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5-Uttar Khand

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2-Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar Khand, p 610-623

This Khand covers the pages 610-1001 (390 pages) of the book. Importance of Badaree Naath; Gangaa; Tulasee, Shaaligraam, Prayaag Teerth, various kinds of Daan (charities); about Shani Dev; various Vrat; Ekaadashee of all months; worship of Yam Raaj and Dwaadashee Vrat; Vishnu Sahastranaam; story of devotee Pundareek; importance of Vishnu and various flowers to use in His worship; Shankhaasur, Kaartik and Maagh Snaan and Vrat; Nrasinh Chaturdashee; Geetaa; Bhaagvat Kathaa; Avataar stories - Matsya, Koorm, Narasinh, Vaaman, Parashuraam, Raam, and Krishn.

Badrik Aashram

Rishi said - "Hey Soot Jee, We heard Paataal Khand, now we wish to hear the remaining part of Padm Puraan." Soot Jee said - "Once Shankar Jee told this to Naarad Jee, I tell you the same today. Once Naarad Jee went to Shankar Jee and said to him - "Preach me what can give me the knowledge of Bhagavaan." Mahaadev Jee said - "I tell you the Puraan which is comparable to Ved and hearing which one becomes free from all kinds of sins. There are 125,000 (1 Laakh 25 thousand) Parvat on Pritnvi. Among them Badrik Aashram is the greatest and the best. There live Nar and Naaraayan. One of them is of fair complexion and the other one is of Shyaam (dark) complexion. The latter one is Naaraayan and is the cause of the beginning of this world. He has two forms - Vyakt (Saakaar - with form) and A-Vyakt (Nir-Aakaar - without form). He is worshipped only in Uttar Ayan period, because in Dakshin Ayan period His place is covered by snow. There flows Alaknandaa named Gangaa River, one should take bath in it. Once I did severe Tapasyaa for one year, so pleased with it He gave me two Var - His Bhakti and that I should be giver of Mukti by His grace."

Haridwaar and Gangaa

Mahaadev Jee said - "Now you listen to about Haridwaar Teerth where Gangaa flows. Here live Devtaa, Rishi and human beings. King Bhageerath brought Gangaa from this path only. How Gangaa came on Prithvi? There was a king named Harishchandra in earlier times. He had a son named Rohit, Rohit's son was Subaahu and Subaahu had the son named "Gar". Once kings took away his kingdom, so he went to Aurv Muni's Aashram. There he got the san named "Sagar". Aurv Muni educated him. Later he obtained Aagneya Astra from Aurv Muni and killed all Taaljangh, Haihaya, Shak etc kings and did Ashwamedh Yagya too. The horse was abducted on south-east sea coast and was sent inside Prithvi. Sagar asked his sons to dig Prithvi to find the horse. They could not find the horse, but found Kapil Muni doing Tapasyaa. They thought that he was the thief, so they shouted, "He is the thief". Muni got up from his Samaadhi and all 60,000 sons of the King got burned to ashes by the glance of Kapil Muni. Then Sagar got that horse from Saagar and completed his Yagya."

Naarad Jee asked - "Sagar's those 60,000 sons were very brave and mighty, how were they born?" Mahaadev Jee said - "King Sagar had two wives. Both did severe Tap, so Aurv Muni gave them Var. One of them asked for 60,000 sons and the other one asked for one son only who could continue the family line. So the first wife produced a gourd from which 60,000 sons came out, and the another one gave birth to one son named "Panchjan" who became the King. Panchjan had the son named Anshumaan, Anshumaan's son was Dileep and Dileep's son was Bhageerath. He brought Gangaa on Prithvi and took her to the sea and accepted her as his daughter."

Note - Bhavishya Puraan gives this genealogy somewhat differently - Harishchandra -> Rohit -> Haareet -> Chanchubhoop -> Vijaya -> Ruruk -> Sagar. Sagar had 60,000 sons named Saagar from one wife and one son Asmanjas from another wife. Asmanjas -> Anshumaan -> Dileep -> Bhageerath.

