your respective places without any worry, I go and grant him the boon he wants.

Then Shree Hari came to Dhruv assuming His 4-arm form and said - "Hey Uttaanpaad's son Dhruv, I bless you. Pleased by your Tap I have appeared here to give you Var, so you ask for any Var." Hearing this voice Dhruv opened his eyes and found Hari in front of him. He said - "I greet you. Today my Tapasyaa has become successful because I have got your Darshan." Shree Hari said - "You have got success in your Tapasyaa, but my Darshan also doesn't go waste so whatever you desire ask for it. I can give you anything." Dhruv said - "What I desire is not a secret from you. Hey Prabhu, My stepmother said to me with pride, "This throne is not for you because you are not born to me, so I ask for the highest place which is the base of whole Universe."

Shree Hari said - "In previous life also you pleased me so I will fulfill your every desire. In previous life you were a Braahman. You served your parents very well. Later a prince became your friend. Seeing his wealth and prosperity you also wished to be a prince, that is why you are born as a prince in that family in which it is difficult to take birth, By my grace you will get the highest Lok, the base of all stars. i give you that Dhruv (immovable) place which is above all stars, all the planets, constellations, Sapt Rishi (the Great Bear) and Devtaa. Among Devtaa some have life of four Yug, some live up to one Manvantar (7+ 4-Yug period), but I give you the life of one Kalp (1,000 4-Yug period). Your mother Suneeti will also live with you on a star for the same period."

Paraashar said - "Thus Dhruv settled in that Lok after getting Var from Shree Hari."

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