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20-Geetaa : Chapters 9-11
2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 828-835

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaartik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Narasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Narasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Glory of Geetaa's Chapter 9

Mahaadev Jee said - "O Paarvatee, Now I tell you about the glory of Geetaa's 9th chapter. There is a Maahishmatee named city on the banks of Narmadaa River. There lived a Braahman whose name was Maadhav. He knew Ved and Vedaang (Ved's 6 Ang) and used to felicitate his A-Tithi. He had lots of money by teaching, so once he organized a Yagya with that money. A he-goat was brought for the sacrifice for that Yagya. When he was worshipped, then the he-goat said putting everybody in surprise - "Hey Brahman, What is the use of all these Yagya? Their fruit is destructible, and these are the causes of birth, old age and death also. You can see my condition in spite of doing all this." Hearing a he-goat speaking in human tongue, all people sitting there got very surprised. Yajamaan Braahman folded his hands in front of that he-goat and asked him politely - "What was your caste? How was your nature and conduct? What Karm did you do that you were born in this Yoni? Please tell me all this clearly."

The he-goat said - "In my previous birth I was born in a noble Braahman family. I was also learned in Ved and did many kinds of Yagya. One day my wife asked me a he-goat for the sacrifice to offer to Durgaa to treat my child. When that he-goat was to be killed in Chandikaa temple, at that his mother cursed me - "O sordid Braahman, You want to kill my son you will also be born in goat Yoni." After I died, I was also born as a goat. Although I am born in animal Yoni, still I remember my previous life's account. If you wish to hear, I can tell you one more interesting thing.

There is a Kurukshetra named city which is giver of Moksh. There ruled a Soorya Vanshee King, named Chandra Sharmaa King. Once there happened a solar eclipse, so the King made preparations to donate a Kaal Purush. He invited a Pandit who was learned in Ved and Vedaang and he himself went to take bath with Teerth's water. He took a dip in Teerth water and wore two clothes. He came back home and donated the Kaal Purush to the Braahman.

At the same time a Chaandaal appeared from the heart of the Kaal Purush ripping it apart, then Nindaa also followed him in the form of a Chaandaalee (she-Chaandaal). She stood beside the Braahman. Then that Chaandaal couple entered the body of the Braahman. Braahman started doing Jap of Geetaa's 9th chapter, and the king was just looking at all this. Those Chaandaal immediately came out of the body of the Braahman because of the effect of Geetaa's 9th chapter's Shlok. King got surprised seeing all this, he asked the Braahman - "Mahaatman, How did you pass this terrible moment? Which Mantra were you pronouncing, and which Devtaa you were remembering? Who were that man and woman? How did they come here? Then how did they become pacified?"

The Braahman said - "Raajan, That couple was Paap and Nindaa. I was doing Jaap of Geetaa's 9th chapter. Because of that this whole terrible incidents came to pass. I do Jaap of Geeta's 9th chapter daily." The King also started doing Jaap and practice of Geetaa's 9th chapter and freed that he-goat."

Glory of Geetaa's Chapter 10

Shiv Jee said - "Sundaree, Now you listen to Geetaa's 10th chapter's glory. A Braahman, named Dheerbuddhi, lived in Kaashee Puree. He was my great devotee. He was very calm and quiet that is why he was always the follower of Nivritti path. He was very learned in Ved. Therefore whenever he walked, I gave him support by my hand by following him. Seeing this my Paarshad Bhringiriti asked me - "Dev, Who would have seen you like this? What Jap, or Tap or Hom this Mahaatmaa has done that you yourself support him on every step?"