Naarad Jee asked - "How did Bhageerath bring Gangaa on Prithvi? What Tapasyaa he did to bring her here?" Shiv Jee said - "Bhageerath went to Himaalaya Parvat and there he did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years. This pleased Vishnu, and on His order Gangaa came from the sky and came to Kailaash where I live. I kept her in my matted locks and remained unmoved for 10,000 years. When Bhageerath didn't see Gangaa, he thought, "Where did she go?" He came to know that Gangaa was with me, so he did Tapasyaa for me. Then I plucked my one hair from my head and Gangaa came out with that hair only. Taking her he went to Paataal Lok where his ancestors got burnt. When she passed through Haridwaar, it became a holy place for all. It is the most important Teerth among all Teerth, because it gives all four - Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh to people."

Prayers for Gangaa, Vishnu, Yamunaa, Prayaag, Kaashee, Gayaa

Mahaadev Jee further said - "If anybody pronounces the name of Gangaa from a place hundreds of Yojan far from Gangaa, he becomes free from all sins and goes to Vishnu Lok. Whatever Punya one gets by taking bath in Narmadaa, Sarayoo, Mandaakinee, Yamunaa, he gets all that by taking bath in Gangaa River. If somebody is falling in Narak, then also she destroys all sins."

Note - Here some 36 Shlok are given on p 613-618 (Uttar Khand, 23:15-40) as the prayer of these Teerth. Who reads this Stotra during Shraaddh period, and daily after taking bath, he gets Punya like taking bath in all Teerth. All Karm-related sins are destroyed by hearing this Stotra.

Tulasee, Shaalgraam and Prayaag Teerth

Shiv Jee said - "Now I tell you the importance of Tulasee by hearing which one's lifetime sins are destroyed. All - leaf, flower, fruit, root, branch, bark, trunk and soil of Tulasee, are holy. Whose dead body is burned in Tulasee wood, they go to Vishnu Lok. Not only this, if there is any piece of Tulasee wood in the pyre, the dead person attains Mukti. Only Vishnu's messenger take him, not Yam's messengers. Who do Havan with Tulasee's wood, they get the fruit of Agnishtom Yagya with each rice grain and sesame seed. Naivedya prepared on the fire of Tulasee wood and offered to Keshav gives the fruit of Ann Daan like Meru Parvat. Who lights the lamp for Bhagavaan with the fire of Tulasee wood, he gets the fruit of 100 million Deep Daan. Nobody can be compared with a person who makes the paste of Tulasee wood and apply it to Bhagavaan. Wherever Tulasee is there, there is no sorrow, fear or disease. If somebody plants a Tulasee plant in Shiv Temple, that man lives in Swarg Lok for the same number of Yug whatever number of seeds it produces. Who worships Bhagavaan with Tulasee leaf daily, he becomes wealthy.

Worshipping of Shaalgraam gives the closeness of Shree Hari. Now I will tell you about Prayaag. Who wants to be rich, he must donate something in Prayaag. One should go to Akshaya Vat, by seeing it only the sin of Braahman killing is destroyed. There lives Vishnu by the name of Maadhav, one must do His Darshan. Any type of sinner, who dies there, he goes to Vaikunth Lok assuming four-armed form. Who takes bath here in Maagh month, there is no comparison of his Punya."

Naarad Jee said - "Now please tell me Tri-Raatra Tulasee Vrat." Mahaadev Jee said - "This Vrat is very old. Hearing this one becomes free from all kinds of sins. One should start this Vrat Kaartik Shukla Navamee. Sleep on the ground near Tulasee plant. At mid-day time one should take bath and do Tarpan for Devtaa and Pitar. Make two idols of Vishnu and Lakshmee and cover them with two clothes of yellow and white colors. First he should do Nav-Grih peace, then offer Charu to Vishnu Devtaa. Establish a pitcher, keep a pot over it, keep those idols in it, and keep that pitcher in the roots of Tualsee plant. Then worship them. If somebody desires for a son he should offer Naariyal's Arghya on Navamee. For Dharm, Arth, and Kaam, one should offer Arghya of large sour lemon on Dashamee. One should offer Pomegranate's Arghya on Ekaadashee, this makes a person rich. Next day one should feed a Braahman couple with Ghee mixed Kheer. Offer them good clothes, fruits, variety of foods in bamboo pots. Give all this along with idols to that Braahman couple."

