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4-Paataal Khand

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20-Vaishaakh Maas

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20-Vaishaakh Maas
2-Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal Khand, p 585-593

This Khand covers the pages 411-609 (220 pages) of the book. It gives the account of Raam's Ashwamedh Yagya, and Krishn's life.

Naarad Tells the Story of Five Pret

Ambareesh said - "Muni,  Now I also wish to hear that Paap-Prashaman Stotra by hearing which one's all sins are destroyed. Tell me something more about it." Naarad Jee wanted to go for Vaishaakh Snaan, but he stayed there and said - "It seems that if such good conversation breaks out, it cleanses the hearts. This is more beneficial than Vaishaakh Snaan. Now I tell you the importance of Vaishaakh Maas in brief. I tell you a story in this regard - "In earlier times, one Muni named Muni Sharmaa was wandering around doing Teerth. It was Vaishaakh Maas and he was going to Narmadaa River to take bath. At the same time he saw five men who were in very bad condition. Their complexion was black. They were sitting under the shade of a banyan tree and were looking around being in sorrow because of their sins.

Muni Sharmaa thought, "Where did they come from in this forest? Are they not thieves?" He was thinking in this way that those five men came to him and said to him - "Hey Vipra, You seem to us a good person. We are in great difficulty." One of them said - "I am a Kshatriya of Paanchaal Desh and my name is Narvaahan. I killed a Braahman on the way, that is why I am attached to Brahm Hatyaa. I am wandering without Shikhaa, sacred thread (Yagyopaveet) and Tilak and tell everybody that I am a Braahman killer. One year has passed like this. This man, who is standing in front of you, his name is Chandra Sharmaa. He is a Braahman and he has killed his Guru. He lived in Magadh Desh. His family members have abandoned him. He has also come here. He also has neither Shikhaa nor the sacred thread. 

This third man's name is Dev Sharmaa. He is also in great difficulty. He is also a Braahman but became a drunkard. His family members have also abandoned him. This fourth man is a Vaishya. His name is Vidhur. He wanted to have his Guru's wife. His mother became a prostitute in Mithilaa. He had her mother for three months, but when he came to know, he came here. This fifth man is a Vaishya. His name is Nand. He is a thief. Because of his sins, his family has abandoned him. Thus we all have gathered together here. We have been to many Teerth, but our sins have not washed away. When we saw you, we thought maybe you can help us."

Muni Sharmaa said - "It seems that you are speaking truth, that is why it is my duty to help you. Once Maharshi Angiraa said to a Muni community that there is no other greater means of satisfaction than food, no other greater Guru than father, no other better person for donation than Braahman, no other greater Devtaa than Vishnu, no other greater Teerth than Gangaa, no other greater Daan than cow donation, no other better Jap than of Gaayatree Mantra, no greater fast than Ekaadashee, no other better friend than ones own wife, no other greater Dharm than kindness, no other greater happiness than independence, no other greater Aashram than Grihasth, no other better conduct than Truth, no other better comfort than contentment, and no other greater month than Vaishaakh. Whoever takes bath daily in the morning in Vaishaakh Maas, his all sins are destroyed. That is why you all come with me and take bath in Narmadaa River."

So he took all of them there and they took bath in the river. As they dipped themselves in Narmadaa's water, their body's complexion changed. Then Muni Sharmaa read Paap-Prashaman Stotra to them in front of everybody."

Snaan, Daan and Worship in Vaishaakh Maas

Ambareesh asked - "How one should do Vrat, what Tapasyaa should be done, what should be donated, how to do Snaan, and how to worship Keshav in Vaishaakh Maas?" Naarad Jee said - "When Soorya is Mesh Sankraanti, one should go to some river, stream, well, pond, Teerth, or waterfall and take bath regularly. One should imagine Teerth there by reading this Mantra "Aum Namo Naaraanaaya". Take bath and wear two clean clothes after taking bath. Do Tarpan. Draw a figure of lotus flower in front of you and worship Soorya by remembering his various names. Circumambulate him seven times and go home after touching cow, gold and Braahman.

In the house first one should worship Bhagavaan. In Vaishaakh Maas, one should gather Punya of many Vrat, Daan (cereal, water, sugar, cow, sesame seed cow etc). Who, the whole month of Vaishaakh, takes bath in the morning, controls his Indriyaan, does Jap of Bhagavaan's name, and eats Havishya, he gets free from all sins. Who does Ek-bhukt (once a day),  Nakt Vrat (once in night, or A-Yaachit Vrat (eats whatever he gets), his all desires are fulfilled. One may donate sesame seed, water, gold, cereals, sugar, clothes, cow, shoes, umbrella, lotus flower or conch, pitcher."

Naarad Jee further said - "Now I tell you the method of Vishnu's worship - This worship is of three types - Vaidik, Taantrik and mixed. One should worship Him with all three methods. Vaidik and mixed methods are prescribed for all three Varn - Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya, but Taantrik worship is prescribed only for Shoodra. Bhagavaan's Moorti (idol) is of eight types - of stone, of metal, of iron, of clay, picture, of sand, Manomayee (as one likes), and of gems. These idols are established with two methods - movable and immovable.

Bhakt should worship Him with whatever is easily available to him. In idol worship, giving it bath and ornaments (flowers) etc, are all right (means just give it a bath and offer flowers). Offering even water is good. Gather all worship materials and sit on a Kush Aasan facing north or towards the idol. Draw an 8-petal lotus flower and establish the idol on it. Give it a bath, the clothe it and adorn it by flowers, etc. Offer Naivedya (jaggery, Kheer, Ghee, Pooree, Maalpooaa, Laddoo, milk, yogurt etc). After worship one should do Dhyaan and finish the Poojaa. One may do Havan also with Havishya Ann. One should touch his head with offered flower or flower garland. After the Poojaa is finished, if the idol is for Visarjan, one should do its Visarjan. This is Vaidik and Taantrik Poojaa of Bhagavaan."

Soot Jee said - "Hey Maharshi, Telling all this to Ambareesh, Naarad went away to take his Vaishaakh Maas bath in Gangaa River. Ambareesh followed Naarad Jee's advice along with his wife."



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