I said - "Once it so happened that I was sitting in the Punnaag Van at the back of Kailaash Parvat. As I sat there, immediately a storm came and started breaking trees and their branches. After that a terrible sound was heard and a huge bird descended there. It was black in color. He greeted me with a beautiful lotus flower and prayed me. Hearing that Stotra, I asked him - "O Bird, Who are you? and where have you come from? Tell me the purpose of your coming here." He said - "Devesh, Know me as Brahmaa's Hans (swan). Now listen to the reason of this blackness in my body. Although you know everything, nothing is hidden from you, still since you have asked me, that is why I tell you. There is a beautiful pond near Sauraashtra city (Soorat) in which lotus flower bloomed all the time. Once I was flying with some little Hans, that suddenly I fell down on the ground. When I cam into senses, I could not find any reason of my falling there. I thought, "What has happened to me? How I fell down here? And how my body has become black?" I was thinking thus that I heard a voice from the pond - "O Hans, Rise, I know the reason of your falling down and becoming black." I raised my eyes and found a beautiful Kamalinee surrounded by five lotus flowers. I greeted her and asked the reason of my falling and becoming black.

She said - "You have crossed me in the sky, that is why you had to fall and you have become black. Seeing you fallen on the ground I felt pity on you. And when I have started speaking through this middle lotus flower, smelling that fragrance coming out of my mouth, hundreds of bumble bees have attained Swarg Lok. I tell you the reason also how I have got this power. Two lives before, I was born as a Braahman girl on this Prithvi. My name was Sarojavadanaa. I was very pious. One day I was teaching a Mainaa (a talking bird) and this caused some delay in the service of my husband. My husband got angry with me and cursed me to become Mainaa after dying.

After dying, I was born as Mainaa, but because of my piety I lived near Muni. A Muni girl brought me up. In the house I lived, Muni used to do Paath of Geetaa's 10th chapter - Vibhooti Yog, everyday, and I used to listen to that chapter. After I died as Mainaa, I became the Apsaraa of Swarg Lok. At that time my name was Padmaavatee. I became the friend of Padmaa. One day I was wandering in the sky that I saw this beautiful pond. As I started playing in its water that Durvaasaa Muni came here. He had seen me without clothes, so because of the fear of his curse I assumed this form of Kamalinee. My two feet, two arms and my face became five lotus flowers. Durvaasaa Muni saw me and cursed me - "O Sinner, You be in this state for 100 years." and he disappeared.

But in spite of being Kamalinee my speech did not go because of the glory of Vibhooti Yog chapter of Geetaa. You have fallen just because you crossed me. And now my curse is also ending at this time, because those 100 years are completed today. You also listen to that good chapter, hearing that you will also be free today." After that she did Paath of that 10th chapter and she got freed. After hearing that, I have offered you the same lotus flower."

After telling this that bird also left his body. This was a strange event. The same bird is born now in Braahman family because of the effect of that 10th chapter. Since he has practiced it from the childhood, he recites it always. And because of this he sees Vishnu in all the Bhoot. Whenever he sees any living being, be him a drunkard, Braahman killer or anybody, he attains Mukti. That is why when one walks on the road, I support him with my hand. Who ever even listens to it, he gets the fruit of following all Aashram."

Glory of Geetaa's Chapter 11

Mahaadev Jee said - "Priye, Now I tell you the glory of the holy story of Vishwaroop. Hey Paarvatee, One cannot sing the glory of this chapter completely. There are thousands of stories related to it, among them only one story is related to you. There as is huge city named Meghankar on the banks of Praneetaa River. Its walls and gates are very high. There are many inns with golden pillars. People of this city are very peace loving and have good conduct. There lives Vishnu who bears Shaarng named bow. There is a Teerth, named Mekhalaa, in that city. If one takes a dip in that Teerth, he goes to Vaikunth Dhaam. If one does Darshan of Nrasinh Bhagavaan, his seven lives' sins are washed away. Who does Darshan of Ganesh Jee, he passes through even most difficult obstacles.

In the same Meghankar city a Braahman named Sunand also lived. He used to do Paath of Geetaa's 11th chapter daily. Because of doing that he had obtained Brahm Gyaan and because of that Gyaan he became stabilized in his life. Once when Brihaspati (Jupiter) was in Sinh Raashi (Leo Sign), he went for pilgrimage. Going through many Teerth, he came to Vivaah Mandap named Teerth. There he tried many houses where he could stay, but he could not get a place in any house. At last the chief of the village showed him an inn where he stayed with his companions. He went inside the inn and stayed there, but as he woke up in the morning, he found himself outside the inn and did not find his companions.

