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1-Pratham Ansh

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4-Story of Dhruv-1
3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 40-52
see also  5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/3

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Paraashar said - "Hey Maitreya, I told you that Swaayambhuv Manu had two sons - Uttaanpaad and Priyavrat. Uttaanpaad (Uttaanpaad's Lineage) had a son named Uttam from his beloved wife Suruchi. Raajaa did not like much his elder wife Suneeti. She also had a son named Dhruv.

One day Dhruv saw his half-brother Uttam sitting in his father's lap, so he also desired to sit in his father's lap, but Raajaa did not allow him to sit before Suruchi. Suruchi said to him - "O boy, You cannot sit here because you are not born from to me. You have no logic that is why you desire for such unattainable things. This is right that you are the son of the same Raajaa as Uttam is, but you are not born to me. This throne which is worthy to all Chakravartee Raajaa is only for my son, not for you. Don't you know that you are Suneeti's son?"

Hearing such harsh words of his stepmother, the child got angry and walked away from there. He came to his mother's palace. When Suneeti saw his son coming angrily, she put him in her lap and asked - "Son, Why are you so angry? Who didn't respect you? Who has insulted your father?" Dhruv told everything to his mother whatever his stepmother had said to him.

Suneeti got very sad hearing his words and said to him - "Suruchi has rightly said. You don't be so sad. Whatever you have done in your previous lives, you will have to tolerate that in this life. Therefore you should not be angry at her words. My son, who has done Punya in his previous lives only he can get good things in this life. Know this fact  and be contented. Suruchi must have done some good deeds that is why she is beloved of Raajaa and I must have done some Paap (sins) that is why I am his wife only. In the same way her son must have done some Punya and you have done less Punya."

Dhruv said - "Maa, I cannot digest your words, that is why I will try to achieve the highest status in all the Lok (worlds). This is correct that I am not born to Suruchi, but you will see your son in future. Let Uttam be the king. I don't want others property, I want to achieve that status which even my father has not attained."

Paraashar said - "Hey Maitreya, After having said this, Dhruv came out of the palace, and out of the city in a forest. There he found seven Rishi (Sapt Rishi) sitting on deer skins. He greeted them and spoke to them respectfully - "I am Uttaanpaad's son Dhruv born to Suneeti. I am very sad that is why I have come to you." Rishi said - "O child, You are only a 4-5 year old child, we don't see any reason of your sadness. Because your father king is still alive, you have not lost your anything, you are not stricken with any disease; then what is the reason of your sadness?"

Dhruv told them everything whatever Suruchi had said to him. Hearing that Rishi talked among themselves, "See how powerful are the characteristics of a Kshatriya, that even such a little child cannot pardon his stepmother." Then they said to him - "Tell us what do you want to do and what we can do for you" Dhruv said - "Neither I wish for wealth, nor for kingdom, I long for a place where nobody has gone before. Your this help will be enough if you can tell me the way to achieve it."

Rishi Mareechi said - "A human being cannot get that place without worshipping Govind." Atri said - "Who is beyond Paraa Prakriti when He (Janaardan) gets pleased with whomsoever, only he can get that eternal status, this I speak truth." Maharshi Angiraa said - "If you are interested to get the foremost place, worship the same who has this world inside Him." Pulastya Jee said - "Who worships Brahm Hari only he can get even rare Moksh status." Pulah said - "After worshipping whom, Indra has got the status of Indra, you worship the same the Lord of the world Vishnu Bhagvaan." Kratu said - "Who is the Supreme Being, Yagya Purush, Yagya and Yogeshwar, nothing is available to him who worships him." Vashishth Jee said - "O Boy, If you worship Vishnu Bhagvaan, you can get whatever you wish for, then nothing to talk about the highest status in Tri-Lok."

Dhruv asked - "Hey Maharshi, You have told me about 'who to worship', now please tell me 'how to worship Him'. Rishi said - "O Prince, Listen to this methodical approach to worship Him. First you should control your Indriyaan from worldly pleasures and fix them on Bhagavaan only. With this way you should do the Jaap of the following Mantra:-

Om Hiranyagarbh Purush Pradhaanaavyakt Roopiney |
Om Namo Vaasudevaaya Shuddh Gyaan Swaroopiney ||

In earlier times your grandfather Manu did the Jaap of the same Mantra. Then Janaardan gave him his blessing of his desired Siddhi. In the same way you also do the Jaap of the same to please Govind."

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