Ann Daan, Water Daan, Tree Planting, Tap Etc

Naarad Jee asked - "One should donate which things to a Braahman in this Lok?" Mahaadev Jee said - "All wise people praise Anna Daan (grains, cereals, food etc). There has never been any Daan like Ann Daan, nor there will be, because Ann is life of people. One must donate food to a beggar Braahman of Anna in spite of being hungry himself. If a  traveler Braahman comes at the time of food, one must offer him food. Never insult Atithi, nor keep any enmity with him, felicitate him according to one's maximum capacity. Anna Daan, given to anybody, Braahman or Shoodra, clears all sins. Donation of water is also good, that is why one should dig wells, ponds, etc so that not even human beings, but also animals can also drink water there. In whichever pond water exists up to summer season, digger of that pond never has to face any odd and difficult problems.

Who plant trees, they uplift their several past and future generations. Trees serve Devtaa with their flowers, Pitar with their leaves, and all people with their shade. Kinnar, Yaksh, Raakshas, Devtaa, Gandharv, human beings, all take the help of trees. Who plant trees by the side of ponds, or do Yagya, or speak truth, they never fall from Swarg. Satya (Truth) is the ultimate Moksh, Satya is the ultimate Shaastra (scripture), and Satya is the ultimate goal. Tap, Yagya, Punya Karm, worshipping of Devtaa, knowledge - all reside in Satya. Satya is Yagya, Daan, Mantra, Vrat (vow) and Aum. That is why one must speak truth.

Naarad Jee asked - "Now tell me the fruit of Tapasyaa, because Tapasyaa is the power of all Varn." Shiv Jee said - "Who are busy in Tapasyaa, they always enjoy with Devtaa. Who does Tap with some aim, he can achieve it with that Tapasyaa in this and the other world. Because of Tapasyaa only 86,000 Oordhwaretaa Muni are enjoying Swarg with Devtaa; Indra and Asur have ruled only because of Tapasyaa; Soorya and Chandra are lighted only because of Tapasyaa; Tapasyaa can give everything to a human being.

Who does Tapasyaa in a forest eating only fruits and roots, and he who first reads Ved, both are alike. Who knows Puraan, he is the best Paatra (candidate) of Daan. Because he saves one from falling, that is why he is called "Paatra". Reading Itihaas and Puraan is Punya. Such person achieves all his desires fulfilled, in the end he goes to Brahm Lok through Soorya Lok. There he lives for 100 Kalp, then comes to Prithvi as a king."

Mahaadev Jee said - "Hey Naarad, There is an ancient story in this regard, Sanat Kumaar told me this story. Sanat Kumaar said - "One day I went to see Dharm Raaj. He prayed me in several ways. There I saw a surprising thing, that a man came there riding a golden Vimaan. Dharm Raaj immediately got up from his Aasan and offered him Arghya. Dharm Raaj said to him - "I welcome you. Come and tell me some thing about Dharm, then you go to Brahmaa's Dhaam." As Dharm Raaj said this another man came there, Dharm Raaj welcomed him also in the same way as he did for the first man.

I was very surprised to see this, so I asked Dharm Raaj - "What Punya they have done that you are so pleased with them?" Dharm Raaj said to me - "Listen, There is a city named Vaidish on Prithvi. And its king was Dharaapaal who built a Vishnu Temple and established Vishu in it. He ordered his people to go in that temple and have His Darshan. The King first worshipped Braahman community, then worshipped a Braahman who was good in reading Itihaas and Puraan, and said to him - "I have built this Vishnu temple. People of all Varn are gathered here with the desire of hearing Dharm, so please read the books here. Take this 100 gold coins and read stories daily for one year." Hey Muni, Thus the tradition of telling Kathaa started there. After some time the king died.

Vishnu and I sent a Vimaan from Dyu Lok for him. The second man who came here heard him, and gave him one Maashaa (approximately 1 gram) gold. The first man built the temple and organized Kathaa in it; and the second one donated to the appropriate candidate that is why they got this honor here."

Mahaadev Jee said - "Now I tell you another thing - the importance of applying Gopee Chandan on one's body. Whoever Bhakt of Vishnu, of any Varn, applies it on his body parts, consider him as he has taken bath in Gangaa River. Vaishnav must wear Gopee Chandan. There is no special rule to apply it. All, from Braahman to Chaandaal, become cleansed by applying it. Whoever Braahman wears Tualasee leaves or wood necklace, he certainly attains Mukti. I am also Vaishnav by the grace of Vishnu."



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