He set off to search them, that he met the Chief of the village. He said - "Muni, You seem to be very Punyavaan and you seem to have some Divine powers. Where are your companions? And how did you come out of this building? Find out about this. I can tell only this much that there is nobody like you on this Earth. What Mahaa Mantra do you know? How have you attained this Divine power? Please stay here in this village, I will serve you very well." And the Chief of the village made him stay in that village. He started serving him with a great devotion. Some 7-8 days passed. One morning the chief of the village came and started weeping before him. He said to Sunand - "Today, in the night, a Raakshas has eaten my son. My son was very qualitative and a devotee." At this the Yogee Sunand asked him - "Where is that Raakshas and how has he eaten your son?"

The Chief said - "Mahaaraaj, There lives a great Raakshas in this city. He ate people of this village everyday. One day the people of this city requested him to protect them and made an arrangement of food for him saying that whoever travelers came in this city, you may eat them. Thus I made the travelers stay in this inn, and that Raakshas ate them. I had to do it to protect myself. So you also slept here with other travelers. Raakshas ate the other travelers, but you were spared. What is in you, only you must be knowing this. One of son's friends came recently, I could not recognize him, so I made him sleep here with other travelers. When my son heard this, he came here to take him away from here, but the Raakshas had eaten him also.

Today in the morning I asked him - "O wicked, You ate my son also? Tell me some way so that my son can be alive. Raakshas said - "I could not recognize your son that is why I ate him. How can he live and be alive in my stomach, Bhagavaan has already made this arrangement. Who does Paath of Geetaa's 11th chapter, I will be free only by his grace, and all the dead will also be alive. Here lives a Braahman, whom I threw out of this house. He does the Paath of 11th chapter of Geetaa continuously. If he sprinkles Abhimantri water from the Mantra of that chapter on me, then definitely I will be free from this curse." Hearing this, I have come to you."

Braahman asked - "By committing which sin he has become Raakshas?" The Chief said - "Before a Braahman farmer lived here. One day when he was protecting his farms, a large vulture was eating a traveler at some distance to him. At the same time a Tapaswee came there who was showing mercy to save that traveler. The vulture ate that traveler and flew away in the sky. At this the Tapaswee said to that Braahman farmer - "Fie on you life who continue to protect your farm, but did not save the man from the vulture. Who saves a person his fruits are much more than hundreds of Ashwamedh or Vaajpeya Yagyas. You did not even try to save him, so you be a Raakshas." The farmer said - "I was busy in protecting my farm, in spite of being near I could not have seen that man, so please have mercy on me." Then the Tapaswsee said - "Who does Paath of Geetaa's 11th chapter daily, when he will sprinkle Abhimantri water on your head then  only you will be free from this curse." After saying this the Tapaswee went away and that farmer became the Raakshas. Now you come and sprinkle Abhimantrit water on his head."

Hearing this Sunanad got pity on the Raakshas, so he sprinkled the Abhimantri water by reciting 11th chapter of Geetaa, and he assumed the Divine form with four arms. Whoever people he ate, all of them also appeared in the same form. Seeing all alike, the Chief asked the Raakshas - "Tell me who is my son?" The Raakshas pointed to a person said - "This is your son." So the Chief saw his son in him and wanted to take him to his home. At this the san said - "You have also been my son several times. Before this I was your son, but now I have become Devtaa, so I will go to Vaikunth Dhaam. You also do the Jaap of Geetaa's 11th chapter, I am sure, you will also go to Vaikunth Dhaam. It is very hard to get Satsang, which you have got now easily, avail that opportunity and do good for yourself."

Mahaadev Jee said - "After saying this he went to Vaikunth Dhaam. The Chief also read that 11th chapter and then both went to Vaikunth Dhaam."



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