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4-Paataal Khand

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21-Yam Raaj and Braahman

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21-Yam Raaj and Braahman
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 593-606

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Yam Raaj and Braahman

Rishi said - "Hey Soot Jee, We are not satisfied yet, tell us something more about this." Soot Jee said - "Once a Braahman asked Dharm Raaj, "You are the standard for good or bad actions, tell me which actions take a man to Swarg?" Yam Raaj said - "Who don't worship Vishnu; who think that Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh are different; who tests the Braahman who has come to his house with the desire of food, who are not kind to fool, Vaishnav, orphan, sick, and old; and who first take up a discipline then drop it because of not controlling his Indriya, they all fall into Narak.

Who worship Vishnu, are kind to everybody, are happy if somebody asks something from them, are not jealous with anybody, do good to everybody, keep fast on Ekaadashee, take bath in Gangaa or Yamunaa or Godaavaree etc Rivers, take bath in Chambal River and pass three nights in Vyaas Aashram, die in Kedaar Naath or Badaree Naath or Pushkar or Prabhaas Kshetra, stay in Dwaarakaa Puree for three nights, they all go to Swarg. Who please Pitar every month on Amaavasyaa, who happily welcome people in their house and offer food to them, who always do Jap of Vishnu, they all go to Swarg.

How to Worship Maadhav in Vaishaakh Maas?

Braahman again asked - "How to worship Maadhav in Vaishaakh Maas? Tell me this." Yam Raaj said - "Among all the leaves found in the world, Tulasee is very dear to Vishnu. All Teerth live in Tulasee leaves. Who plucks Tulasee leaf without taking bath for Devtaa or Pitra, his all actions fail and he becomes cleansed by taking Panchgavya. Tulasee may be of black color or green color. Who worships Madhusoodan three times a day with Tulasee the whole Vaishaakh, he never takes birth in this world. If one cannot get leaves and flowers, he can worship Him with Anna (cereals) - Dhaan (raw rice with husk), rice, wheat, barley. All sorrows are destroyed by offering water to Peepal.

Who cannot do all above written, if he takes bath only three days in Vaishaakh Maas - Trayodashee, Chaturdashee, and Poornimaa, he gets freed from all sins and lives in Swarg. Who feeds Braahman in Vaishaakh Maas, and donates white or black sesame seeds mixed in honey to 12 Braahman taking bath in the morning even once for three nights and ask them to read Swasti Vaachan, and does Tarpan for Pitar, his all sins of life time are destroyed. Who donates pitcher, pitcher filled with water, Pakavaan and gold in Dakshinaa on Vaishaakh Poornimaa, he gets the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya.

There is an old story in this regard. There lived a Braahman named Dhan Sharmaa in middle region. He was a very pious Braahman. One day he went to forest to bring Kush etc, he saw three Pret who were very terrible and horrible. He got frightened seeing them. He asked them - "Who are you? And how did you reach to this low stage? I am frightened, and sad. Protect me. If you will be kind to me, Vishnu will also be kind to you." Yam Raaj Jee said - "Just hearing the name of Vishnu, they calmed down and became kind on him. 

They said - "Our feelings are changed even by hearing Vishnu's name. Now you hear our introduction. This first Pret is Kritaghn, the other's name is Vidaivat and my name is Avaishaakh. I have committed the maximum sins among the three of us. Since the first one had always been unfaithful, that was why his name was Kritaghn. He was Sudaas in previous life and because of being unfaithful he had reached to this condition. This other man had taken food without worshipping Bhagavaan. He never donated anything to Braahman and Guru, that is why his name is "Vidaivat". He was Hariveer in his previous life. He had 10,000 villages under him, but he always had food without offering to Devtaa. I was a Braahman in my previous life. I was born in middle region. My name was Gautam and my Gotra was also Gautam. I never took bath in Vaishaakh Maas, nor I did Havan or Daan. I did not do any Punya on any Vaishaakh Poornimaa. Now please, uplift us from this situation. Or otherwise there is my son Dhan Sharmaa, you go to him and explain all this to him. Who does good to others, he gets its complete fruits."

Thus Dhan Sharmaa knew that he was his father. He got very sad to know this. He said to him, "I am your son Dhan Sharmaa. Whoever son is of no use to his father, his life is useless. What should I do? Where should I go? How you will be free from this Yoni? I do not know Dharm, I will obey you only." Pret said - "My son, Go home and take bath in Yamunaa. There is Vaishaakh Poornimaa on the 5th day from today. Donate a pitcher of water mixed with sesame seed, some cereals, and fruits on that day. This donation will comfort Pitar for thousands of years. Who feeds Braahman Kheer, who donates seven pitchers filled with water to please Dharm Raaj, ancestors of his seven generations are uplifted. Worship on Trayodashee, Chaturdashee and Poornimaa, donate things, take bath, do Havan, and give their fruits to us. It will uplift three of us." Dhan Sharmaa did the same and those Pret went to Swarg."

