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21-Geetaa : Chapters 12-14
2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 835-848

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaartik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Narasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Narasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Glory of Geetaa's Chapter 12

Mahaadev Jee said - "O Paarvatee, There is a city named Kolhaapur in South. There live many saints and lives Lakshmee too. One day a youth [a prince] came in that city and went to Lakshmee's temple in Manikanth teerth. There he did Tarpan and did Tarpan of his Pitar. Then he prayed Lakshmee Jee. Pleased by his prayer, Lakshmee Jee appeared there in person in front of him and asked him to ask for any boon. The Prince said - "My father Brihadrath was doing an Ashwamedh Yagya, but he has died in between. In the meantime, somebody has cut my horse rope and freed him. I sent some people in search of him but they could not find him so they have come back empty handed. I have come here at the advice of Rishi. If you are pleased with me then let me have my horse so that I can complete the Ashwamedh Yagya."

Lakshmee Jee said - "O Prince, A Braahman lives at the door of my temple. He is known as Siddh Samaadhi. You go to him, he will complete all your work." The Prince went to that Braahman and stood folding his hands in front of him. Braahman said - "Oh, Mother has sent you  here, OK, I do all your work." The Braahman called all Devtaa. The Prince saw all Devtaa there standing there trembling with fear. He said to them - "His horse which was fixed for the Yagya, Indra has taken him somewhere, bring him soon." Immediately Devtaa brought the horse and gave hi to Muni. The Prince got very surprised to see this. He fell on his feet and said - "Only you could this work, because only you had this power. As you know that my father has died, but his last rites have not been performed yet. His body is still in boiled oil. Please bring him to life."

Braahman smiled and asked him to take him to Yagya Mandap. Braahman took some water, did it Abhimantrit and kept it on the head of the dead body. The King got up immediately and asked about Braahman. Then the Prince told him the whole account. The King asked the Braahman - "Brahman, How did you get these powers?" Braahman said - "I do Jap of Geetaa's 12th chapter without being lazy. I have got the power from that only and the same power has brought to life." Hearing this the King did Paath of 12th chapter of Geetaa with Braahman and everybody got good Gati."

Glory of Geetaa's Chapter 13

Mahaadev Jee said - "Paarvatee, Now you listen to the glory of the 13th chapter of Geetaa. You will be very happy to hear it. There is a huge river in South, named Tungbhadraa. There is a city named Hariharpur on its banks, and there lived Hari Deekshit named Braahman. He had a wife whom people used to call Duraachaaraa. Her nature was according to her name. She always said bad words to her husband and enjoyed with other men. One day she found the city full of strangers, she fixed a place for her in an inhabited place in a forest. One day she did not find any man, so she came to that place in the forest she fixed for herself. She started wandering around in search of some man but she could not find any, so she started crying. Hearing her cries, a lion woke up and felled her on the ground. The woman said - "Why do you want to eat me, first tell me this, then you eat me."

The lion smiled and said - "There is Malaapahaa River in South, and there is a city named Muniparnaa on its banks. There lives Shankar with the name Panchling. I also lived in the same city as a son of a Braahman. I used to sit alone on the bank of the river and used to eat food by doing Yagya for those who are not supposed to do Yagya. My greed increased so much that I always sent away beggars and took others' money too. I could not stop taking Daan even at the old age. Once I went to a Braahman's house to ask for some food that a dog bit me and I died. After that I was born in this lion Yoni. Remembering my old sins, I do not eat religious people, Satee, Mahaatmaa. I eat only sinners, that is why you will be my food today." Saying this he ate her.

Yam Raaj's messengers took her to Sanyamanee Puree. By the order of Yam Raaj she was kept in several Narak. Later she was born in a Chaandaal family, but still she continued to commit sins. Later when she got old she went to her home where Jambhakaa Devee lived. There she met a pious Braahman named Vaasudev who continuously did Paath of Geetaa's 13th chapter. As soon as she heard Geetaa's 13th chapter's Paath from his mouth, she got freed from her Chaandaal Yoni."

Glory of Geetaa's Chapter 14

Mahaadev Jee said - "Now I tell you the glory of 14th chapter of Geetaa. There was a Vikram Vaitaal named King in Sinhal Dweep (island) who was very mighty and brave. One day he went for hunting with the princess and his two bitches. There he saw a fast running rabbit, so he released his one bitch to follow him. The rabbit was running fast as if he was flying. Running so got he got tired and fell in a deep ditch, but the bitch could not catch him. Rabbit landed where many deer were sitting comfortably. Monkeys were also satisfied with fallen fruits. In fact there was a Muni named Vats who used to read Geetaa's 14th chapter regularly. Near his Aashram one of his disciple washed his feet so that there the soil was wet. He fell on that wet soil and got freed from this world just by touching that soil. That bitch was still following him. So as the rabbit fell in that mud, some of that mud fell on bitch's body also. That bitch also took Divine form and went to Swarg.

Seeing all this Muni's disciple Swakandhar started laughing. He was laughing thinking about the enmity of heir previous life. Till then the King had also arrived there, he also saw them going to Swarg. He asked the disciple - "Vipra, How these low birth animals went to Swarg? What is the reason of this, tell this to me also." The disciple said - "Raajan, There lives Vats named Braahman in this forest. He has controlled his all Indriyaan and do Jaap of Geetaa's 14th chapter always. I am his disciple. I have also specialized in Brahm Vidyaa. I also do Paath of Geetaa's 14th chapter daily. I washed my feet here. Because the rabbit fell here, and some of the mud fell on the bitch also, that is why both have gone to Swarg. Now I tell you the reason of my laughing. A Braahman, named Keshav, lives in Pratyudak named city of Mahaaraashtra. His wife's name was Vilobhanaa. She used to wander freely, so one day he killed his wife and because of that sin he was born as rabbit. That Braahamn's wife also was born as a bitch because of her sins."

Mahaadev Jee said - "After telling their story, he started reading the 14th chapter of Geetaa. So that King also attained Param Gati."



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