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26-Fallen Braahman

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26-Stories of a Fallen Braahman and Garud
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 155-159
see also    Mahaabhaarat, Story of Maatali-2

Fallen Braahman 

Once Naarad Jee asked his father Brahmaa Jee about good Braahman, bad Braahman and Gaayatree Mantra. Naarad Jee again asked - "If any Braahman does Punya after doing sordid actions then what is his fate."

Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Putra, Who controls all his Indriyaan (senses) even after committing so many sins, he gets freed from all those sins. He again becomes Braahman. I tell you an ancient story in reference to this.

In earlier times there was a young Braahman boy. Once he got involved with a Chaandaal woman and produced several children from her. He had abandoned his own family and lived with her for a long time. But he hated himself for this act so neither he ate any "unworthy to eat" food, nor he drank any liquor. That woman always used to say him "Eat all these things and drink liquor" but he always replied, "Dear, you shouldn't say such bad words to me".

One day he was very tired, so he slept at home in day time. The woman smilingly poured some liquor in his mouth. As the first drop of that liquor fell in his mouth, a fire appeared from his mouth and turned his whole family into ashes along with his house. At that time he got up and cried bitterly. After a while he asked himself, "From where this fire appeared? How my house got burned?" A Divine voice said - "Your Brahm grace has burned the woman's house." Then the voice told him everything. Braahman got very surprised to hear all that.

He changed his mind and intended to practice his Braahman behavior again, so he went to a good Braahmans and asked them what to do for his good. They told him to do all kinds of Vrat - Chaandraayan, Krichchhra, Taptkrichchhra, Praajaapaty etc, donations, and to go for pilgrimage. Thus he would get your Braahman qualities again. In this context I tell you another ancient story.

Story of Garud

In earlier times, when Vinataa's son Garud came out by breaking the egg, he asked for food. Vinataa got very happy to see her huge son. She said - "I am not capable of satisfying your hunger, your father Maharshi Kashyap is doing Tap on the banks of Son River, you go there and tell about your food need." Hearing this Garud came to Kashyap Jee in one Muhoort (about half an hour) only. He greeted him by bending his head and said - "I am your son and I have come to you with the desire to eat something. Please give me something to eat."

Kashyap Jee said - "Putra, An elephant and a tortoise live there on seashore. Both are very mighty. They are looking for an opportunity to kill each other. you can go there and eat them, they can satisfy your hunger." Garud immediately went there, killed them and flew with them carrying them in his beak and paw. At that time, even Mandaraachal mountain could not support him, so he flew 200,000 (2 Lakh) Yojan far from there and sat on a huge branch of a Jaamun tree. As he sat on the branch, it broke; Garud had to hold that branch in his paw with the fear that it would kill cows and Braahman under it if it fell, and resumed his flight.

He continued to fly for long time, so Vishnu appeared before him in human form and asked - "O king of birds, Who are you and why are you flying carrying this elephant, tortoise and branch in the sky?" Garud said - "I am Garud and because of my Karm I am born as a bird. I am the son of Kashyap Muni and Vinataa. See, I have caught these huge animals to eat, but even huge mountain and trees cannot support me. Seeing a very huge Jaamun tree, I tried to sit on it, but it broke as I sat on it. With the fear that many Rishi and cows would be killed, I flew carrying this branch also. Where should I go, who can support me?"

Vishnu said - "Come and sit on my arm and eat this elephant and tortoise." Garud said - "Even the huge mountains are unable to support me, how will you support me on your arm? Who else is that, except Shree Naaraayan, who can support me?" Vishnu said - "A wise man should be concerned only with his own work, therefore you do your own work. When your work will be done you will know me."

Garud thought for a while and sat on His arm. Although Garud sat on the arm with a considerable weight, still His arm didn't even shake a bit. Garud threw that branch on a mountain peak, ate elephant and tortoise and asked Vishnu - "Now you tell me what can I do for you?" Vishnu said - "Know me as Naaraayan. I have come here to do something good to you." And He showed him His real form. He said - "You are very mighty, You be my ride." Garud said - "I am blessed having your Darshan. I will come after taking permission from my parents."

Vishnu said - "You be immortal, your Karm and grace should be like mine, you can go anywhere, your all desires should be fulfilled, and you can get the food of your liking without any problem. You will soon make your mother happy." And He disappeared. When Garud told this to Kashyap Jee, he got very happy. He said - "Today we all are blessed. Our family is also blessed in which a son like you has been born. People can't get Vishnu's Darshan even after doing severe Tap etc, but you have got Him easily. You mother is in trouble, so first you get her free, then you go to Vishnu."

Garud went to his mother and asked her as what he should do for her, then he would go to Vishnu. She said - "My son, Kadroo is my sister and your step-mother. She has cheated me and made me her slave. Whenever I fulfill her desire she will release me from her slavery." Garud said - "You immediately go there and ask her what does she want?"  Vinataa went to Kadroo and asked her what did she want. Kadroo said - "I want Amrit". Vinataa got worried hearing this and said to Garud, "She wants Amrit." Garud said - "You don't worry about it. I will bring Amrit for her."

Garud took some sea water and flew. The dust which was coming after him because of his wings movement also came with him. He extinguished the fire which was working as the boundary wall of the place where the Amrit was kept, by sea water. The dust which was coming along with Garud filled Devtaa's eyes who were keeping watch on Amrit. so they could not see Garud. Garud picked up the pitcher of Amrit and started his journey back. When Indra saw a bird taking Amrit he said - "Who is this who is taking Amrit?" Garud said - "I am taking your Amrit, you may take it from me. You can show your bravery."

Indra showered arrows at Garud but Garud wounded Airaavat and proceeded towards Prithvi. Indra said - "O sinless Garud, If you will give this Amrit to Naag's mother then all Naag will be immortal, so if you agree with me then I will bring this Amrit from there." Garud said - "My mother is in trouble because of this slavery. When she gets free from it and everybody knows that she has become free from her slavery, then you can bring that Amrit from there."

Garud gave the Amrit to his mother, and she gave it to Kadroo. Now her mother was a free woman. In the meantime Indra kept a poison pot in the place of the Amrit pot. Kadroo called her sons and gave that poison to them saying - "May these Amrit drops always be in your families' mouths and you always be satisfied with this." After giving Amrit to his mother Garud came to Vishnu. Who reads or hears this story he gets free from all sins and goes to Dev Lok."

Brahmaa Jee further said - "Hearing this from that Rishi, that Braahman regained his Braahman attitude. . Sins of good people and Punya of bad people continue to decrease. That is why a Braahman should never leave his Braahman attitude even if he has committed lots of sins. You also opt for good behavior."

[Read another Garud's story at Story of Maatali-2]



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