Story of Maheerath

Yam Raaj Jee said - "Once there was a king named Maheerath. He had lots of wealth but he was enjoying it himself only. Neither he was looking after his people, nor his wealth. His Purohit's name was Kashyap. When enough time passed and the king didn't change, he thought, "If Guru doesn't counsel the King, only Guru is responsible for this; and if Guru counsels him and then the King doesn't listen to him, Guru becomes free from any kind of blame." So one day he said to him - "I am your Guru, so listen to me. It is only Dharm which goes with man after his death. You have not done any Dharm, so wake up, do some Dharm according to you Varn, Aashram and Kul. Who are indulged in bad Karm, they go to lower Yoni. Bad habits are worse than death. Bad habits are born from Kaam (sexual pleasures) so leave Kaam and do some Paramaarth. Although Kaam is very powerful, but with efforts it can also be won. So keep patience and incline towards Dharm. All sins are destroyed in Vaishaakh Maas. So you take bath in this month and worship Madhusoodan in this month, it will help you."

The King said - "You have given me Amrit. I was drowned in worldly pleasures, now you please preach me the the method of Vaishaakh Maas." Kashyap said - "A wise man should not advise without asking for it, in spite of knowing everything he should show himself ignorant; but since you have asked me this, that is why I will surely tell you this." Then he helped King to observe Daan, Snaan, worship in Vaishaakh Maas. The King obeyed him sincerely. After some time the King died. At that time Vishnu's and my messengers went to bring him. Vishnu's messengers scolded my messengers saying that he was Vishnu's Bhakt and took him to Vaikunth Lok in a Vimaan.

Vishnu's messengers are very clever. They took him through a path which was near Narak. When the King was passing from there, he heard crying voices of people suffering in Narak, he asked about them. Vishnu's messengers told him that those were voices of people suffering in various terrible Narak. They said - "Other's women are enjoyed for pleasure but in reality that enjoyment is for sorrows only. Even a little pleasure with other's women gives sorrows for many Kalp. You have taken bath in Vaishaakh Maas, that is why your body has become cleansed. The air flowing touching your body has given them a little relief that is why they have become quiet."

Yam Raaj said - "Hearing Vishnu's messengers, the King got moved and said - "I feel pity on them. I think the greatest sinner is the same who does not give relief to others in spite of being capable of doing that. If they feel comfortable feeling the air which has touched my body, I will stay here only. It is better to live in Narak, but I do not feel comfortable enjoying pleasures without relieving others. Where one gets relief only for himself, that Swarg is like Narak. It is better to fall in Narak, even dying is better, but enjoying even for a moment leaving others in grief and sorrows is not good."

The messengers said - "Raajan, All have to suffer for their actions. Only those people come here who have not done any Punya, Yagya, Tapasyaa, or Jaap of Bhagavaan's name. They have not done any Punya Karm that is why they are here. You have done Punya, so come, and let us go to Bhagavaan's Dhaam. You are Punyavaan (who has done Punya), it is not appropriate for you to stay here."

The King asked - "If I am Punyavaan, then why I was brought from this route? What sin did I commit? Please tell me all about it." Vishnu's messengers said - "You were under the control of Kaam, so you did not do any Punya, but with the advise of your Guru you did Vaishaakh Maas Snaan for three consecutive years and worshipped Madhusoodan Bhagavaan. This is the essence of all your Punya. So because of this one Punya, you are being taken to Vishnu Dhaam." The King said to them - "All saints try to relieve grieved people, therefore if there is any of my Punya, then with the help of that Punya, these people should go to Swarg and I will live here in Narak."

The messengers said - "This kind behavior of yours has increased your Punya a lot. Whatever you did in Vaishaakh Maas, its fruits have become now eternal. Even one day Punya of Vaishaakh Maas is greater than all Daan, because there is nothing - Dharm, Tap, Daan, friend, greater than kindness. Who gives relief to suffering people, only he is Punyavaan in the world. Whatever you have done on Poornimaa of Vaishaakh, give it to these sinners by vowing three times." So king Maheerath gave that Punya to those sinners. Even one day Punya destroyed their sins and they went to Swarg singing praise of the king.

The importance of Vaishaakh Maas and its Poornimaa was told only in brief. It destroys all sins and fulfills all kinds of desires. This gives wealth, fame, long life, even Swarg and Lakshmee. Soot Jee said - "Hearing Dharm Raaj, that Braahman went away after greeting him. He himself did Vaishaakh Snaan and asked other also to do it."

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